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Peanut Free Businesses

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Hi. I am in Canada near Toronto. We have a few peanut free businesses that I am aware of: Ammmazing Donuts on Bathurst St. in Toronto, Ont. at (416) 398-7546. Also Marci's Muffins which is fat conscious as well on James St. in Hamilton, Ont. at (905)525-2911. Also Lakeview Pastry on Brant St. in Burlington Ont. at (905) 639-0166. Also Cakes By Sue in Burlington, Ont. at (905) 631-7232. I hope these are helpful to somebody.

On Mar 18, 1999

Hi Coco.

I really envy you guys in Canada. It seems that Canada is much more in tune with the peanut allergy thing. Any ideas on why and what we in the US can do to raise awareness?

On Mar 24, 1999

Hi - I am in Reston, VA in the Washington DC area. The only restaurants I feel comfortable going to are: Bertucci's brick-oven pizza (this is a chain) and 'Clyde's' at the Reston Town Center.Clyde's apparently had a problem with someone allergic to peanuts once last year, and since then has developed a no peanut oil policy.

We are still very cautious each time we go to these restaurants, but they seem to be educated about peanut allergy and wanting to avoid any possible problems.

I was thinking of going to these restaurants and asking them if they would guarantee in writing that they are peanut-free, and then in turn we could include them in a sort of "guide-book" for the peanut allergic. What do you think out there? Anyone interested in going to restaurants in their neck of the woods? I am going to e-mail chris to get some feedback on this topic as well.

Astrid mom in Reston, VA

On Mar 25, 1999

1. Coco, thanks for your post. I'm in Hamilton and appreciated the info.

2. As to why Canada appears to be better, it may only appear to be. Our labelling laws are behind the U.S. in terms of specifying which hydrolized vegetable protein is in a food, our airlines monitored U.S. practices before implementing some changes, our restaurants are about the same in terms of their comfort level with/knowledge about food allergies, our daycares follow no consistent practices re: food allergies because there are no regulations specifying them, our schools are not required to accommodate under the types of disability/equal rights legislation that I read about on this board, etc. Peanut oil is used less commercially here because the industry is not large and therefore peanut oil is more expensive than other types of oil. I am not saying that Canada is behind the U.S. just that although sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may not actually be true. We are struggling with the same issues here. We are further ahead in some areas and farther behind in others.

Hope this helps. Take care.

On Jun 21, 1999

In UK Kinnerton's chocolate factory is introducing a whole new production line with is completely nut free. It is investing millions of

On Sep 2, 1999

Thanks Coco for the information on peanut free businesses. Do you know of any cake place that is in Toronto itself? we would like to order a cake in October for a cousin's birthday. Do any of the ones you mentioned deliver?

On Sep 6, 1999

I have not tried any Toronto places, but I was told by another pa family that there is a safe place called "Cakes by Robert". Sorry I don't have any more information than that.

On Jul 10, 2000

Hey Coco, I know this is an older thread, but i just got around to it. Is Amazing Donut peanut and nut free or just peanut free? Many places don't use peanuts but use other nuts. Unfortunately when other nuts are bought in bulk and used in cooking, peanuts can be used as a cheap filler since they are so cheap.

Chapman's Ice cream has nut free facility and lines...check out [url=""][/url]

Cakes by Robert...bought one there this month. It was pretty good...must warn you however anyone who is really stringent may need to be cautioned. He uses Duncan Hines cakes mixes which use nuts in the same line (but supposedly clean the machine very well). This is probably ok, but you should be warned. My wife called them here in Canada, and i believ one of the problems was that they use m&m's in one cake mix and this contaminates the line. We suggested they use Smarties instead...maybe if enough people call, they will get the message.

Betty Crocker cake mixes are safer. Cakes by Robert is located in Thornhill and should be listed (Yonge and Steeles area).

Costco in Toronto area could almost be nut free for their cakes and muffins except they use nuts in two of their cookies...if only they would eliminate those two, they could be safe! If you visit them, ask the baker and tell them you would like to see them eliminate the nuts. if enough people ask, maybe they'll do it.