peanut-free airlines??


Has anyone flown or talked to United since they merged with USAir? (at least I think they did) I heard United was peanut-free in the past and planned on them for possible future flights. We flew USAir once and had a very difficult time, lots of problems, including a flight attendant who sat 3 rows behind us and boldly ate peanuts and told us we shouldn't be flying anyway! (my daughter did have a mild reaction during this flight due to that flight attendant). I'll never get over that one. We've not flown since. I've e-mailed United to check policies, procedures, etc. but no respose yet. Anyone??

On Nov 3, 2000

Hello everyone,

We fly Air Canada all the time and their current policy is: Air Canada does not serve nuts or nut products on any of their flights. Of course, they say they can not guarentee other passengers would not bring on their own peanuts or nut products. They also suggest any food allergic passengers bring their own snack or meal since some of their snacks contain a "may contain" warning. Air Canada has taken over the Canadian Airlines airline and the C.A. aircrafts will have the same policy to my knowledge. I am not sure of Air Canada's flight routes but the do fly to most major cities throughout the world.

On Nov 3, 2000

FYI: United & USAir "merger" has not yet happened: awaiting Deparment of Justice approval. (United is actually purchasing USAir, so we might expect that the United peanut policies will stay in place.) Be sure to read earlier threads about United airlines & their "no-peanuts" policy, which does have some holes in it & problems with execution. **When flying, ALWAYS remind the customer service rep/ticket agent of the peanut allergy, as well as telling flight attendants.** Stay safe.

On Dec 1, 2000

I just flew Air Canada this week and the attendants advised me that they do serve nuts in first class.... Sharon

On Dec 5, 2000

Hello, I just got off the phone with Air Canada's customer relations. They said they cannot guarantee a peanut free environment, but they Do Not serve actual peanuts or peanut products. This representative stated they do serve almonds and pecans in business and first class. They cannot guarantee their foods and snacks haven't been cross-contaminated during production, therefore they suggest PA passengers bring their own snacks and food. Air Canada has recently taken over Canadian Airlines. I assume the Canadian Airlines aircrafts will have the same policy. Of course, everyone out there knows the saying about I guess I'll have to call again!