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Peanut Exposure, no reaction?

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Hello! This is my first post...ever. My son was diagnosed last october w/peanut allergy. A couple of hives from pretzels were the first clue, but I figured he got salt in a scratch or something and it flared up. Then he nibbled a bit of his sister's leftover PB&J crust, and got another hive. And a scoop of vanilla ice cream gave him an itchy ear and a giant eczema patch behind his ear. And so here we are. We have been extra careful since then, and thus, have had no reactions. Well, about a month ago, he was at Grandma's house and managed to get a hold of a peanut butter jar. He didn't open the jar, and so I know he didn't eat much, but I do know that he had a thin smear of peanut butter on his lip that he was licking. Now comes the question. He had no reaction. None. Does anyone know why? He got hives from a pretzel stick, so I know it wouldn't take much to give him a reaction. He was fine. A month later and I'm still in shock. We, of course, are NOT giving it another go, but I'm curious to see if anyone else has had something like this happen?

By nutallergymum on Apr 7, 2011

I would take him to get tested just in case as having a Peanut Allergy is life threatening and you would need an epipen if he does have a reaction. Don't be put off by your GP thinking that you are an over protective mother, its better to be safe than sorry. I have read article about children eating something with no reaction and then suddenly becoming severely allergic to it. Read some posts on my blog about things that have happened to me and my son as we are both severely allergic to Peanuts and Nuts and it might give you the confidence to get your son checked out. Good Luck Karen

By PA Mommy on Apr 7, 2011

Oh...I guess I left that out, didn't I? We took him straight away after the hive/peanut butter crust issue. He was diagnosed as PA in October of last year and we are very diligent about it. His Epipens and benadryl are with him at all times. He has been absolutely peanut free apart from that one exposure incident. I'm just wondering if anyone else has lucked out on an exposure like that...if sometimes they don't react? (We won't be having any more "exposures", of course. One get-out-of-jail-free card is enough!)