Peanut Dreams

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Anybody have peanut stress dreams? I've had two this week.

In the first dream, I'm trying to pick up ds from a day-camp thing at the beach. The teenage camp counselors and other kids are all together on the pier with big waves crashing below. I ask about ds and they look at me with complete indifference, and say they haven't seen him. Then I see peanut candy wrappers all over the place, and no sign of my child. I end up running up and down the beach but I never find him.

In the second dream, my mil comes to the house and unloads two jars of pb onto the kitchen counter. I remind her about ds and dd, and she says I know about (ds), but (dd) can have it - and she offers it to dd. I start shouting at her that she is allergic too, class 3 for heaven's sake, and she just ignores me.

It isn't too hard to analyze these dreams, is it? Talk about 24-hour peanut anxiety. Thanks for letting me get this silliness off my chest.

------------------ Sally

On Mar 10, 2004

I have dreams often about PA.

------------------ Tina Trevor age 2 -PA Harmony age 1 -KNA It's a BOY!!! due June 24, 2004

On Mar 13, 2004

As a matter of fact I normally do not dream about peanuts but did this past week. I dreamt that my MIL was making soup and it called for half cup of PB. She was mad when i asked her to take it out and then i left mad. Chris had a bad dream about it as well. He only told me that he dreamt he had a reaction at school. The strange thing is that he had a peanut issue in school for real on Thursday. How wierd is that. He was ok but smelled PB and had to leave the room for an inhaler and is now a bit wheezy. I shall watch him for a while now. Poor kid is so stressed right now with school. take care claire

On Mar 13, 2004

My children are 19 and 21. I still dream that I have forgotten to feed one of them and find them all dried up and dead in their crib.

I think dreams whether good or bad are part and parcel of mother/father hood.

Peanut does not help it any.