Peanut Desensitization


Does anybody know who qualifies for these desensitization trials the media is so ga-ga over? My daughter was rated a 5 out of 6 in reactivity. Are the kids in these trials highly reactive, or are they using kids that are low to moderately reactive. Is it safe to enroll a highly reactive child in this? I am sick of hearing from my family and friends that they have "cured" peanut allergy!

By doofusclo on May 6, 2009

You can look at the to figure out what trials are open and what the requirements are and where they are being held.

You can also read through old posts. It was quite awhile ago but a member name Melissa (if I remember right) had her son in one of the first trials down at Duke University. It was very interesting to read.

Me I am sick of people who don't have food allergies claiming that they do because they want their food a particular way. I would like to line them up and give them a good a** kicking. Good Luck.