peanut butter not just for eating?

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I thought this was so funny but put it under the adult thread because of the content. It's about an appearance on Letterman by Sue Johanson, Canada's leading sex expert. For those of you who have not seen her, she looks like someone's really goofy grandma, but she answers questions about every aspect of sexuality in vivid detail.

The peanut butter reference is just too disgustingly funny but don't read it if you get grossed out easily.


On May 18, 2003

River, thank you so much.

You may have finally succeeded in helping me to overcome my craving for pb. The whole thought of bp on toast will never be the same. [img][/img]

On May 18, 2003

OMG! I laughed, too.


BTW, thank you for placing this here in the Adult thread as my 9 year old posted this morning. I really appreciate that.

On May 18, 2003

Good thing I finished my cup of tea right before reading that, or I might have sprayed the keyboard! Very funny - what a mental image! Now I'm afraid I'll crack up everytime I pass the PB aisle (which I really can't avoid since it is next to the bread [img][/img] ).


On May 23, 2003

Think I will show this one to my flat mate. She's practically adicted to PB and gets really ratty cause she knows she can't eat it in the flat. Maybe this will help cure the addiction problem!!!