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peanut butter jelly bellys

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Please help me convince the Jelly Belly company to discontinue their peanut butter flavor bean. They have over 50 other flavors plus lots of gummy products that would be great for kids with nut allergies except for ONE FLAVOR! If they discontinue that one flavor the rest of their line would be safe. Please send them a letter at [url=""][/url] . Go to the contact us section then go to "ask a question". The more letters they get the more likely they'll listen. With Easter coming up it will be a nice reminder for them of how many sales they are losing due to one flavor. Thanks Thanks!

On Apr 3, 2006

christin28, it's been years since I've been to a Jelly Belly store and quite some time since I've seen them sold in a store (that doesn't mean anything [img][/img] ). Pre-PA definitely.

At any rate, wanted to ask, are there any tree nut flavours or is the peanut butter flavour the only one bugging up the whole line of jelly beans for PA people?

For me, if there are tree nut flavoured ones, then I wouldn't be buying them either, even though my son is PA only.

But if peanuts are the only concern.....

My son didn't try his first jelly bean, gum drop, etc. until he was 7 years old and I finally found a "safe" one - Dare (Canadian specific - not sure if all Dare - check the labels).

And I have to admit, I miss jelly beans and jelly bellys are the cream of the bean, aren't they?

But need to know about the tree nut thing first.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

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On Apr 4, 2006

AFAIK, there are OTHER companies that we can buy jelly beans from, kwim?

Sure, post a complaint, and let them know -- But support the OTHER companies [img][/img]


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On Apr 4, 2006

[url="http://www.notnutz"]www.notnutz[/url] sells jellybeans very similiar if not the same without the peanut butter or nut flavors. Give them a try.


On Apr 4, 2006

My favorite flavor I haven't found in any other brand (not saying it's not out there, but not in any other brand I've personally seen, PA safe or not). The buttered popcorn--YUM!

On Apr 4, 2006

I'll write them! I LOOOVE Jelly Belly's. No other 'jelly beans' are the same. I don't even consider them the same candy since I don't like Jelly Beans but I love Jelly Belly's (my fave being Juicy Pear). I can't stand the PB Jelly Belly's disgusting - and I do like PB (Well, I did before DD's PA - I haven't had it in forever). I don't think it even tastes like PB. I doubt it's one of their big sellers.

I wonder if they can make one with the same stuff they make the fake PB with....

On Apr 7, 2006

I like Jelly Belly's also, but I just came across a great company with all the flavors you are all talking about. The company is Gimballs, they are peanut/nut free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free and trans fat tree. They are so good, just as good as jelly belly. I got them at WalMart There link is [url=""][/url]