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Peanut Butter Jam

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Has anyone purchased this book? I found it on What is your opinion of its quality, accuracy, and appropriateness for a kindergartner? We have No Nuts for Me and Allie the Allergic Elephant. I am always looking for more peanut allergy books for my son, especially that relate to going to school with allergies.

On Jan 4, 2002


This book was discussed on the Main Discussion Board on December 14th. It should have been on the Books board. Just look at page 2 and you can find it. -Cindia

On Jan 9, 2002

Thanks Cindia! I found it listed there. I guess I should have done a search first.


On Feb 26, 2002

Does this book make anyone else nervous? I can just see a peanut-allergic child who's teased by peers thinking he'll be accepted if he eats peanut butter and has a reaction ...

We bought a copy of the book, but I haven't decided yet whether I'll give it to my son when he's old enough to read it.

On Feb 26, 2002

Yes. I posted on Main Discussion that I don't particularly like this book. My favorite so far is "No Nuts for Me".

You're not alone.


On Apr 11, 2002

I just received the Peanut butter Jam book today! I was very happy with it.

I don't like the way some of it is handled, but as I thought about it, I think that it shows what really might happen in school.

After we read the book to our daughter, we will talk to our daughter about things such as, "what would you do?".

I am going to talk to our daughter's second grade teacher and see if she will read it to the class and have the class point out things that they (the kids) would have done differently - like NOT ALLOWING PEANUT PRODUCTS IN THE CLASSROOM!!!!!

Just my two cents worth on the book.

Sue in Sunny Arizona