peanut and seafood allergy


My boyfriend and I are moving in with a family who's youngest child is allergic to peanuts AND seafood of any kind. I love to cook with both but now I need to learn how to cook without. Does anyone know what kind of foods I CAN cook? She is very very allergic to both. We can't have any of it in the house. Recipes and food product recommendations would be greatly appreciated thank you :)

By Saralinda on Aug 27, 2013

What can you cook? Everything in the universe except peanuts and seafood. Why is that such a hard concept? Meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains and eggs can be used to make an infinite number of nutritious and delicious meals. Use this as an opportunity to expand your culinary skills.

By shannonlyy on Sep 5, 2013

Yes, there are many other things that you can cook which exclude peanuts/nuts and seafood (I would know, I am allergic to both). Perhaps try looking for recipes online - another great resource is On another note - thank you for taking her allergies into consideration and being serious about finding other choices for you to eat, while keeping her safe. Very commendable of you - not everyone would do that.