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Peanut allergy tattoo?

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Hello! My mother suggested I get a tattoo that says "Peanut Allergy", as well as wear my medical bracelet that contains my insurance information. Has anyone here ever gotten an allergy tattoo and would you recommend it? Thanks everyone!

By HappyHogJens on Jan 22, 2015

I think your bracelet will do enough for you. A big problem would be where to place the tattoo. You don't want to have those words in plain sight, messing up your appearance, but it still needs to be visible for people in case of emergency.

Besides, if you put it somewhere that's normally covered by your clothes it's gonna be useless; people won't take off your clothes in search of a possible tattoo explaining why you're dying on the street.

A bracelet is much more of a universally recognized way of providing anyone with info about your allergy.

By Mrsdocrse on Apr 4, 2015

I am sure that your mom means well. However, I don't think that is the answer. Medical professionals are used to looking for a medic alert in an emergency. They are not looking at tattoo's. On the bright side, what if you outgrow it or they fine a cure... then you are stuck with it. Good intentions, bad idea.

By Cali1530 on Apr 15, 2015

I've always liked the idea of getting a tattoo! I've had a life long peanut allergy I'm most likely never going to grow out of, it's a part of me and who I am. I viewed the tattoo more of something for myself and not for medical professionals to use and always planned on also wearing a bracelet if I did get one. I've considered getting 'anaphylactic' on my wrist before. The only thing really stopping me is my fear of needles!

By plime on May 9, 2015

Haha I've never thought about getting a tattoo or bracelet, generally I think just carrying an EpiPen in my pocket around the place is enough to give people an idea.

By xelrac on May 29, 2015

I don't have one, but I know someone who had gotten Mr. Peanut tattooed right where you stick an epipen lol. Such a clever idea!