peanut allergy problems due to air recirculation on planes

Posted on: Tue, 02/06/2007 - 4:03am
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does anyone have any info on air-borne allergans causing problems with peanut allergy kids on airlines. i think most airlines are becoming better at peanut issues but all will say that they can't control a passenger bringing on their own jar of peanuts. does anyone know of information regarding whether this situation can matriculate thru the air recirculation system of the plane? thanks, rm

Posted on: Tue, 02/06/2007 - 6:49am
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We've flown Airtran (four times) and USAir (four times) with no problems. I have heard that though. I think you want to stay away from airlines that serve peanuts-- - like Southwest.

Posted on: Tue, 02/06/2007 - 7:20am
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Hi Randy, If you go back through the previous posts on the AIRLINE forum, you'll find lots of information on the subject, including kids who have had reactions on board commercial flights.
It is my understanding that much of the problem comes from peanut dust and broken bits of peanuts on the floor, seats, etc. Southwest's aircraft are particularly bad. From the information I've found online, the experts on this believe that the majority of reactions come from kids being exposed to peanut residue on the seats, etc. rather than in the air.
Air in the passenger cabin is recirculated, but fresh outside air is also added.
I don't know that I believe the 'peanut residue on seats' theory. I am not as sensitive to peanuts as many of the PA kids, but even I cough, get itchy eyes, become hoarse, etc. on Southwest when the bags of peanuts are opened. Perhaps you can't stop a passenger from bringing their own jar of peanuts, but being exposed to the dust from ONE jar is less likely to cause a reaction than being exposed to the dust from 168 bags all being opened simultaneously.
If I had a PA child, I would not fly an airline that serves peanuts. American is also a good choice.

Posted on: Tue, 03/13/2007 - 6:48pm
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My son had a reaction onboard a Qantas flight that could have only been due to recirculated air. He was sitting between his father and sister and had not left his seat, but started reacting about 5 minutes after everybody had opened their peanut packets. He now wears a 3m mask (only when snack is being eaten) if we ever fly Qantas and we have never had another reaction. His RAST score although is very high 93+.

Posted on: Wed, 03/14/2007 - 12:29am
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beagle, the latest info posted here on Qantas states that the airlines has stopped serving peanuts as inflight snacks. I've raised the thread.
Domestic and international cabin service is often different, so if anyone plans to fly Qantas inernational, you should doublecheck to make sure that the no-peanut policy isn't only for Qantas' domestic flights within Australia.
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Posted on: Wed, 03/14/2007 - 12:31am
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I've found that if I turn my personal air vent off, I cough less when peanuts are served. I'm guessing it is because the vent isn't stirring up the peanut dust as much.

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