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Posted on: Thu, 11/04/1999 - 8:53am
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pI tried naet./p

Posted on: Thu, 11/04/1999 - 9:08am
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pI am a nurse that tried Naet. I found it very odd,but not dangerous. My insurance covers 80%. I am no longer allergic to some foods I used to have an itchy throat with. I have not tried peanuts yet and I will be carefull when I do. I would only try them in a hospital.Good luck./p

Posted on: Thu, 11/04/1999 - 12:50pm
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pCure? It's interesting that the name of Jesus has evolved in this thread. I must say that Christians with PA kids (including myself), or PA themselves, are neglecting their faith if they 1) fail to pray for the protection of their children. and 2) fail to pray for the healing of their children. I'm not going to start quoting scripture and don't mean to proselytize but, I thank God that my child has been kept safe from a severe reaction. I thank God that my child is alive, and lastly I pray that my child will be delivered from this malfuntion of the immune system. After all He is faithful. Are you?br /
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Posted on: Thu, 11/04/1999 - 1:58pm
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pI looked at the book. I was particularly interested in the section on using naet during an acute emergency. So let me be sure about this, as soon as anaphylaxis begins I wrap a peanut (or pb and jelly sandwich) in a napkin, give it to my son to hold and wait for the miracle. I wonder, if a parent could be charged with endangering the life of minor if they were to actually do this.br /
How is this treatment viewed outside the US?/p

Posted on: Fri, 11/05/1999 - 4:18am
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pDear TJ PJ:/p
pI'm sorry if I sound somewhat hostile about all of this, which I will admit, I am...but that's because there are SO many mothers out there absolutely desparate to make their kids "well" that they might actually rush to embrace this./p
pLook! I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I really don't, HOWEVER I have a problem with treatments described as a "cures" or "miracles."/p
pI think those descriptives are highly manipulative. Especially when it involves subjecting a child to known poisons. (Known, to their bodies.)/p
pAnd about the book you mentioned earlier, "Winning the War against Food Allergies" by Ellen Cutler:/p
pNo, I have NOT entirely read it all. In fact, I haven't done much more than thumb through at Borders Bookstore...It seemed too manipulative and shady to invest in./p
pAnd no, I have NOT spent a great deal of time studying NAET's purported success stories....Why? I don't trust wild claims not made by established medical professionals, that's why./p
pAnd, in response to my thinking that insurance would not cover that treatment, hey! I stand corrected. I'm happy your insurance plan covered the treatment. I have no problem trying "alternative" treatments for my daughter, either - AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT ENDANGER HER LIFE./p
pFrankly, I could give a *$%@ when any ADULT takes chance in their own quest to heal themselves, HOWEVER,br /
I will voice my resistance to endangering children that way./p
pHey, I don't really want to hurt the person on this thread saying this has "cured" her family./p
pYou're cured? Okay. Fine. Be glad. But be quiet, too. Because how you got there is scary. Be very, very cautious with making sweeping statements that could endanger others./p
pI can't possibly contain my feeling that it's dangerous to encourage people to take those same chances with their kids./p
pI think that's wrong. I mean, one false move, and then what?/p
pIf you want to try things on your OWN body, that's your choice! I would actually be curious to see how it went, really! I'd be intregued and happy if it went well for you, an adult, but children need our protection. Period. End of story./p
pI have yet to hear you talk about any test scores...Call me "doubter" but we, here, in the real world of anaphylactic kids are inclined to be very interested in a child's medical testing history...Aren't you?/p
pLook: Show me your medical data, first...Then I'll recant my views./p
p(FYI - I do not consider sending "Chris" your emergency room visits any "proof" of anything --other than your child went to the emergency room for allergic reactions.)/p
pShow me your/his CAP RAST test scores!br /
His skin test scores!br /
Proof of successful Food Challenges done in your allergists' office!/p
p-Show me comparison (medical) scores from before and after, too./p
pTHEN, if the test comparisons are really so changed, and if your (non-alternative, medical) allergist agrees your child is "cured"...Then I'll eat my hat! I'll happily send you a video tape of me dining the hat of your choice./p
pBut in all seriousness, if you can present me with the evidence of a "cure" for Peanut Allergies -I'll consider giving my own beloved daughter that treatment, too. Which is the highest vote of confidence I could ever offer you./p
pBut, till that day comes...br /
I'm going to put on my hat and move on./p
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Posted on: Mon, 11/08/1999 - 11:34pm
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pAm I wrong??? Aren't we all on this site to help ourselves and each other? Instead of berating these people, can't we be cautiously hopeful about a "cure". I think we owe it to each other to find out more about this in our own areas and report back. I spoke with an MD about this, and will try to get another one. I am not jumping into this yet, it does sound a bit like witchcraft. I realize, though, that other pioneers were thought of as crazy until proven right many years later. The procedures are not invasive, from my understanding, so it may be worth a try. What do we have to lose? Time and money. A small price to pay if it works!br /
Again, I implore you to do some research within the medical community. It is very easy to just dismiss this. I still want to know if you are cleared does it show that on a rast test? TJ PJ let me know. Thanks/p

Posted on: Tue, 11/09/1999 - 9:56am
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pHi guys,br /
Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted on NAET. Since then my son is eating just about everything. I have not tried peanuts though. But 2 weeks ago he had yogurt and broke out with hives on his face they started treating him for skin reactions and he is eating yorgurt now with no problems. A few weeks ago he had a rice crispy treat and broke out with hives and after that they treated him for iron and he can now eat them without hives. He is eating chocolate chip cookies, he had his first dinner at a restaurant,and lasagna. AND this weekend he was at his cousin's first birthday party and he had cake for the first time!!Our goal was for him to be eating birthday cake by his 2nd birthday well he will be 2 on friday. Most of these foods have been within the last couple of weeks. He has only been going since September and let me tell you our lives have changed a lot. Since we started he has been sleeping through the night. So far he has been treated for eggs,chicken,grapes,raisins,calcium,vitamin c,oranges,peanuts,iron,other minerals,whey,wheat,grains,casiem,milk,milk mix,yogurt, ecezema, and collegen (sorry about the spelling)br /
We have told a couple of friends who are now going and are also having the same results. We too, thought this was crazy but we will do anything to help our child and its working. He goes for his 2nd year check up in a month and I am going to ask for another rast blood test but they have said it can take from 10 to 18 months to get off the blood test but I know the numbers are dropping by the way he can eat without breaking out in hives. Thats enough proof for us./p

Posted on: Tue, 11/09/1999 - 10:41pm
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pHello All,/p
pI have a few comments and questions about this "cure". /p
pAs I understand it (using very general terms), an allergy begins when your body is first exposed to an substance. The body mistakenly treats the substance as if it were harmful, much like it might treat a bacteria or a virus. The immune cells develop certain receptor molecules so they can recognize and fight against this substance the next time it is present. Each time your body "sees" the substance, it has an opportunity to create more receptors for it, which could explain why an allergy can get worse with each exposure. /p
pThis process is normally the body's way of defending itself. For example, after it "sees" chicken pox virus, it creates receptors for chicken pox. The next time it "sees" chicken pox viruses, it can recognize them and destroy them, so you don't get sick./p
pWe NEED this process to recognize invaders in our body. Without it, we would be killed by the many bacteria and viruses in our environment. If NAET targeted the entire process, everyone who used it would die. My question is this: how does NAET target a specific receptor for a specific substance, such as peanuts? /p
pDOC has stated that "Acupuncture is really the most powerful part of NAET, in my opinion." I, too, believe that acupuncture can be of great use for treating certain types of pain. However, acupuncture and acupressure certainly are not able to specify on the molecular level in the body. This leaves the "other" part of NAET. I've read the entire NAET web site, and I couldn't figure it out. The closest we've come on this discussion board to describing "it" is was Mary Murtishaw's comment about holding vials containing the allergen. I do not understand how this could have molecular implications in the body./p
pIf someone could explain or clarify, I would appreciate it./p

Posted on: Tue, 11/09/1999 - 10:50pm
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pBy the way, you cannot be allergic to iron. It is an essential element of hemoglobin, which is a molecule found in red blood cells. You cannot live without hemoglobin; therefore, if you were allergic to iron, you would be dead./p
p [img]http://client.ibboards.com/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]br /
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Posted on: Wed, 11/10/1999 - 2:57am
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pVitamin C is also required to sustain life. Remember how sailors in days gone by used to develop scurvy and die before they brought supplies of fresh friut (a good source of vitamin c) with them. Again I would say if you are allergic to vitamin C you're dead. Now as to collegen (I assume that was what you meant), your body is composed of collagen! There are at least 12 specific types of collagen, without it you would have no skin, connective tissue or body structure!br /
I am bevoming more skeptical about this treatmnet with every posting. Why haven't we heard about this miracle cure on the TV. Wha do Dr. Hugh Sampson and the other experts in the field have to say on the subject? The old travelling medicine men used to sell liquids containing mercury as miracle cures...this method sounds equally crazy./p


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