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Posted on: Mon, 10/25/1999 - 2:46am
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pApologies for the duplicate posting -- I've tried to delete one of them, to no avail./p

Posted on: Mon, 10/25/1999 - 11:19am
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pFirst of all, I have to say I am very happy for You, Jan. I'm glad you are finding success with the treatments. If you stick with it, you are going to be amazed at the results. I have had so many great results with so many allergic people including TJ PJ. It has been very rewarding seeing people's lives completely change after undergoing these treatments. If ever I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to ask.br /
Anna, you don't have to "believe" for this treatment to work. I don't know why the one person you referred to had a reaction to eggs after the clearing. It could be many reasons. Perhaps they accidently ate egg in some food over the 25 hr. period. Perhaps a combination treatment was needed. Perhaps they didn't wait the full 25 hours before testing it. Who knows? Egg mix is quite complicated. Maybe there has to be a separate clearing for sulfur or amino acids, or calcium , etc. This technic is good, but it is not perfect. It doesn't work perfectly 100% of the time. I wonder if they got retested before they tried the egg. This is very important. Sometimes you have to clear an item multiple times before it is completely cleared.br /
Ellen, technically, how this technique works is certainly not completely known at this time to my knowledge. Dr. Nambudripad has a research foundation trying to find out exactly what is happening to our immune systems when a clearing takes place. We certainly would like to know ourselves what is happening.br /
By the way, acupuncture meridians have been plotted and measured. The points on the meridians are more electrically conductive than the skin around the points are. So, they physically do exist.br /
I think that the important thing to know about this intire technique is that the technique DOES exist and is available to those who wish to try it./p

Posted on: Mon, 10/25/1999 - 12:45pm
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pHi, Doc./p
pI never mentioned someone reacting to eggs. That was someone else./p
pAll the best./p

Posted on: Fri, 10/29/1999 - 12:40pm
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pI spoke with a physician re: NAET. Sge said it sounds hokey pokey, but is effective. She wasn't sure if she could completely "cure" a lefethreatening pn allergy, but thought she could bring it down to a non-lifethreatrning allergy. I want to know how you are tested for success after the Naet is done. Does it have to be direct contact? Can you use the RAST blood test. I am skeptical, yet I am excited about the possibilites. I don't think I would be able to put a peanut near my son w/o seeing a neg RAST result. My Dr. didn't know this answer, nor has she worked w/ pn allergy. I am going to question another physician in the area.. I think all of us on this site should research this a bit in their own local are and report back. Who knows, we may have what we have been praying for, but are afraid to recognize it. I hope so./p

Posted on: Sat, 10/30/1999 - 12:56am
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pHi Lidia,br /
My son was treated for peanuts last week and he went back yesterday and they said he cleared them. My husband has been bringing him and yesterday they put peanut butter in a napkin and had him hold it( with the EPI-PEN in hand) and nothing happened. I won't let him have them still. I want a negative blood test first. My husband does not agree with me, he thinks we should give him a little and sit outside the hospital but I am not ready for that. I am still going to treat him as a peanut allergic child until he is negative but it does feel better to have this as a back up./p

Posted on: Mon, 11/01/1999 - 3:00am
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pSO, once you are "cleared" of an allergen; the result will be proven by the RAST test???br /
That is my concern - how do they do it without contact of the specific allergen and can it be tested w/out contact of it; ie RAST test. My son is touch and inhalation sensitive. My allergist did say that peanut butter should not pose a problem, because it doesn't get airborne easily./p
pJan, I am so happy for you and your child.br /
TJ PJ you too. I know you got a lot of flack for posting, but if it helps just one of us you will be blessed. I am still skeptical, but all new things were called crazy before they became mainstreamed. That is the hope I hold on too. Best of luck everyone!/p

Posted on: Thu, 11/04/1999 - 3:16am
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pFirst, a hello to Noreen, and a small note of gratitude to Anna and Rebgaby for their honest and enjoyable postings.../p
pTo the author of this thread....br /
I gotta say, having just read this entire thread, that I am still among the skeptics regarding anything touted as a "CURE"./p
pI am equally dubious of treatments which are BOTH costly wrapped up in religious hoo-hah....If Christ or Buddah or any spiritual leader had something to do with treatments responsible for saving lives, wouldn't it be FREE?/p
pOkay, not "free", but deemed worthy of sending into our medical insurances...Wouldn't God want at least that much of an endorsement? /p
pI don't know...it all just sounds too good to be true once you use words like "100%", "Amazing", "Miracle", and that word of all words, "Cure".../p
pWhy not throw in "fire walking" and "snake handling", too?..../p
p...I will admit it --- I AM one who will buy that almost ANYthing is possible IF you are 100%, really, really a believer.../p
pHOWEVER...What if you play with the snakes on a day when you're suffering form PMS? What if you just had a fight with your husband or mother or whoever and that was the day you were supposed to dance naked on the fire coals?/p
pMy point is: Belief in of itself is highly subjective and subject to fluctuations due to our human nature...I wouldn't go jumping out of airplanes just because I "believed" I could fly./p
pAre little children supposed to be protected from fatal anaphylaxis because "they believed hard enough" Or even more egocentrically, because YOU believed hard enough???/p
pIsn't that a little too much responsibility and RISK for YOUR children?/p
pI don't know....I am open to alternative medicine, and other alternative things, believe me, but only and always using my common sense, first...I'd never take risks with the health of my child. Ever./p
pSorry to rain on your parade, here...But I almost lost my child from one bite of peanut butter... and I wouldn't wish that day on my worst enemy./p
p[This message has been edited by LouiseLarsen (edited November 04, 1999).]/p

Posted on: Thu, 11/04/1999 - 4:40am
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pI have to admit that I'm having a difficult time with this form of treatment. /p
pDoes the child have to contiune treatments into adulthood? /p
pThe peanut allergy gets worse with each exposure. That is proven. Is there documentation showing that someone has been "cured" for a long period of time./p
pIf the doctor isn't sure how this effects the system. Than how can they know that this is a long term "cure". /p
pI wonder how many adults with PA would do this form of treatment?/p

Posted on: Thu, 11/04/1999 - 6:06am
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pLouise,br /
First of all there is no religion involved. This is not a matter of any kind of belief. We don't have to convince ourselves of anything. The proof comes when you can eat something you were once allergic to. I certainly don't walk through fire, handle snakes, or jump out of planes. The cost is nothing out of the ordinary and our insurance covers most of it! You are entitled to your opinion by all means, but have you investigated this at all? There are over two-hundred NAET practitioners in CA. How can they all be wrong? My son also suffered a near death reaction, and I don't ever want to go there again! This is the exact reason I decided to try NAET, first on myself. Then as results became visible I knew it was right for both of us. We are nearly finished with treatments, as most of our allergies have now been eliminated! Soon we will be free from all of them. This is not something you continue through life. I will be sending Chris copies of our emergency room visits. If you feel the need for further proof, he has my permission to let others view them. It doesn't matter to me one way or another if anyone tries NAET. I have nothing to gain, I work in a restaurant, which is not remotely connected to any doctor! There is also a research foundation in CA. that is presently working further on NAET. Ask them your questions! NAET has been in use for about 12-13 yrs. It started in CA. and all the training and teaching is done there as well. This is a physical procedure and all the belief in the world will not make it work if it is not applied properly. The key is the 25 hr. avoidance factor, you must follow exact protocol, and then the proof is in the individual. I have also received e-mails from others who have had success, but don't wish to be involved in this debate! Most are surprised I continue to post. Mel, there are twenty-two doctors in your state that practice NAET. Maybe one of them could answer questions for you! My ex-husband still remains skeptical after rushing our son to the emergency room that first time, but he also can't explain why his son no longer has asthma attacks, can touch his dogs without allergic reaction, and can eat peanuts with no further problem! Well, the best to all whatever is right for you! I was so happy we are no longer plagued with all those worries, and I thought I would share our good news with others./p

Posted on: Thu, 11/04/1999 - 7:27am
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pHas NAET been studied by any independent labs or pyhsicians that you know of?/p


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