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Posted on: Wed, 09/29/1999 - 11:48am
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pHi Noreen Tj,br /
My son's doctor was trained by Dr.Nambudripad. Yes, we have to wait the 25 hours. When he went back today they retested him for eggs and chicken allergies. They had to do the chicken treatment over but his egg was good. Our son is almost 2 years old so they use the accupressure on him. We live in Connecticut so it costs here $60 a treatment but we have heard other places they were charging $100 a treatment. We feel its worth it after seeing it done and seeing him eat eggs with no reactions. We aren't sure how many treatments yet but I am sure it will be around 40. T.J. your insurance covered your son? I didn't even call but I will tommorow. Today was only his 2nd treatment. My in-laws went with my husband today and they were very impressed with the program. Friday we will be going back for our 3rd treatment so I will keep you posted./p

Posted on: Wed, 09/29/1999 - 3:24pm
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pI hate to sound cynical, but if you were allergic to cotton, polyester and wool isn't more likely that you were reacting to a soap or fabric softener as eczema in reaction to laundry products is extremely common? What did your dermatologist say? Did you have any testing done for contact dermatitis? Or any conventional testing for these allergens?/p
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Posted on: Thu, 09/30/1999 - 6:23am
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pHello, Yes as a matter of fact I was allergic to my laundry soap, softener, bleach, shampoo, and hair spray. I have been cleared for all of these allergies as well. I have been allergy tested numerous times throughout my life- I'm now 37 yrs. old. As I have gotten older my allergies have increased by big numbers. When I was tested last year I was depressed to learn how many things I was allergic to that I was even unaware of. I do not have eczema or contact dermatitis. I just keep breaking out in hives and/or welts when I come in contact with an allergen.I have seen a dermatologist, who agreed allergies were the source of my problems. As I continue treatments my problem with hives becomes less and less, but there are still chemicals and environmental things to be covered! I am more than 100% better than last year and haven't needed prednizone for almost a year now. I continue with benedryl as needed. I won't complain though this is so much better!/p

Posted on: Thu, 09/30/1999 - 11:33am
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pExcuse me if I find it hard to believe that you are allergic to literally all fabrics and all soaps and personal care products, even though they are all made of different components. /p
pNo one, including "doc" above, has described the etiology of this technique - HOW DOES IT WORK? I understand how antihistimines, prednisone and epinepherene work against histimine, inflammation and shock, I really do. I understand how allergy desensitization shots work too. But I don't understand how NAET works, and no one has explained it yet. I have a vague idea of how the testing is performed, and how, if you can't be there in person, the testing works just as well over the telephone (I'm sure it does), and that your unborn child can be tested "through" you. But what is determined or measured by these tests? And what is the treatment? Is it accupuncture or accupressure? How do those techniques change allergies? No one seems to want to go into the etiology of this "cure". And no one describes what the "cure" consists of. Curious!/p

Posted on: Thu, 09/30/1999 - 1:26pm
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pGood question!/p

Posted on: Thu, 09/30/1999 - 1:54pm
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pHi rebgaby:/p
pI have no idea how NAET works but I do understand accupuncture as practiced in China. I'm very happy for the people who have had success with NAET but I won't be seeking out a practitioner any time soon. I am, however, intrigued by the accupuncture/accupressure component of the treatments. Accupuncture is especially useful for boosting immunity and treating light auto-immune deficiency disorders. Even flag-flying, pro-Western Medicine-only physicians have acknowledged accupuncture's success with treating immune disorders./p
pAllergy is an over-reaction of the immune system. The immune system of a peanut allergic person is confused about how to process the peanut protein and sends out the entire infantry to counter-attack. Anaphylaxis is a by-product of chemical warfare. A little histamine is okay. Too much histamine in the body causes all the problems associated with anaphylaxis./p
pAh, but you know this already [img]http://client.ibboards.com/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]. The filler was provided to somehow follow a curious thought that accupuncture may indeed assist the immune system in righting itself with food allergy. /p
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Posted on: Fri, 10/01/1999 - 6:42am
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pNAET is a completely natural, non-invasive, and drug-free holistic treatment. NAET uses chiropractic, kinesiology, and acupunture to permanately desensitize people to all kinds of allergies. NAET is based on viewing the body as made up of pathways for the flow of electromagnetic energy. It is to say the body is a flow of electromagnetic currents. When an allergen enters or comes in contact with the body, there is a clash between the energy field of the allergen and the energy field of the allergy sufferer. The brain identifies the allergen and alerts the immune system which locates tha allergen and responds with antibodies and delayed T and B cells. This causes the release of toxic substances from the T-cells. The fighter cells- macrophages then invade the area intent on digesting the antigens. Immune mediators such as histamine are released. These reactions cause blockages in the electromagnetic pathways, as well as abnormal tissue response, delayed tissue destruction, and possible autoimmune reaction. NAET uses chiropractic techniques to stimulate the areas that are connected to the blockages in the energy system. If a blockage affects a certain organ, the practitioner stimulates areas of the nervous system connected to that organ by autonomic nerve impulses. For example, a wheat allergy might affect the lungs or cause a blockage in the lung meridian, also referred to as the lung channel. To treat for the wheat allergy, the practitioner stimulates areas of the nervous system related to the lungs. by stimulating those areas located along the spine while a person is holding the allergen, the electromagnetic repulsion to that allergen is eliminated and a chemical or enzymatic change occurs neutralizing the immune mediators and interrupting the allergen or antigen-antibody complex reaction. This clears the energy blockage for the area involved and sends a message to the brain stating that wheat has been desensitized. The body no longer identifies wheat as an allergen and energy blockages in response to wheat no longer occur. The desensitization process is not instantaneous, however. It takes two hours for energy to pass through each of the body's twelve energy pathways or meridians. To circulate through all twelve meridians takes twenty-four hours. As a result, a patient should avoid contact with an allergen for twenty-five hours after the treatment to ensure complete desensitization. Otherwise, the effect of the treatment may be lost when the brain identifies the substance as an allergen again. Does this explain now NAET works? Also I have never heard of anyone being tested by way of telephone. You need direct hands on contact! Also acupunture is used on adults, where as childen usually don't lie still for the twenty minute treatment and accupressure is used on them. Which is also equally effective./p

Posted on: Sat, 10/02/1999 - 4:44am
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pThanks for the explanation. This requires that one believe in "unknowable" medical theories suchs as meridians, etc. This is why I personally have a hard time taking it seriously. On one of the websites you mentioned there was a woman who described both getting the diagnosis and the treatment over the telephone. There was also someone who described getting her unborn child diagnosed inside her./p

Posted on: Sun, 10/03/1999 - 11:30am
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pHello everybody,br /
I would just like to share some wonderful news. For the first time in my sons life he has had the pleasure of eating pancakes for breakfast and a pasta salad with mozz. cheese for lunch (hive free). This is all possible because we decided to take a chance with naet. I have nothing to gain by telling you this. I too, once didn't believe it./p

Posted on: Mon, 10/04/1999 - 12:03pm
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pYou don't have to "believe" in acupuncture to get results with it, Rebgaby. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and doing a marvelous job. Medicine keeps changing opinions on what works and what does not in therapies however, acupuncture has stayed the same over the centuries. It works on children and on animals and they don't know it's supposed to work. So much for the placebo theory. Acupuncture is really the most powerful part of NAET, in my opinion. It is stagnation in the meridians that causes symptoms and diseases, and acupuncture (especially the points used in NAET) rids the body of these stagnations. The medical community is coming around slowly but surely in accepting this form of therapy./p


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