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Posted on: Wed, 09/01/1999 - 11:06am
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pDear TJPJ:/p
pI must strongly agree with the wary and skeptical here: I almost lost my daughter after exposure to a tiny bit of peanut butter at 15 mos. I witnessed her swift and merciless reaction to peanuts and would no sooner chance exposure again than I would teach her to swim by tossing her into a tsunami...I don't want to hurt you, but please don't encourage others to re-expose kids to this allergen...It is lethal, remember? You never mentioned your son being retested for the allergy - has he? Did he get a blood and a scratch test?/p
pWhat were the results? Since you feel so passionately about this treatment for the rest of us, please follow up with those details before we use our children as "guinea pigs". I don't want to sound mean, but you should present us with all the facts before promising miracles, that's all. How would you feel if someone rushed to believe your case and ended up with a fatality? Get your son tested and post the results...and post them again in a year, as Noreen suggested, I think that is a wiser approach./p

Posted on: Wed, 09/01/1999 - 11:17am
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pTo REBGABY who commented that Chiropractors are only trained in Spinal Adjustments. Please be informed that is NOT at all the case. Chiropractors actually take MORE class hours, and go MORE indepth on such important topics as: Anatomy Physiology, Nutrition, The Disease process, to name a few. They have the same amount of schooling as a Medical Dr, and must take a State Licensing exam just like a Medical Dr. As a matter of fact, Nutrition is NOT even a required course for a traditional Medical student. They touch ONLY on the basics of nutrition. I can also tell you that as a Registered Nurse who works on a Daily basis with the Medical establishment, some of the drugs being used to "treat" the person actually has more damaging side effects than the disease process itself. I would say that those who indiscriminately dole out drugs the Physician prescribe to their children are actually doing the same thing they are accusing this other lady of...namely using the children as guinea pigs. There was a huge article in my last years Nursing Journal that stated that the FDA has NOT even established SAFE levels of many commonly prescribed asthma drugs for children!! IT also stated that NO studies have YET been done on their LONG TERM effects on children...Those of you who are so down on this lady for trying an alternative method, have you investigated IN-DEPTH, any of the drugs the physician have prescribed for YOUR children. To Rebgaby: Have you ever looked up the severe long-term effects of Prednisone use? Believe me..I work in a Nursing Home take care of women who are SUFFERING from the effects of long-term use of Prednisone many commonly prescribed Antidepressants. When I was in Nursing School, the first thing the instructor in my Pharmacology class said was: "There is NO such thing as a SAFE drug." Many Physicians don't even warn their patients of the potential of Harmful side effects. They just write out a prescription the gullible public goes out and pops them. Too Many people look up to the Medical DR as though he or she is some type of GOD with all the answers to what ails them. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!! Each every person MUST take responsibility for their OWN health well-being. Part of that is to RESEARCH each every drug your physician prescribes. Also, remember that the medical profession is a FOR PROFIT system. DRUGS ARE BIG MONEY TOO!!! I also grew up around Medical Drs as my Father was a Hospital Commander in the Air Force for almost 30 yrs!! Believe me, some of the biggest quackery I have seen is in the Medical Establishment. We have a joke among ourselves about how the MD has a license to "practice" medicine [img]http://client.ibboards.com/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]. I am not saying they are ALL bad, just that you need to take responsibility for your own health well-being./p

Posted on: Wed, 09/01/1999 - 11:24pm
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pHi, Rikati./p
pInteresting diatribe. My question is: who invented the Epi-pen? How about anti-histamines? Yes, the so-called 'allopathic' medical establishment./p
pWho was there to save my life (and countless others) during anaphylactic reactions as well as many other emergencies? Yes. Again, the 'traditional' medical establishment. Before you discount medical doctors, please have some sensitivity to the experiences most of us on this board have had. Without MDs, some of us would be dead today. I suppose I'm being blunt, but this is what our allergy is about: avoiding death. Every day of our lives. /p
pYou might not wish to acknowledge other achievements such as the eradication of smallpox and heart surgery, but I certainly do. I don't think that this site is the proper forum for an attack on the doctors who have made life more tolerable for highly allergic individuals. /p
pAnd I notice that you're a nurse. Surely then, you've watched people's lives being saved by doctors and nurses alike. /p
pFYI, my only attempt at alternative medicine saw me react to the 'natural' remedy. If you readily accept anecdotal evidence of 'miracles,' accounts of adverse reactions should be equally valid. Just because a drug or treatment is 'natural' does not make it safe or effective./p
pIt's true enough that there's no 100% safe medical drug. But some come pretty close, and make the quality of people's lives better than they would have otherwise been. In the case of some drugs such as insulin and epinephrine, lives are restored./p

Posted on: Thu, 09/02/1999 - 12:03am
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pAnna: You apparently did not read the LAST sentence of my statement. I NEVER said they are all bad ... read it again you will understand my meaning. I said that ABOVE ALL a person MUST make their health well-being THEIR personal responsibility. That means to educate oneself as MUCH as possible about your disorder and all the Possible treatments so that you are an ACTIVE participant at making an INFORMED decision about your treatment. Why is it that people will not only tolerate .. but participate in knocking alternative therapies but get SO defensive if the negative sides of the Medical Establishment are pointed out. While it is true that many lives are saved by Medicine, I have seen almost as many actually made worse. Alot of times you will see one medicine prescribed to counter-act the side-effects of the first one until the person is on 5 or six different medications. Even the Medical Establishment itself is beginning to take a look at traditional therapies. If you can, go to a library look up the September 1996 issue of LIFE magazine. The title of the issue is: The Healing Revolution, and it states that More More M.D.s are mixing Ancient Medicine New Science to treat everything from the common cold to heart disease. Yes, it is possible to be allergic to anything, including natural remedies but most allergist agree that allergies are due to a faulty immune system, and there are natural ways that do help to boost your immune system. More more professionals are seeing a direct correlation between nutritional habits certain conditions. If we continually assault our bodies with toxic substances, and our immune systems are constantly on guard to try do it's job at defending us against these, it makes sense that the end result of all this will be a weakened immune system. The bottom line is that there needs to be some kind of balanced view on all this. Medicine is NOT the end all, Neither is Natural Medicines. You need to weigh all sides of the issue for YOURSELF. Then you can feel as though you have done all you can, with an open mind to make an informed decision in regards to your own care./p

Posted on: Thu, 09/02/1999 - 2:02am
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pBOTH alternative and modern medicines have their place...however, this NAET treatment (NOT ALL alternative treatments) sounds shady./p
p[This message has been edited by Marielle (edited September 02, 1999).]/p

Posted on: Fri, 09/17/1999 - 2:16am
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pI have tried NAET. The lady showed me how to do it since I have so far to drive. She was very helpful, and it DOES work. I read information for a long time on the internet, and I finally decided it was worth my 40 bucks to try it. What's the harm? My son had asthma attacks everytime he would eat corn products. Corn is in nearly every food you find. She cured my son of corn, and now he can eat pop tarts like his sister and everything else that contains corn. I have never believed in any type of alternative treatments, but I decided my son needed to have something done. 40 bucks versus a lifetime of asthma medications. What would you do? They are not out for the money./p
pI have already cured his chocolate allergy and sodium allergy. I cured my sister's chocolate allergy, also. I must say I feel like a total idiot when I do this procedure, but it is amazing how it works. You actually have to see it to believe it. /p
pI was sitting in the chair with my son when she did the corn treatment on him. Before I went in, I had the attitude that this was definitely going to work. While in the chair, I changed my mind and decided it was a bunch of hokey pokey. I was really depressed about it. But then, she got my sister of in the chair. My sister wouldn't even look at the vials to see what was in them when she tested her. The woman pinpointed everyone of her allergies. I am now a believer./p
pI would go on, but I have to pick my son up from preschool./p

Posted on: Sat, 09/18/1999 - 10:24am
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pI am a practicing NAET doctor and have been doing this technique for over 4 years. The sucesses I have had with this has been incredible. Do I believe I can "cure" everything imaginable? Of course not, however, I feel blessed every day that I was lead to this technique. For all of you sceptics, I can only say this - Follow your heart. If you don't feel comfortable with this technique, don't do it. I just think it is very important that you are made aware of its existence. Someday, you may want to give it a try. I have been a "last resort" for many patients suffering with all kinds of allergies from peanuts to pollen and everything in between. Just remember, if you decide to give this a try, make sure you find a practitioner who follws Dr. Devi's protocol or you won't get your desired results. Oh, and by the way, rebgaby, I have no books to sell and I still believe this technique is the most incredible technique available today. A special thanks to PJTJ for spreading the word./p

Posted on: Wed, 09/29/1999 - 6:59am
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pHi,br /
My son who is allergic to just about everything went to his first appointment at NAET as our last resort. I found it pretty amazing. My son first started sitting in my lap when they started testing him and my arm went right down when they touched it so my husband took over who is big. Each time they would put a vial in my son's hand my husband would say he would fight it but his arm would go down. The only time it wouldn't go down was with sugar and salt in it. My son had his first egg this weekend with no reactions. I was talking to another mother whos son is also allergic to everything and after 3 visits her son is eating McDonalds and just about everything. My son is severely allergic to milk and peanuts and I will be very careful with those. I will not go and give my son a peanut butter sandwich after he has a treatment for the peanuts. I do have an appointment with Dr. Sampson at Mt. Sinani from the FAN conference and I am going to keep my appointment. As matter of fact my son is at his NAET appointment right now with my husband. I just want my son to eat even a cracker or a cookie. They said at NAET by his 2nd birthday which is in November he will be eating his birthday cake. We can only hope!!I told my son's doctor that we were going and he said good, you have nothing to loose. I too, didn't really believe it until I saw it with my son./p

Posted on: Wed, 09/29/1999 - 9:47am
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pHi Jan:/p
pThat's wonderful news! I talked to my chiropractor about NAET and her strongest reservation is that anyone she knows who has undergone the treatments were told they have fifty allergies at least. She underwent a few treatments herself and decided to discontinue when the practitioner told her she was allergic to cotton. (She never had an allergic reaction to cotton before)./p
pMy big curiosity is how much this costs when so many allergies are found and treated. How many sessions has your son undergone and how many more are recommended? Is the practitioner using accupuncture or accupressure on your son? My chiropractor suspects that it is the accupuncture component of the NAET treatment which is providing the cures. /p
p[This message has been edited by Noreen (edited September 30, 1999).]/p

Posted on: Wed, 09/29/1999 - 10:28am
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pHi Ladies, I continue to read the boards everyday, as I keep learning from all of you. Although peanuts are no longer a threat to us, I still have other allergies to eliminate that plague me everyday. I am 100% better through naet, but my allergies were so numerous it's taking time. Jan, I'm very happy for you. I would like to ask though if your doctor is following the 25 hr. avoidance, this is very important. They say to ask that it is Dr. Devi Nambudripad's method, because like so many other things there are phonies out there! Noreen, I myself was very allergic to cotton. If I wore any cotton clothing I would break out in welts and need benedryl for a couple of days. I was also allergic to polyester and wool! If you were wondering about cost our doctor is $45. for adults and $30. for children. Our insurance covers 70% for my son. only about 50% of mine because of acupunture. The doctor uses accupressure on my son and it has been extremely effective! His asthma is all but gone. They can use acupunture on children who will lie still for the 20 minutes, but my child didn't like the needles. I think he has just been in the hospital too many times and has bad memories. We have a very caring and honest doctor, and I think from talking to others there are many good ones out there. I don't want to try and sell you on anything, but the book from the naet website called "Say Goodbye to Illness" was very fasinating and educational. The more you know about it the easier it is to go through the clearings. Good luck to all and I hope you are as blessed as we were!/p


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