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Posted on: Mon, 12/09/2002 - 5:05am
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pT.J. P.J., from what I have read by visiting one of the NAET websites (I can't remember which one, it was a year or so ago and you guys know my memory [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img] ), NAET *could* be perceived as a *cure-all*, which begs my continuing question to anyone who does post about NAET on this board, especially since we have the Off Topic section./p
pWhy is it that NAET has never been mentioned to any of us (or is it only me [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img] ? ) that are suffering from migraines, chronic sinus infections, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, menstrual difficulties, environmental allergies, fibromyalgia, etc.?br /
Why have people only posted about their positive NAET experiences with regard to PA?/p
pOr, is it simply because no one has explored how NAET may be able to help these other conditions (if you will)./p
pMany thanks and best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]/p

Posted on: Mon, 12/09/2002 - 7:38am
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pCindy,br /
I don't consider naet to be an "off topic". I mentioned naet because it has helped people with peanut allergies. The reason why naet is not mentioned on this board about migraines, menstral difficulties etc is because that would be "off topic"./p

Posted on: Mon, 12/09/2002 - 2:29pm
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pSandy, you've misunderstood me. I completely understand why NAET has been posted under Main Discussion re PA. It is an alternative therapy/treatment/cure (not clear of what wording is politically correct). /p
pMy question to T.J. P.J. who were probably one of the first members to post about NAET on PA.com is why, after I visited a NAET website, why people who have had success with NAET with their child's PA (or their own) and have actually written in their posts how it has helped them with other health concerns, why no one that believes strongly in NAET has ever visited our Off Topic section. I'm simply trying to figure out why it is only the main part of the board (i.e., the peanut allergy related part of the board) that has been visited by NAET posters (I'm trying to think of different wording, I'm sorry [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/redface.gif[/img] ) and why they have never visited Off Topic to offer help, support and direction to people that are suffering from a litany of other health complaints./p
pDo you know what I mean?/p
pI was not saying that you personally should not be posting about NAET experiences re PA under Main Discussion. It's just that I did do some research, at the request of Chris from PA.com into NAET, and from the website that I visited (and other members posted on), it would appear that NAET could also help people with other things health related, not solely PA. I'm just wondering why no one that believes in NAET has ventured into Off Topic into the other health concerns there.br /
But, as I said above, perhaps no one has had NAET experience with anything other than PA and that's why. I was simply wondering and for Lord's sake, not looking for a battle on this always contentious issue. I am quite sincere in my questioning re this, not being facetious, judgemental, or anything else, just asking a very simple question./p
pI hope this clarified my question to you and also, again, if you read my post above, it was directed to T.J. P.J., again probably one of the first members to post re their positive experiences with NAET re PA./p
pBest wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]/p

Posted on: Mon, 12/09/2002 - 8:44pm
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pI understand your question directed towards TJ PJ. It is a very valid question. I'd like to add something from my own experience if you don't mind./p
pI personally have had a positive experience with NAET re problems with my gall-bladder. I have a co-worker who, within the past couple of weeks, has told me she has been doing NAET for 4 months now for a severe soy allergy which is now "cured" to the point that she can eat limited amounts of soy without reactions. /p
pBesides the fact that I don't like to talk about NAET because of the controversy it causes, why didn't I think to post it under 'off-topic'? Honestly, because it never came to mind. Because I'm not 'selling' NAET. When I have a problem, I don't go directly to a NAET practitioner. First call is to our primary MD. Mabye it is because I am combining two different schools of medicine/thought. Maybe because with PA there are currently no alternatives so sharing personal successes with our "PA family" is all we think about. I can't answer for certain. All I know is that I have had a positive personal experience which I did not post elsewhere and it had nothing to do with anything other than 'it never came to mind'./p
pAndrea :-)/p
p[This message has been edited by LaurensMom (edited December 10, 2002).]/p

Posted on: Mon, 12/09/2002 - 10:00pm
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pCindy- I understand what you are saying. Keep smiling!br /

Posted on: Tue, 12/10/2002 - 11:58pm
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pWe are working with a natrapatic doctor and we have done a type of therapy like naet. Our 'problem' is my daughter taking the vitamins. She has a terrible time swallowing pills and has five to take three times a day. We tried crushing them but the taste!!! She needs a liver detox, allergy support, candia yeast, an alvoe support. She needs to drink so much water that she ends up with a tummy ache. I am wondering about instead of all the pills at a meal time, at each meal she would take part of them. I know that is not the best but I really don't know what to do. /p
pSomeone metioned useing aromatherapy for liver detox, how is that done?/p
pI would like to take her back to the chiro but this time of year she is scared to leave the house, due to all the nuts in the stores./p

Posted on: Wed, 12/11/2002 - 1:37pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

pLauren's Mom and others, thank-you for understanding what my actual question was. The thing for me, is that if someone has had a positive experience with NAET regarding something other than PA and that topic is posted about under Off Topic, I would love to hear about it as an alternative therapy for that medical condition as well. Since I started the threads on most of the medical conditions [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img] it's quite obvious that I need some input and maybe some guidance and direction to a different place. I would welcome that in Off Topic./p
pI'm glad that you understood where I was coming from./p
pMany thanks and best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]/p

Posted on: Mon, 12/23/2002 - 8:55am
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pHi Cindy,br /
Sorry, I have been without a computer for over two weeks, or I would have responded sooner!/p
pMy son and I have had other successes with naet. I had hives every day of my life for over two years. I was told by my former allergist I would have to take shots for 5 to 7 years, and Claritan for the rest of my life. This was following the scratch tests./p
pAfter about nine months of naet treatments for various allergens, at about 1 visit per week, my hives subsided, and now are completely gone! I no longer take aqny medication or shots!/p
pIt was quite expensive but well worth it.br /
The allergist had said I had allergic overload, probably due to a compromised immune system from terrible stress following my divorce./p
pI don't really have the extra time to spend posting about other topics pertaining to naet, that is why I don't really offer too much to the site. Plus, I was never here to push naet, only to offer an alternative to help in conjunction with other medical treatments!/p
pI also have terrible monthly migraines.br /
Naet has not been able to solve that one!br /
I am just praying for early menopause, as that is when other female family members migraines stopped!/p
pI saw great strides in my son's attitude, behavior, grades in school, sleep patterns, and overall well being after several months of eliminating allergens.br /
Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not........br /
In any case, I like his behavior and personality much better now that he is not miserable from foods he eats, and can breath freely!/p
pI hope this has helped to clarify other ways it has been beneficial./p
pBy the way, some of the posters at naet.com, were a little nutty with what they thought naet could help them with! I would say they were grasping at straws!/p
p -take care, Happy and safe Holidays to all! -Terri/p


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