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Hello! I am a mother of an 8yr. old child who has been deathly allergic to peanuts since birth! We have made several trips to the hospital in the past due to being unaware of how many things contained peanuts! About a year ago I purchased a magazine at the health food store that had an article in about a cure for allergies. My son and were already taking shots every week and living on claritin and benedryl (supposedly for the rest of our lives) I contacted the website in this article and found a doctor in my area who was trained in this n.a.e.t. (allergy elimination technique) and it has been a miracle and a godsend! This technique uses muscle tasting and acupunture( acupressure for children ) to find and permanately eliminate any allergy you have. I have now been eliminated for more than 50 allergies and my son is very close to that. Just this week we finally were ready to try nuts. I was very nervous and scared! The first time my son only held a peanut in his hand, the next day he held the peanut in his mouth- NO REACTION! so the following day I let him eat a small amount of peanut butter and still NO REACTION! not even a single hive! I realize this is going to be hard to believe, but it works and I just want to help all who suffer from the problems as us. There are two websites you can go to- [url=""][/url] and [url=""][/url] These will explain how and why it works and how to find a practioner in your area. There is also a book you can puchase called Winning the war against Asthma & Allergies written by Dr. Ellen Cutler. I hope this will help everyone in the right direction, it has made our lives 100% better, but be patient you must go through the basics first (which is explained in the book ) before you start to see results. If I can answer any other questions I will be happy to help anyone I can thank-you for your time and I hope this will make as much of a change in your lives as it has ours!

On Aug 22, 1999

Sorry, TJ and PJ, but this sounds a little shady to me and I would caution people on trying this and other "alternative" treatments that have not been adequately studied and published in peer reviewed medical journals.

On Aug 22, 1999

Hi! I would expect you to be skeptical, I was myself when I first read about n.a.e.t. Did you check out the websites? There are four books available to the public, there are patient testimonials, chat rooms to share experiences,you can e-mail the doctors in California and they do respond quickly! You can find a lisenced practioner in your area to speak with, and they can explainhow this works with Kinesiology, acupunture, and muscle reflex testing. Maybe it sounds to good to be true, but sometimes the most natural ways of healing fool the scientific world! My son's own pediatrician dismissed me when I tried to explain it to him. He had said the peanut allergy would never go away and we would always have to carry an epipen with us. Now that he has seen my child eat a nut even he is amazed and did'nt know how to respond! I only wanted to help others and would not have entered this website if Dr. Nambupripad had not suggested I do so. She conveyed to me this will be more publicly addressed when there are enough doctors trained to handle the patient numbers. Investigate this for yourself, I think you'll be happy with what you find!

On Aug 23, 1999

I went the naet site before I found this one and believe me...I was VERY tempted (I'd been looking into alternative medicines when I was getting nowhere with mainstream/modern medicine). However, on visiting, I got one of those "gut feelings" that these NAET doctors are in it for the money. They don't post how it works, or anything of any real value...they merely tell you to buy these books which will explain everything in detail and you'll get to read about all their successes.

Unfortunately, Dr Nambudripad has only reinforced that feeling by suggesting that you put his website up (for more business?).

I'm still desperate to find a cure and some relief for my daughter; however, as our ped. allergist once told me...if it were just myself, she'd tell me I could/should try anything I wanted...but it is my 3 yr old daughter...would I really want to risk her life on something that has not been thoroughly tested or even really researched?

I do understand, and believe, that many alternative medicines are wonderful and have their place (even though modern doctors would disagree whole-heartedly)... But after some serious thinking on the subject...ONLY for myself or my husband (if he wished) and NOT for our daughter, she's far too precious to let modern or alternative doctors experiment with. [img][/img]

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On Aug 23, 1999

Hi T.J.,

You do still carry the epi-pen, don't you? You know, there are many documented cases where the body does not always react negatively to the allergen, but the next exposure could be the big one. I would suggest that you still keep your son away from peanuts, just in case.

Take care, Debbie

On Aug 23, 1999

"Muscle tasting"? Acupressure? ...

And this eliminates the complex IgE mediated anaphylactic reaction how?

I had more than a gut feeling about this one. Caveat emptor!

And why must this be posted on nearly all of the boards on this site?

On Aug 23, 1999

I,m sorry to see such a negative reply I only wanted to share our positive experience with n.a.e.t.. In responce to Marielle, Dr. Nambudripad only suggested I use this website because I myself wanted to publicize this with the media and she suggested I only share my experience with other allergy sufferers for now until they have enough Drs. trained to handle the patient demand. Furthermore my doctor is one of the most thorough and caring professionals I have ever met! She would even come to our home if it were necessary to isolate the problem causing the allergic reaction. My child is the most precious gift god could give to me! I am not able to have any more children and would never risk losing my only one! I only want to give him a better chance at staying alive and well! In the next couple of years this will gain more public support as those who are willing to try it add their own testimonials. I do indeed still keep an epipen- thats just being responsible. Also my typing error was to be muscle testing- not tasting! I only posted this in what I considered to be four of the main areas. To try and help others with a sucessful alternative to living with a dangerous and frightening allergy. This is something very powerful and not to be taken lightly. We have learned we must follow all instructions to the letter and then the allergies are completely eliminated. Those around us were skeptical until they saw the results too!

On Aug 23, 1999

TJ & PJ:

Thanks for alerting us to this alternative method in treating peanut allergies. For myself, I have had both good and bad experiences with alternative medicine. As MJ mentioned, the biggest problem with alternative medicine is that the methods and practitioners do not undergo the rigorous review process that Western Medicine must endure.

I recently went to an herbalist to try and get off my asthma medication. She prescribed a number of herbs, including lobelia, which caused more disturbing side effects than the corti-steroids I had been taking. I did an Internet search on the various herbs and found that lobelia had been outlawed by the FDA because it had killed enough people to get their attention. As I relunctantly went back to my corti-steroids, I did so with the knowledge that at least Western Medicine allows me the courtesy to know just how many people it kills and why. [img][/img]

But I do not discount alternative treatments. What Chinese medicine does well, IMO, is work with strengthening the immune system so that illness is prevented. However, once a disease has progressed to a chronic condition, Western Medicine is the only way to go.

Please don't be offended if others on this site are skeptical. I did visit [url="http://www.quackwatch."]http://www.quackwatch.[/url] com and came up with this article on NAET, just for balance. [url=""][/url]

But I do believe in miracles, do believe that alternative medicine has its place in health and healing, do believe that healers walk among us as Christ did many years ago.

As for the doubters, would you extend us the courtesy of posting your son's status one year from now? I'd be interested in what the long-term effects are from the resolution of his peanut allergy.

Wishing you all the best,


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On Aug 24, 1999

Dear T.J. & P.J.

I'm happy to hear of your son's recovery. Please understand that my intention isn't 'negativity.' I simply wish to warn other readers who may be so desperate for a glimmer of hope for themselves or their children that they grasp at any straw. The problem is that peanut anaphylaxis can be so very deadly in such a short time. Those who submit to unproven remedies (a testimonial or individual claim of 'cure' is simply not sufficient here) may be risking a severe allergic reaction when they expose themselves to the allergen (i.e. peanut) in a non-medical setting.

Moreover, they may develop a false sense of security and suffer a very severe reaction later on if they believe themselves to be 'cured.' Some people have died by relying solely on alternative remedies. Hence my caution caveat emptor -- let the buyer beware. This is the only sensible thing to say. On a more positive note, some alternative remedies *do* work. Those who wish to learn more about their validity (and double-blind clinical trials which can help prove the efficacy of a given remedy) can visit the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes of Health. Their URL is:


Their toll-free phone number is:

1-888-644-6226 Good luck and continued good health to you and your son.

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On Aug 28, 1999

Hi! Just to add a little more information about this technique you can check out the August 1998 issue of the Natural Health magazine. It contains an article that explains the food allergy cure and how to find a doctor. Also there are some books that are very educational in this topic, Winning the War Against Asthma & Allergies by Dr. Ellen Cutler, Say Goodbye to Illness by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, The N.A.E.T. Guide Book also by Dr. Nambudripad and Living Pain Free with Acupressure also by the same author. I hope these ideas will be of use to anyone whos interested in this techinique! I found them to be great reading, not just for the allergy part, but for the knowledge about health and well being in general. You can gain a lot of insight on how the body works and reacts to different things.

On Aug 30, 1999

Want to know my gut reaction to the NAET website? This is one of the bigger piles of quackery s--t I have ever seen. Sorry, but my reflexes and muscles are fine, I'm healthy and fit, and I am allergic to peanuts too. I find it hard to believe that any parent of a PA child would EVER put a peanut in that child's mouth or give that child peanut butter to eat to "test" to see if some quack theory about muscle weakness has "cured" that child of PA.

On Aug 30, 1999

I got a private email response from (I think) the person who started this thread. Suffice it to say that this person started to compare belief in NAET to belief in "jesus" - need I say more?

On Aug 30, 1999

To all of those out there who take support in this website I will only defend myself as to say I would'nt even dare to compare Jesus to any medical problem. I was'nt intending a private reply, only to save space on this board for more important issues. I only stated that many did'nt believe when Jesus walked this earth. I guess I should have chosen an example that did'nt include any religious overtones. I am deeply grateful for what this technique has done for my family and only the future will tell if others will be helped as we were. In response to my son's condition I will not be put on the defensive. I will always keep an epipen at school and at home with us, I will never forget what it is like to see your child suffer from this terrible allergy and the fear it has instilled in us to check and recheck every package and label before buying or using anything. Wondering if you should ever allow your child the privilege of attending a sleepover or as spoken of in another thread, the nightmare of going to a ballgame and all of a sudden you are surrounded by people eating peanuts and your only course of action is to pick your child up and carry him out of there before danger grows any closer. Perhaps trying to find a trustworthy child care provider who won't let your child out of her sight as you would? I have met with all these nightmares and more, and I will not be judged by one person who has chosen to dismiss me as though I were not of the same issue at hand. As I have stated before I only wanted to help others and I did'nt want to cause any problems. I only wanted to give an alternative idea that might benefit those willing to investigate the possibilities that n.a.e.t. has to offer. I am not a doctor, just an individual whose life and child's life has been changed in a way we did'nt think possible.

On Aug 30, 1999

While I don't place much store in these alternative methods either, I believe that we ought to at least lend a sympathetic ear to this poor parent who is evidently grasping at anything to cure this horrible allergy. I would love to think that a cure is at hand, but prefer to wait for some tried, tested, and proven method for it. I am really taking to the heart the message bought back from one FAN conference that stated that we parents can expect our younger kids to go off to college with a prevention/cure for p.a.

Good luck to all.

On Aug 31, 1999

After watching my child go into anaphlactic shock, I dont think I would give him peanuts/nuts, no matter who approved the cure. The experience has left a tremendous scar on my family. However, I think we can all agree to disagree. Each of us are responsible for our own child's well being. Are the risks worth the consequences? For my son, NO. Lynda

On Aug 31, 1999

One of the marvels of the internet is that nobody can be certain of anyone else's identity. It's common practice for 'marketers' to infiltrate into virtual communities such as ours, use the right lingo/refer to familiar allergy situations, and thereby gain trust. In some cases, two such individuals post -- the second to agree with said marketer.

Not that I'm accusing anyone here of this. In the case of this thread, the poster could well be a legit, concerned parent. It's just something else to keep in mind in general -- *especially* when someone visits with the purpose of introducing the community to a commercial product.

In any case, I doubt that any such visitor would be willing to assume legal liability were one of us, or our children, to suffer an allergic reaction or die due to the 'natural' technique in question.

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On Aug 31, 1999

Again, I suggest that you check out the naet web page, where they claim to be able to "cure" almost every known human ailment (why should they leave PA out?) and make your own judgement about how sincere, informed, and concerned this poster is.

Also, being a jew, I don't appreciate being lectured (via private email - how did she get my email address, anyway?) by this poster about how not believing in naet is just like not believing in "jesus".

On Aug 31, 1999

Hi Rebgaby,

When you post, look at the three items right next to the date of your post(i.e. box w/?, an envelope and pencil w/notepad. If you selected in your *profile* to have your e-mail visible to other people, all they have to do is click on the middle envelope and your e-mail address comes up. If you want to change this and not have your e-mail address available, click on *Profile* at the top of the screen and change your settings for your e-mail address not to be viewed which will be located at the bottom of the profile page.

Once this is done, only two *items* will appear at the top of your posts instead of three. (The first one is for your profile, the second one is for your e-mail address and the third is to edit your own messages).

Stay safe.


T.J. & P.J.,

You said your child has been deathly allergic to peanuts since *birth.* At what age did you find out your child was allergic to peanuts and how did you discover his allergy?

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On Aug 31, 1999

Thanks, Connie. I forgot about that! It's fine for people to be able to see my email address - I have nothing to hide myself! I had just forgotten I had chosen that option.

If anyone is wondering about naet as an "alternative" method for diagnosing and treating medical problems, the quackwatch link above is very good.

On Aug 31, 1999

In response to your question Connie, When my son was a baby my husband was eating peanutbutter cups and gave our son two tiny bites of the center filling. Within a couple of minutes he had welts all over his body and began to projectile vomit. Well we knew something was terribly wrong and called his pediatrition and he asked if we introduced any new foods. We told him about the p.b. cups and he said to get to the hospital immediately and he would meet us there. at the time we lived in a rural area and it would have taken an ambulence longer to find us than for us to drive him. By the time we arrived (about 10 minutes) he was barely breathing and his eyes were rolling back in his head. At that time I had never heard of such severe reaction to any allergy. I was what the allergy doctor called a 2+ on the scale, and she said he inherited it from me only of course much worse. Nobody, even family members seemed to understand the severness of his allergy and because they didn't listen we made a few more trips to the emergency room before everybody learned to check every label and ask questions when we went out. since the time he learned to talk he learned to ask for himself does this have nuts? I never let him try any other kinds so I don't know if it would have been the same! We just got our first computer two months ago and the internet Aug. 1st and thats why I never knew of this site. I never realized how many other people shared the same worries and how many are affected by peanuts. I was very excited to find something to help my son and I wanted to share our experience with others who had the same problem. I used myself as a guinea pig first to see if it really worked. When my seasonal allergies disappeared and have not returned this year! I felt we were onto something positive, so we started to eliminate food allergies and they have a been a sucess as well. I sure didn't mean to step on toes, and once again I never should have used Jesus as an example. Better said would have been- everyone thought the world was flat but Columbus took a chance and discoved it wasn't. I took a chance on myself so as not to risk my child and we found it to be beneficial for both of us. The doctors will openly admit this does'nt cure 100% of those who try. About 80-85% will be sucessful with this technique. I also wasn't trying to be liable for anyones health, it was only a recommendation for those who sought an alternative treatment.

On Sep 1, 1999

I looked at "Dr." Nambudripad's website, and at "Dr." Ellen Cutler's website. In my opinion it is perfectly obvious to any intelligent person that both are QUACKS. BTW, neither is a medical doctor - both are chiropractors, and as I understand it, chiropractors are trained in spinal adjustment. Both websites promise "cures" for a huge range of human ailments using their techniques. Both are selling books.

On Sep 1, 1999

Dear TJ&PJ:

I must strongly agree with the wary and skeptical here: I almost lost my daughter after exposure to a tiny bit of peanut butter at 15 mos. I witnessed her swift and merciless reaction to peanuts and would no sooner chance exposure again than I would teach her to swim by tossing her into a tsunami...I don't want to hurt you, but please don't encourage others to re-expose kids to this allergen...It is lethal, remember? You never mentioned your son being retested for the allergy - has he? Did he get a blood and a scratch test?

What were the results? Since you feel so passionately about this treatment for the rest of us, please follow up with those details before we use our children as "guinea pigs". I don't want to sound mean, but you should present us with all the facts before promising miracles, that's all. How would you feel if someone rushed to believe your case and ended up with a fatality? Get your son tested and post the results...and post them again in a year, as Noreen suggested, I think that is a wiser approach.

On Sep 1, 1999

To REBGABY who commented that Chiropractors are only trained in Spinal Adjustments. Please be informed that is NOT at all the case. Chiropractors actually take MORE class hours, and go MORE indepth on such important topics as: Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, The Disease process, to name a few. They have the same amount of schooling as a Medical Dr, and must take a State Licensing exam just like a Medical Dr. As a matter of fact, Nutrition is NOT even a required course for a traditional Medical student. They touch ONLY on the basics of nutrition. I can also tell you that as a Registered Nurse who works on a Daily basis with the Medical establishment, some of the drugs being used to "treat" the person actually has more damaging side effects than the disease process itself. I would say that those who indiscriminately dole out drugs the Physician prescribe to their children are actually doing the same thing they are accusing this other lady of...namely using the children as guinea pigs. There was a huge article in my last years Nursing Journal that stated that the FDA has NOT even established SAFE levels of many commonly prescribed asthma drugs for children!! IT also stated that NO studies have YET been done on their LONG TERM effects on children...Those of you who are so down on this lady for trying an alternative method, have you investigated IN-DEPTH, any of the drugs the physician have prescribed for YOUR children. To Rebgaby: Have you ever looked up the severe long-term effects of Prednisone use? Believe me..I work in a Nursing Home & take care of women who are SUFFERING from the effects of long-term use of Prednisone & many commonly prescribed Antidepressants. When I was in Nursing School, the first thing the instructor in my Pharmacology class said was: "There is NO such thing as a SAFE drug." Many Physicians don't even warn their patients of the potential of Harmful side effects. They just write out a prescription & the gullible public goes out and pops them. Too Many people look up to the Medical DR as though he or she is some type of GOD with all the answers to what ails them. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!! Each & every person MUST take responsibility for their OWN health & well-being. Part of that is to RESEARCH each & every drug your physician prescribes. Also, remember that the medical profession is a FOR PROFIT system. DRUGS ARE BIG MONEY TOO!!! I also grew up around Medical Drs as my Father was a Hospital Commander in the Air Force for almost 30 yrs!! Believe me, some of the biggest quackery I have seen is in the Medical Establishment. We have a joke among ourselves about how the MD has a license to "practice" medicine [img][/img]. I am not saying they are ALL bad, just that you need to take responsibility for your own health & well-being.

On Sep 2, 1999

Hi, Rikati.

Interesting diatribe. My question is: who invented the Epi-pen? How about anti-histamines? Yes, the so-called 'allopathic' medical establishment.

Who was there to save my life (and countless others) during anaphylactic reactions as well as many other emergencies? Yes. Again, the 'traditional' medical establishment. Before you discount medical doctors, please have some sensitivity to the experiences most of us on this board have had. Without MDs, some of us would be dead today. I suppose I'm being blunt, but this is what our allergy is about: avoiding death. Every day of our lives. You might not wish to acknowledge other achievements such as the eradication of smallpox and heart surgery, but I certainly do. I don't think that this site is the proper forum for an attack on the doctors who have made life more tolerable for highly allergic individuals.

And I notice that you're a nurse. Surely then, you've watched people's lives being saved by doctors and nurses alike.

FYI, my only attempt at alternative medicine saw me react to the 'natural' remedy. If you readily accept anecdotal evidence of 'miracles,' accounts of adverse reactions should be equally valid. Just because a drug or treatment is 'natural' does not make it safe or effective.

It's true enough that there's no 100% safe medical drug. But some come pretty close, and make the quality of people's lives better than they would have otherwise been. In the case of some drugs such as insulin and epinephrine, lives are restored.

On Sep 2, 1999

Anna: You apparently did not read the LAST sentence of my statement. I NEVER said they are all bad ... read it again & you will understand my meaning. I said that ABOVE ALL a person MUST make their health & well-being THEIR personal responsibility. That means to educate oneself as MUCH as possible about your disorder and all the Possible treatments so that you are an ACTIVE participant at making an INFORMED decision about your treatment. Why is it that people will not only tolerate .. but participate in knocking alternative therapies but get SO defensive if the negative sides of the Medical Establishment are pointed out. While it is true that many lives are saved by Medicine, I have seen almost as many actually made worse. Alot of times you will see one medicine prescribed to counter-act the side-effects of the first one until the person is on 5 or six different medications. Even the Medical Establishment itself is beginning to take a look at traditional therapies. If you can, go to a library & look up the September 1996 issue of LIFE magazine. The title of the issue is: The Healing Revolution, and it states that More & More M.D.s are mixing Ancient Medicine & New Science to treat everything from the common cold to heart disease. Yes, it is possible to be allergic to anything, including natural remedies but most allergist agree that allergies are due to a faulty immune system, and there are natural ways that do help to boost your immune system. More & more professionals are seeing a direct correlation between nutritional habits & certain conditions. If we continually assault our bodies with toxic substances, and our immune systems are constantly on guard to try & do it's job at defending us against these, it makes sense that the end result of all this will be a weakened immune system. The bottom line is that there needs to be some kind of balanced view on all this. Medicine is NOT the end all, Neither is Natural Medicines. You need to weigh all sides of the issue for YOURSELF. Then you can feel as though you have done all you can, with an open mind to make an informed decision in regards to your own care.

On Sep 2, 1999

BOTH alternative and modern medicines have their place...however, this NAET treatment (NOT ALL alternative treatments) sounds shady.

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On Sep 17, 1999

I have tried NAET. The lady showed me how to do it since I have so far to drive. She was very helpful, and it DOES work. I read information for a long time on the internet, and I finally decided it was worth my 40 bucks to try it. What's the harm? My son had asthma attacks everytime he would eat corn products. Corn is in nearly every food you find. She cured my son of corn, and now he can eat pop tarts like his sister and everything else that contains corn. I have never believed in any type of alternative treatments, but I decided my son needed to have something done. 40 bucks versus a lifetime of asthma medications. What would you do? They are not out for the money.

I have already cured his chocolate allergy and sodium allergy. I cured my sister's chocolate allergy, also. I must say I feel like a total idiot when I do this procedure, but it is amazing how it works. You actually have to see it to believe it.

I was sitting in the chair with my son when she did the corn treatment on him. Before I went in, I had the attitude that this was definitely going to work. While in the chair, I changed my mind and decided it was a bunch of hokey pokey. I was really depressed about it. But then, she got my sister of in the chair. My sister wouldn't even look at the vials to see what was in them when she tested her. The woman pinpointed everyone of her allergies. I am now a believer.

I would go on, but I have to pick my son up from preschool.


On Sep 18, 1999

I am a practicing NAET doctor and have been doing this technique for over 4 years. The sucesses I have had with this has been incredible. Do I believe I can "cure" everything imaginable? Of course not, however, I feel blessed every day that I was lead to this technique. For all of you sceptics, I can only say this - Follow your heart. If you don't feel comfortable with this technique, don't do it. I just think it is very important that you are made aware of its existence. Someday, you may want to give it a try. I have been a "last resort" for many patients suffering with all kinds of allergies from peanuts to pollen and everything in between. Just remember, if you decide to give this a try, make sure you find a practitioner who follws Dr. Devi's protocol or you won't get your desired results. Oh, and by the way, rebgaby, I have no books to sell and I still believe this technique is the most incredible technique available today. A special thanks to PJ&TJ for spreading the word.

On Sep 29, 1999

Hi, My son who is allergic to just about everything went to his first appointment at NAET as our last resort. I found it pretty amazing. My son first started sitting in my lap when they started testing him and my arm went right down when they touched it so my husband took over who is big. Each time they would put a vial in my son's hand my husband would say he would fight it but his arm would go down. The only time it wouldn't go down was with sugar and salt in it. My son had his first egg this weekend with no reactions. I was talking to another mother whos son is also allergic to everything and after 3 visits her son is eating McDonalds and just about everything. My son is severely allergic to milk and peanuts and I will be very careful with those. I will not go and give my son a peanut butter sandwich after he has a treatment for the peanuts. I do have an appointment with Dr. Sampson at Mt. Sinani from the FAN conference and I am going to keep my appointment. As matter of fact my son is at his NAET appointment right now with my husband. I just want my son to eat even a cracker or a cookie. They said at NAET by his 2nd birthday which is in November he will be eating his birthday cake. We can only hope!!I told my son's doctor that we were going and he said good, you have nothing to loose. I too, didn't really believe it until I saw it with my son.

On Sep 29, 1999

Hi Jan:

That's wonderful news! I talked to my chiropractor about NAET and her strongest reservation is that anyone she knows who has undergone the treatments were told they have fifty allergies at least. She underwent a few treatments herself and decided to discontinue when the practitioner told her she was allergic to cotton. (She never had an allergic reaction to cotton before).

My big curiosity is how much this costs when so many allergies are found and treated. How many sessions has your son undergone and how many more are recommended? Is the practitioner using accupuncture or accupressure on your son? My chiropractor suspects that it is the accupuncture component of the NAET treatment which is providing the cures.


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On Sep 29, 1999

Hi Ladies, I continue to read the boards everyday, as I keep learning from all of you. Although peanuts are no longer a threat to us, I still have other allergies to eliminate that plague me everyday. I am 100% better through naet, but my allergies were so numerous it's taking time. Jan, I'm very happy for you. I would like to ask though if your doctor is following the 25 hr. avoidance, this is very important. They say to ask that it is Dr. Devi Nambudripad's method, because like so many other things there are phonies out there! Noreen, I myself was very allergic to cotton. If I wore any cotton clothing I would break out in welts and need benedryl for a couple of days. I was also allergic to polyester and wool! If you were wondering about cost our doctor is $45. for adults and $30. for children. Our insurance covers 70% for my son. only about 50% of mine because of acupunture. The doctor uses accupressure on my son and it has been extremely effective! His asthma is all but gone. They can use acupunture on children who will lie still for the 20 minutes, but my child didn't like the needles. I think he has just been in the hospital too many times and has bad memories. We have a very caring and honest doctor, and I think from talking to others there are many good ones out there. I don't want to try and sell you on anything, but the book from the naet website called "Say Goodbye to Illness" was very fasinating and educational. The more you know about it the easier it is to go through the clearings. Good luck to all and I hope you are as blessed as we were!

On Sep 29, 1999

Hi Noreen & Tj, My son's doctor was trained by Dr.Nambudripad. Yes, we have to wait the 25 hours. When he went back today they retested him for eggs and chicken allergies. They had to do the chicken treatment over but his egg was good. Our son is almost 2 years old so they use the accupressure on him. We live in Connecticut so it costs here $60 a treatment but we have heard other places they were charging $100 a treatment. We feel its worth it after seeing it done and seeing him eat eggs with no reactions. We aren't sure how many treatments yet but I am sure it will be around 40. T.J. your insurance covered your son? I didn't even call but I will tommorow. Today was only his 2nd treatment. My in-laws went with my husband today and they were very impressed with the program. Friday we will be going back for our 3rd treatment so I will keep you posted.

On Sep 29, 1999

I hate to sound cynical, but if you were allergic to cotton, polyester and wool isn't more likely that you were reacting to a soap or fabric softener as eczema in reaction to laundry products is extremely common? What did your dermatologist say? Did you have any testing done for contact dermatitis? Or any conventional testing for these allergens?

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On Sep 30, 1999

Hello, Yes as a matter of fact I was allergic to my laundry soap, softener, bleach, shampoo, and hair spray. I have been cleared for all of these allergies as well. I have been allergy tested numerous times throughout my life- I'm now 37 yrs. old. As I have gotten older my allergies have increased by big numbers. When I was tested last year I was depressed to learn how many things I was allergic to that I was even unaware of. I do not have eczema or contact dermatitis. I just keep breaking out in hives and/or welts when I come in contact with an allergen.I have seen a dermatologist, who agreed allergies were the source of my problems. As I continue treatments my problem with hives becomes less and less, but there are still chemicals and environmental things to be covered! I am more than 100% better than last year and haven't needed prednizone for almost a year now. I continue with benedryl as needed. I won't complain though this is so much better!

On Sep 30, 1999

Excuse me if I find it hard to believe that you are allergic to literally all fabrics and all soaps and personal care products, even though they are all made of different components.

No one, including "doc" above, has described the etiology of this technique - HOW DOES IT WORK? I understand how antihistimines, prednisone and epinepherene work against histimine, inflammation and shock, I really do. I understand how allergy desensitization shots work too. But I don't understand how NAET works, and no one has explained it yet. I have a vague idea of how the testing is performed, and how, if you can't be there in person, the testing works just as well over the telephone (I'm sure it does), and that your unborn child can be tested "through" you. But what is determined or measured by these tests? And what is the treatment? Is it accupuncture or accupressure? How do those techniques change allergies? No one seems to want to go into the etiology of this "cure". And no one describes what the "cure" consists of. Curious!

On Sep 30, 1999

Good question!

On Sep 30, 1999

Hi rebgaby:

I have no idea how NAET works but I do understand accupuncture as practiced in China. I'm very happy for the people who have had success with NAET but I won't be seeking out a practitioner any time soon. I am, however, intrigued by the accupuncture/accupressure component of the treatments. Accupuncture is especially useful for boosting immunity and treating light auto-immune deficiency disorders. Even flag-flying, pro-Western Medicine-only physicians have acknowledged accupuncture's success with treating immune disorders.

Allergy is an over-reaction of the immune system. The immune system of a peanut allergic person is confused about how to process the peanut protein and sends out the entire infantry to counter-attack. Anaphylaxis is a by-product of chemical warfare. A little histamine is okay. Too much histamine in the body causes all the problems associated with anaphylaxis.

Ah, but you know this already [img][/img]. The filler was provided to somehow follow a curious thought that accupuncture may indeed assist the immune system in righting itself with food allergy.


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On Oct 1, 1999

NAET is a completely natural, non-invasive, and drug-free holistic treatment. NAET uses chiropractic, kinesiology, and acupunture to permanately desensitize people to all kinds of allergies. NAET is based on viewing the body as made up of pathways for the flow of electromagnetic energy. It is to say the body is a flow of electromagnetic currents. When an allergen enters or comes in contact with the body, there is a clash between the energy field of the allergen and the energy field of the allergy sufferer. The brain identifies the allergen and alerts the immune system which locates tha allergen and responds with antibodies and delayed T and B cells. This causes the release of toxic substances from the T-cells. The fighter cells- macrophages then invade the area intent on digesting the antigens. Immune mediators such as histamine are released. These reactions cause blockages in the electromagnetic pathways, as well as abnormal tissue response, delayed tissue destruction, and possible autoimmune reaction. NAET uses chiropractic techniques to stimulate the areas that are connected to the blockages in the energy system. If a blockage affects a certain organ, the practitioner stimulates areas of the nervous system connected to that organ by autonomic nerve impulses. For example, a wheat allergy might affect the lungs or cause a blockage in the lung meridian, also referred to as the lung channel. To treat for the wheat allergy, the practitioner stimulates areas of the nervous system related to the lungs. by stimulating those areas located along the spine while a person is holding the allergen, the electromagnetic repulsion to that allergen is eliminated and a chemical or enzymatic change occurs neutralizing the immune mediators and interrupting the allergen or antigen-antibody complex reaction. This clears the energy blockage for the area involved and sends a message to the brain stating that wheat has been desensitized. The body no longer identifies wheat as an allergen and energy blockages in response to wheat no longer occur. The desensitization process is not instantaneous, however. It takes two hours for energy to pass through each of the body's twelve energy pathways or meridians. To circulate through all twelve meridians takes twenty-four hours. As a result, a patient should avoid contact with an allergen for twenty-five hours after the treatment to ensure complete desensitization. Otherwise, the effect of the treatment may be lost when the brain identifies the substance as an allergen again. Does this explain now NAET works? Also I have never heard of anyone being tested by way of telephone. You need direct hands on contact! Also acupunture is used on adults, where as childen usually don't lie still for the twenty minute treatment and accupressure is used on them. Which is also equally effective.

On Oct 2, 1999

Thanks for the explanation. This requires that one believe in "unknowable" medical theories suchs as meridians, etc. This is why I personally have a hard time taking it seriously. On one of the websites you mentioned there was a woman who described both getting the diagnosis and the treatment over the telephone. There was also someone who described getting her unborn child diagnosed inside her.

On Oct 3, 1999

Hello everybody, I would just like to share some wonderful news. For the first time in my sons life he has had the pleasure of eating pancakes for breakfast and a pasta salad with mozz. cheese for lunch (hive free). This is all possible because we decided to take a chance with naet. I have nothing to gain by telling you this. I too, once didn't believe it.

On Oct 4, 1999

You don't have to "believe" in acupuncture to get results with it, Rebgaby. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and doing a marvelous job. Medicine keeps changing opinions on what works and what does not in therapies however, acupuncture has stayed the same over the centuries. It works on children and on animals and they don't know it's supposed to work. So much for the placebo theory. Acupuncture is really the most powerful part of NAET, in my opinion. It is stagnation in the meridians that causes symptoms and diseases, and acupuncture (especially the points used in NAET) rids the body of these stagnations. The medical community is coming around slowly but surely in accepting this form of therapy.

On Oct 4, 1999

I want to hear from all involved on this thread (or if you have an opinion, knowledge experience etc.). Call the PeanutAllergy.Com phone number 1-(207)-766-5292. We are on EST. (on most days between 9 a.m. and noon is the best time for me to be able to speak with you). If this is not a convenient time for you, e mail me and we can set up a time. I want to hear from you as soon as possible. Please put it on your calendars to remind you to call. We will be working on this again after the Columbus Day weekend, please call again starting Tuesday the 12th. We spoke with many people today regarding this subject.

Talk to you soon.

------------------ Stay Safe


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On Oct 5, 1999

I have some question in regards to neat. I have read the thread and the more I read the more concerned I get. Yes, I have checked out the website. Yes, I have checked out the acupuncture theory. Yes, I understand the need to find help for the PA. Some of my question are.... I have read that naet deals with the energy field of the allergen. How does this effect the IgE level in the PA person? The desensitization process is not instantaneous and you have to wait 25 hours after treatment to be completely desensitized. Why is it not instantaneous? If what is being done is desensitizing a person, how long are the treatments and how long will a person have to have treatments?( for Life?) I've been told that the more exposure to peanuts a person has the more deadly it becomes. How does that work in desensitizing a person? How have the theory's been tested? According to DOC the stagnation in the meridians cause symptoms and the acupuncture points used in neat rid the body of these. How has this been tested and document? How does it rid the body of these symptoms?

Just a thought: If a person was having a reaction to Peanuts, would the acupuncture treatment stop the reaction? or would you still need medical treatment? the epi-pen?

So many question

On Oct 6, 1999

Doc, you seem to have misunderstood my post - I didn't say you had to believe in accupuncture for it to work. I also didn't say that it hadn't been around for a long time. This discussion is not about how well acupuncture works on children and animals (BTW you didn't specify what you mean by "works" or what it works on). It is about whether or not the NAET diagnosis and treatment is a valid diagnosis and treatment for peanut allergy.

An "knowable" medical theory is based on hard evidence - things that can be measured, observed, seen, and tested. An "unknowable" medical theory is one based on a belief in something rather than on hard evidence that it exists. You believe that meridians exist - but they have not been seen and there is no objective way to measure them or prove their existence. I'm not saying they do or do not exist - I'm just saying that it is unknowable presently.

On Oct 6, 1999

We will be working on this again after the Columbus Day weekend, please call again starting Tuesday the 12th. We spoke with many people today regarding this subject.

Talk to you soon.

------------------ Stay Safe


On Oct 22, 1999

I'm just curious - did you have to sign some sort of release when you underwent these treatments?

A poster on the Parents Place board was told her daughter/son had been cleared of an egg allergy. The next stop was the ER after eating eggs.

On Oct 23, 1999

In answer to your question, no we do not sign any release forms. I've never known any doctor to provide release forms for their office services. I believe as patients, we are responsible for educating ourslves as much as possible. It was well worth the $20.-$25. for the 2 books I have on naet. An educated patient can ask many more questions and learn more about their individualized treatment. In all walks of life there are good and bad. In all professions there are good and bad. It is up to the individual to investigate the person providing a service. Practioners are just that! They are practicing on us. When you have surgery you sign a release. Does this somehow reassure that you will get the best care? I have found a doctor that follows the exact protocol of this procedure. I know this by reading all the information available. I ask questions, and if I were uncomfortable with the answer I would not proceed. We have never had a problem with any allergy clearing. We are always re-tested before trying an allergen, and if the response is not strong, we check for further allergies. Question: Was this person re-tested before trying the allergen? Was the response strong? Did they check to see if the allergy needed to be cleared individually? Say yolks first, Then egg whites? Maybe even chicken? When an allergy is severe you may need more than one clearing. We needed many clearings for the peanut allergy. My son has now tryed peanuts 3 times with no reaction at all! This ia a long way from the former anaphylactic shock he suffered at one time. I only know what has worked for us. I was told this would never go away by western medicine. I now believe when administered properly alternative medicine is very benefical!

On Oct 23, 1999

The brain is NOT involved in analphylactic reactions in the way described by TJ and PJ. These inaccurate descriptions do not lend any credence to this treatment. IgE antibodies directed to the allergen are PREFORMED and are bound to the surface of mast cells and basophils just "waiting" for the allergen to enter the body. That is why the reactions happen so quickly. The immune system isn't confused!!! It could probably be said that the interaction of an antigen with an antibody involves the interaction of two energy fields, but this would not be electromagnetic energy (electromagntic energy includes microwaves, visible light, gamma, X-rays etc). Please don't throw out "technical" terms and use them incorrectly. Delayed T and B cells, there are no such B cells. Delayed Type Hypersentivity (DTH) is an immunological event involving T cells (T-DTH) but this is NOT the same as anaphylaxis.


I am a great believer in treating the body in a holistic way..... but this sounds like a money-making scam to me.

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On Oct 24, 1999

Eileen, I didn't just throw out "technical terms" incorrectly as you put it. I got the information from the book "Winning the War Against Asthma and Allergies by Dr. Ellen Cutler. Refer to chapter 9, pg.194-196. The information is just as it is in the book. If you think it is incorrect then I would contact those involved with the making of that book. I used their exact words! It is available everywhere!

On Oct 25, 1999

With all the personal respect that is due (i.e. I am not focusing on you, but the ideas that are being brought up), when you quote a book which contains questionable science, you are, in effect, quoting incorrect technical terms.

If you then present this bad (or non) science in this forum, do not claim surprise at others' valid critiques and tell them to get in touch with the author. This is diversion IMHO.

As I see it, Eileen has the right idea about anaphylaxis. The brain has little or nothing to do with reactions, and 'confusion' is a wholly human linguistic construct, which has nothing to do with the anaphylactic immune system. Bad science should, IMO, be clearly presented as one's belief system, which can neither be proven nor disproven.

Science is that which can be proven and replicated in a tangible way and presented in clear language. Belief has nothing to do with it. Hence the repeated request for peer reviewed journal articles.

FWIW, I have also heard of severe reactions after having been 'cleared' of allergies by supposedly reputable and respected NAET practitioners in local communities. The reason? The subjects must not have 'believed in' the treatment. It couldn't possibly be because the treatment or practitioner were faulty. [img][/img]

On Oct 25, 1999

Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know how we are doing with NAET. My son seems to be doing much better. So far he has cleared oranges,raisins,eggs,chicken, milk, and some vitamins. We just had him treated for peanuts on friday. I am not going to give him any until his blood test is clear of it. I just wanted a back up since halloween is coming up. I too, was starting to have second thoughts on this. It just seems to be too good. So we had them treat him for oranges that we knew it could not hurt him. He would get hives around his lips and chin and he was just skin tested for them a couple of months ago, well he cleared them and is drinking orange juice with no problems. He was cleared of milk which is his most severe allergy. I haven't given him straight milk since he was cleared but I give him food that has milk in it and he is doing good with it. I don't know how this works but I am amazed how well he is doing. He is eating so much more. In a few months I am going to get him blood tested again and I do and will still treat him that he has a peanut allergy and always will carry the EPI-PENS with us. I just wanted to let you know how we are doing, life is starting to get a little bit easier since we started going. Jan

On Oct 25, 1999

Apologies for the duplicate posting -- I've tried to delete one of them, to no avail.

On Oct 25, 1999

First of all, I have to say I am very happy for You, Jan. I'm glad you are finding success with the treatments. If you stick with it, you are going to be amazed at the results. I have had so many great results with so many allergic people including TJ & PJ. It has been very rewarding seeing people's lives completely change after undergoing these treatments. If ever I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to ask. Anna, you don't have to "believe" for this treatment to work. I don't know why the one person you referred to had a reaction to eggs after the clearing. It could be many reasons. Perhaps they accidently ate egg in some food over the 25 hr. period. Perhaps a combination treatment was needed. Perhaps they didn't wait the full 25 hours before testing it. Who knows? Egg mix is quite complicated. Maybe there has to be a separate clearing for sulfur or amino acids, or calcium , etc. This technic is good, but it is not perfect. It doesn't work perfectly 100% of the time. I wonder if they got retested before they tried the egg. This is very important. Sometimes you have to clear an item multiple times before it is completely cleared. Ellen, technically, how this technique works is certainly not completely known at this time to my knowledge. Dr. Nambudripad has a research foundation trying to find out exactly what is happening to our immune systems when a clearing takes place. We certainly would like to know ourselves what is happening. By the way, acupuncture meridians have been plotted and measured. The points on the meridians are more electrically conductive than the skin around the points are. So, they physically do exist. I think that the important thing to know about this intire technique is that the technique DOES exist and is available to those who wish to try it.

On Oct 25, 1999

Hi, Doc.

I never mentioned someone reacting to eggs. That was someone else.

All the best.

On Oct 29, 1999

I spoke with a physician re: NAET. Sge said it sounds hokey pokey, but is effective. She wasn't sure if she could completely "cure" a lefethreatening pn allergy, but thought she could bring it down to a non-lifethreatrning allergy. I want to know how you are tested for success after the Naet is done. Does it have to be direct contact? Can you use the RAST blood test. I am skeptical, yet I am excited about the possibilites. I don't think I would be able to put a peanut near my son w/o seeing a neg RAST result. My Dr. didn't know this answer, nor has she worked w/ pn allergy. I am going to question another physician in the area.. I think all of us on this site should research this a bit in their own local are and report back. Who knows, we may have what we have been praying for, but are afraid to recognize it. I hope so.

On Oct 30, 1999

Hi Lidia, My son was treated for peanuts last week and he went back yesterday and they said he cleared them. My husband has been bringing him and yesterday they put peanut butter in a napkin and had him hold it( with the EPI-PEN in hand) and nothing happened. I won't let him have them still. I want a negative blood test first. My husband does not agree with me, he thinks we should give him a little and sit outside the hospital but I am not ready for that. I am still going to treat him as a peanut allergic child until he is negative but it does feel better to have this as a back up.

On Nov 1, 1999

SO, once you are "cleared" of an allergen; the result will be proven by the RAST test??? That is my concern - how do they do it without contact of the specific allergen and can it be tested w/out contact of it; ie RAST test. My son is touch and inhalation sensitive. My allergist did say that peanut butter should not pose a problem, because it doesn't get airborne easily.

Jan, I am so happy for you and your child. TJ &PJ you too. I know you got a lot of flack for posting, but if it helps just one of us you will be blessed. I am still skeptical, but all new things were called crazy before they became mainstreamed. That is the hope I hold on too. Best of luck everyone!


On Nov 4, 1999

First, a hello to Noreen, and a small note of gratitude to Anna and Rebgaby for their honest and enjoyable postings...

To the author of this thread.... I gotta say, having just read this entire thread, that I am still among the skeptics regarding anything touted as a "CURE".

I am equally dubious of treatments which are BOTH costly & wrapped up in religious hoo-hah....If Christ or Buddah or any spiritual leader had something to do with treatments responsible for saving lives, wouldn't it be FREE?

Okay, not "free", but deemed worthy of sending into our medical insurances...Wouldn't God want at least that much of an endorsement?

I don't all just sounds too good to be true once you use words like "100%", "Amazing", "Miracle", and that word of all words, "Cure"...

Why not throw in "fire walking" and "snake handling", too?....

...I will admit it --- I AM one who will buy that almost ANYthing is possible IF you are 100%, really, really a believer...

HOWEVER...What if you play with the snakes on a day when you're suffering form PMS? What if you just had a fight with your husband or mother or whoever and that was the day you were supposed to dance naked on the fire coals?

My point is: Belief in of itself is highly subjective and subject to fluctuations due to our human nature...I wouldn't go jumping out of airplanes just because I "believed" I could fly.

Are little children supposed to be protected from fatal anaphylaxis because "they believed hard enough" Or even more egocentrically, because YOU believed hard enough???

Isn't that a little too much responsibility and RISK for YOUR children?

I don't know....I am open to alternative medicine, and other alternative things, believe me, but only and always using my common sense, first...I'd never take risks with the health of my child. Ever.

Sorry to rain on your parade, here...But I almost lost my child from one bite of peanut butter... and I wouldn't wish that day on my worst enemy.


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On Nov 4, 1999

I have to admit that I'm having a difficult time with this form of treatment.

Does the child have to contiune treatments into adulthood?

The peanut allergy gets worse with each exposure. That is proven. Is there documentation showing that someone has been "cured" for a long period of time.

If the doctor isn't sure how this effects the system. Than how can they know that this is a long term "cure".

I wonder how many adults with PA would do this form of treatment?

On Nov 4, 1999

Louise, First of all there is no religion involved. This is not a matter of any kind of belief. We don't have to convince ourselves of anything. The proof comes when you can eat something you were once allergic to. I certainly don't walk through fire, handle snakes, or jump out of planes. The cost is nothing out of the ordinary and our insurance covers most of it! You are entitled to your opinion by all means, but have you investigated this at all? There are over two-hundred NAET practitioners in CA. How can they all be wrong? My son also suffered a near death reaction, and I don't ever want to go there again! This is the exact reason I decided to try NAET, first on myself. Then as results became visible I knew it was right for both of us. We are nearly finished with treatments, as most of our allergies have now been eliminated! Soon we will be free from all of them. This is not something you continue through life. I will be sending Chris copies of our emergency room visits. If you feel the need for further proof, he has my permission to let others view them. It doesn't matter to me one way or another if anyone tries NAET. I have nothing to gain, I work in a restaurant, which is not remotely connected to any doctor! There is also a research foundation in CA. that is presently working further on NAET. Ask them your questions! NAET has been in use for about 12-13 yrs. It started in CA. and all the training and teaching is done there as well. This is a physical procedure and all the belief in the world will not make it work if it is not applied properly. The key is the 25 hr. avoidance factor, you must follow exact protocol, and then the proof is in the individual. I have also received e-mails from others who have had success, but don't wish to be involved in this debate! Most are surprised I continue to post. Mel, there are twenty-two doctors in your state that practice NAET. Maybe one of them could answer questions for you! My ex-husband still remains skeptical after rushing our son to the emergency room that first time, but he also can't explain why his son no longer has asthma attacks, can touch his dogs without allergic reaction, and can eat peanuts with no further problem! Well, the best to all whatever is right for you! I was so happy we are no longer plagued with all those worries, and I thought I would share our good news with others.

On Nov 4, 1999

Has NAET been studied by any independent labs or pyhsicians that you know of?

On Nov 4, 1999

I tried naet.

On Nov 4, 1999

I am a nurse that tried Naet. I found it very odd,but not dangerous. My insurance covers 80%. I am no longer allergic to some foods I used to have an itchy throat with. I have not tried peanuts yet and I will be carefull when I do. I would only try them in a hospital.Good luck.

On Nov 4, 1999

Cure? It's interesting that the name of Jesus has evolved in this thread. I must say that Christians with PA kids (including myself), or PA themselves, are neglecting their faith if they 1) fail to pray for the protection of their children. and 2) fail to pray for the healing of their children. I'm not going to start quoting scripture and don't mean to proselytize but, I thank God that my child has been kept safe from a severe reaction. I thank God that my child is alive, and lastly I pray that my child will be delivered from this malfuntion of the immune system. After all He is faithful. Are you? Peace!

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On Nov 4, 1999

I looked at the book. I was particularly interested in the section on using naet during an acute emergency. So let me be sure about this, as soon as anaphylaxis begins I wrap a peanut (or pb and jelly sandwich) in a napkin, give it to my son to hold and wait for the miracle. I wonder, if a parent could be charged with endangering the life of minor if they were to actually do this. How is this treatment viewed outside the US?

On Nov 5, 1999

Dear TJ & PJ:

I'm sorry if I sound somewhat hostile about all of this, which I will admit, I am...but that's because there are SO many mothers out there absolutely desparate to make their kids "well" that they might actually rush to embrace this.

Look! I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I really don't, HOWEVER I have a problem with treatments described as a "cures" or "miracles."

I think those descriptives are highly manipulative. Especially when it involves subjecting a child to known poisons. (Known, to their bodies.)

And about the book you mentioned earlier, "Winning the War against Food Allergies" by Ellen Cutler:

No, I have NOT entirely read it all. In fact, I haven't done much more than thumb through at Borders Bookstore...It seemed too manipulative and shady to invest in.

And no, I have NOT spent a great deal of time studying NAET's purported success stories....Why? I don't trust wild claims not made by established medical professionals, that's why.

And, in response to my thinking that insurance would not cover that treatment, hey! I stand corrected. I'm happy your insurance plan covered the treatment. I have no problem trying "alternative" treatments for my daughter, either - AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT ENDANGER HER LIFE.

Frankly, I could give a *$%@ when any ADULT takes chance in their own quest to heal themselves, HOWEVER, I will voice my resistance to endangering children that way.

Hey, I don't really want to hurt the person on this thread saying this has "cured" her family.

You're cured? Okay. Fine. Be glad. But be quiet, too. Because how you got there is scary. Be very, very cautious with making sweeping statements that could endanger others.

I can't possibly contain my feeling that it's dangerous to encourage people to take those same chances with their kids.

I think that's wrong. I mean, one false move, and then what?

If you want to try things on your OWN body, that's your choice! I would actually be curious to see how it went, really! I'd be intregued and happy if it went well for you, an adult, but children need our protection. Period. End of story.

I have yet to hear you talk about any test scores...Call me "doubter" but we, here, in the real world of anaphylactic kids are inclined to be very interested in a child's medical testing history...Aren't you?

Look: Show me your medical data, first...Then I'll recant my views.

(FYI - I do not consider sending "Chris" your emergency room visits any "proof" of anything --other than your child went to the emergency room for allergic reactions.)

Show me your/his CAP RAST test scores! His skin test scores! Proof of successful Food Challenges done in your allergists' office!

-Show me comparison (medical) scores from before and after, too.

THEN, if the test comparisons are really so changed, and if your (non-alternative, medical) allergist agrees your child is "cured"...Then I'll eat my hat! I'll happily send you a video tape of me dining the hat of your choice.

But in all seriousness, if you can present me with the evidence of a "cure" for Peanut Allergies -I'll consider giving my own beloved daughter that treatment, too. Which is the highest vote of confidence I could ever offer you.

But, till that day comes... I'm going to put on my hat and move on.


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On Nov 9, 1999

Am I wrong??? Aren't we all on this site to help ourselves and each other? Instead of berating these people, can't we be cautiously hopeful about a "cure". I think we owe it to each other to find out more about this in our own areas and report back. I spoke with an MD about this, and will try to get another one. I am not jumping into this yet, it does sound a bit like witchcraft. I realize, though, that other pioneers were thought of as crazy until proven right many years later. The procedures are not invasive, from my understanding, so it may be worth a try. What do we have to lose? Time and money. A small price to pay if it works! Again, I implore you to do some research within the medical community. It is very easy to just dismiss this. I still want to know if you are cleared does it show that on a rast test? TJ & PJ let me know. Thanks

On Nov 9, 1999

Hi guys, Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted on NAET. Since then my son is eating just about everything. I have not tried peanuts though. But 2 weeks ago he had yogurt and broke out with hives on his face they started treating him for skin reactions and he is eating yorgurt now with no problems. A few weeks ago he had a rice crispy treat and broke out with hives and after that they treated him for iron and he can now eat them without hives. He is eating chocolate chip cookies, he had his first dinner at a restaurant,and lasagna. AND this weekend he was at his cousin's first birthday party and he had cake for the first time!!Our goal was for him to be eating birthday cake by his 2nd birthday well he will be 2 on friday. Most of these foods have been within the last couple of weeks. He has only been going since September and let me tell you our lives have changed a lot. Since we started he has been sleeping through the night. So far he has been treated for eggs,chicken,grapes,raisins,calcium,vitamin c,oranges,peanuts,iron,other minerals,whey,wheat,grains,casiem,milk,milk mix,yogurt, ecezema, and collegen (sorry about the spelling) We have told a couple of friends who are now going and are also having the same results. We too, thought this was crazy but we will do anything to help our child and its working. He goes for his 2nd year check up in a month and I am going to ask for another rast blood test but they have said it can take from 10 to 18 months to get off the blood test but I know the numbers are dropping by the way he can eat without breaking out in hives. Thats enough proof for us.

On Nov 10, 1999

Hello All,

I have a few comments and questions about this "cure".

As I understand it (using very general terms), an allergy begins when your body is first exposed to an substance. The body mistakenly treats the substance as if it were harmful, much like it might treat a bacteria or a virus. The immune cells develop certain receptor molecules so they can recognize and fight against this substance the next time it is present. Each time your body "sees" the substance, it has an opportunity to create more receptors for it, which could explain why an allergy can get worse with each exposure.

This process is normally the body's way of defending itself. For example, after it "sees" chicken pox virus, it creates receptors for chicken pox. The next time it "sees" chicken pox viruses, it can recognize them and destroy them, so you don't get sick.

We NEED this process to recognize invaders in our body. Without it, we would be killed by the many bacteria and viruses in our environment. If NAET targeted the entire process, everyone who used it would die. My question is this: how does NAET target a specific receptor for a specific substance, such as peanuts?

DOC has stated that "Acupuncture is really the most powerful part of NAET, in my opinion." I, too, believe that acupuncture can be of great use for treating certain types of pain. However, acupuncture and acupressure certainly are not able to specify on the molecular level in the body. This leaves the "other" part of NAET. I've read the entire NAET web site, and I couldn't figure it out. The closest we've come on this discussion board to describing "it" is was Mary Murtishaw's comment about holding vials containing the allergen. I do not understand how this could have molecular implications in the body.

If someone could explain or clarify, I would appreciate it.


On Nov 10, 1999

By the way, you cannot be allergic to iron. It is an essential element of hemoglobin, which is a molecule found in red blood cells. You cannot live without hemoglobin; therefore, if you were allergic to iron, you would be dead.

[img][/img] Katie

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On Nov 10, 1999

Vitamin C is also required to sustain life. Remember how sailors in days gone by used to develop scurvy and die before they brought supplies of fresh friut (a good source of vitamin c) with them. Again I would say if you are allergic to vitamin C you're dead. Now as to collegen (I assume that was what you meant), your body is composed of collagen! There are at least 12 specific types of collagen, without it you would have no skin, connective tissue or body structure! I am bevoming more skeptical about this treatmnet with every posting. Why haven't we heard about this miracle cure on the TV. Wha do Dr. Hugh Sampson and the other experts in the field have to say on the subject? The old travelling medicine men used to sell liquids containing mercury as miracle cures...this method sounds equally crazy.

On Nov 10, 1999

Vitamin C is also required to sustain life. Remember how sailors in days gone by used to develop scurvy and die before they brought supplies of fresh friut (a good source of vitamin c) with them. Again I would say if you are allergic to vitamin C you're dead. Now as to collegen (I assume that was what you meant), your body is composed of collagen! There are at least 12 specific types of collagen, without it you would have no skin, connective tissue or body structure! I am bevoming more skeptical about this treatmnet with every posting. Why haven't we heard about this miracle cure on the TV. Wha do Dr. Hugh Sampson and the other experts in the field have to say on the subject? The old travelling medicine men used to sell liquids containing mercury as miracle cures...this method sounds equally crazy.

On Nov 10, 1999

I don't know how this exactly works, all I know is that 2 months ago my child was only eating turkey, lamb, rice cereal, rice milk, broccoli, and some fruits and now he is eating just about everything. I know this all sounds cooky but all I know is my son is eating more and not getting hives. When he had a reaction he would break out with rashes and hives, He does not have any more hives I'll repeat that, He has no more reactions to things that he has been treated for. When he was a baby he would break out so bad he would scratch himself non-stop, he still has scars to show for it. This thread was started by someone that wanted to share information with other people that are interested in learning things that may help you lead a normal life. You can take this information and use it, or continue to live in your own little world and as your real doctors say stay away from food that you are allergic to because there is nothing that the real doctors can do. I'll repeat that, are you ready there is nothing that they can do for you. So now I'm tired of trying to help people that don't really want to be helped. Its so nice to give him a kiss on his check and not have him break out with hives because of something I ate.

On Nov 10, 1999


I am not against this procedure. I just want some more information about it. Could you explain exactly what happens when you go in to have a session? Did your son just have acupressure, or what else did he have done to him? I want to know in detail, step-by-step, what happens when you actually go to a NAET doctor.

Thanks, Katie

On Nov 10, 1999

Yes. It sounds very 'kooky' indeed.

The trite bromide "Oh, we don't know *how* it works...we just know that our child is better" is not sufficient. This unscientific line can *potentially* lead to the illness or deaths of anaphylactic individuals who develop a sense of false security. Bottom line.

Women used to soften their dainty hands with arsenic cream many decades ago. They swore by it -- their testimonials were quite convincing. But what else was it doing to their bodies? Later studies led to the removal of this deadly cream from drugstore shelves.

Most of the so-called "cures" out there on the market serve only to "alleviate" people from the burden of their hard-earned cash. If this is one of the legitimate remedies, let the studies be conducted, and I'm sure we'll all become NAET devotees.

Until then, I'll join Louise in picking up my hat.

My two cents.

On Nov 10, 1999

Katie, My son is 8yrs. old. We are using accupressure for him. In Jan's case because her son is so much younger, they probably use the surrogate method for testing and treating. My son is old enough for acupuncture, but he doesn't like to lay still for 20 min. and accupressure is equally effective. When we go for a treatment she begins by muscle testing, using his right arm. She first checks his strength. Then places a vial of the suspected allergen in his left hand. Again she now checks the strength of his right arm. If the response is strong, there is no allergy. If the response is weak the allergy is positive. She is also very capable of telling if you are faking. Many have tried to fool her. At this point she has you lay on your stomach and she uses a tool to manipulate up and down your spine about 4-5 times, top to bottom. Then you roll to your back and she again rechecks your strength, which should now be strong. This is done by you pushing against her arm while yours is raised in the air. Next she applies accupressure to the eight gate points. Now you lie quietly for 20 min.(or sit). Finally she takes the vial from you, instructs you to wash your hands, and explains what to avoid for the next 25 hr. period. On your next visit she will have you take that vial in hand, muscle test you, and if the response is strong the allergen is no longer a threat. The most important thing about this is not to come in contact with the allergen for the 25 hr. avoidance period. The message must travel through each of the 12 meridians to the brain and register that it is no longer a threat. It takes approx. 2 hrs. to travel through each meridian. The vials are not a threat at any time . They are glass and sealed.

On Dec 3, 1999

Hello, I have been reading these boards for about 3-4 months now. While I have found a lot of helpful information, and informative websites, the best thing I found was the posting by T.J. and P.J.. At first like all of you, I was very skeptical of this treatment. I have a 6 yr. old daughter and didn't want to worry constantly for the rest of her life! I decided to give naet a try, and the results have been wonderful. Her father was amazed to come home and find her eating a bowl of strawberries! In the past this would have sent her to the hospital. We haven't cleared for peanuts yet, but I'm hopeful we will have the same good fortune as others. I hestitated even placing a post here. As I feel bad for the ridicule that has been placed toward the author of this post. I felt, like Jan, I should offer another example of how naet can benefit those who choose to try an alternative to western medicine. I feel confident this will be the answer to all of our allergy issues. I want to thank the author of this post for continuing to offer information and explanations, even when you have been put down by so many. You have my extended gratitude!

On Dec 8, 1999

I just went to the NAET site bulletin board and there is a NAET practioner claiming that she can clear obsessive complulsive disorder, panic attacks, and even suicidal cases through NAET.

Another poster has had their son go through 50 treatments for OCD.

These claims are vey bothersome to me.

On Dec 21, 1999

I too have gone to the quackwatch site, and I must say this is this hugest pile of crap that I've heard of. As a pa sufferer I do not find it comforting to think of having myself exposed to peanuts as a way of "desensitizing" myself or whatever it is that they *really* do. I'm also offended that there are those who think it's as easy as telling your body what to do, or that one should even put themselves in the "guinea pig" situation. Oh I really wish it were as simple as mind over matter, or paying a quack doctor some money. Please have show self-respect here.

On Dec 28, 1999

A lot of you may thinks this is crazy. I took my 4yo son a week ago to have him cured of peanuts. I have arm tested him and it shows he is no longer allergic. However, I will not give him any peanuts. But, if he ever comes into contact with them, maybe he will not react. My son has many allergies. His reaction to food allergies is asthmatic episodes. They start right after eating some foods. I just sit him down and do the arm test to determine what he was allergic to in the food he just ate. I have cured his rice, marshmallow, sodium, chocolate, apple, grape, blackberry, tomato and several other allergies. It is obvious when Aaron is allergic to something. He sometimes breaks out on his chin. I can cure him of the food and give it to him the next day, and there is no reaction.

Everything my son eats often, he turns allergic to. He used to always ask for macaroni and cheese at meals. He quit asking for it. I gave it to him one day and he got congested and I had to do an asthma treatment on him and I also treated him for macaroni and cheese. The next day I gave it to him and he had no reaction. Now, he asks for mac & cheese again.

I have only taken my son for three treatments. He was cured of corn on the first trip, then tomatoes, onion and garlic (in combination), then peanuts on the last trip. I have spent $120 plus gas to travel 3 hours each way. That's not much in my opinion when my son can eat without having an asthma attack. She showed me how to cure his allergies, and now I do it myself. You can call me a witchdoctor, voodoo doctor or whatever you want. But, I believe God gave someone the ability to find this treatment, and He is the one I thank when I treat my child for an allergy. Satan has nothing to do with this.

I have treated my sister for several allergies also. I have treated her corn, vinegar, calcium, chocolate, sodium, cucumber, lettuce, egg, and who can remember what others. The only problem I have is that her egg allergy keeps returning. On our last visit to the NAET doc, she treated her for it again. She hasn't tried egg again to see if it worked. I'll probably treat her a couple more times before she eats one. Her worst allergy was lettuce. It would give her a killer stomach ache. She now enjoys salads and sandwiches.

It really does work! I have treated my daughter for milk also. She broke out in terrible hives a couple of weeks ago. She now drinks milk again. Her only other allergies that I know of is penicillin and Zithromax antibiotics. I will treat her myself and it won't cost me a dime.

Everyone can whine and cry about the cost, but when it comes to MY child I will use this treatment and thank God for the ability to do so. Read the book before you criticize others for getting rid of their allergies. I think they are thinking straight. Just because someone doesn't have a medical degree is no reason not to believe in a treatment. And who cares if you don't believe there is a medical basis. People with althzeimers take medication, but for what? Medical experts have said there is no proof that the medicine helps. Gee whiz, who do we want to believe? Believe in yourself and believe in God and He will take care of the rest.


On Dec 28, 1999


I'm confused by your post, did YOU actually cure your child's allergies, or did a doctor?

On Dec 29, 1999

Can somebody explain why my son's allergist hasn't told me about this. Do doctors believe it works?

It just sounds a little out there, but I'd be willing to try anything.

On Dec 29, 1999

Just a question here. After reading all the posts in this topic, I'm curious. It appears one common trait among those claiming success is an almost dizzying number of allergies for each individual. Is there anyone on this board who has been successfully treated by this procedure who is allergic only to peanuts/nuts and no other foods?

On Jan 1, 2000

Hello Everyone! It has been almost a month since I first posted here. We have had about eight more appointments with our naet practitioner, and the results are fantastic! My daughter has been cleared for most of her allergies now, and the next big issue will be her peanut allergy. Jan, has your son been cleared for peanuts yet? I see you haven't posted lately! How are things going for you? As for pagirl- you need to watch what you say young lady! This is not a matter of lack of self-respect! This is an issue of helping our children. I see you are in southern California! Perhaps you should consider visiting the naet research foundation, and educating yourself before speaking out of context. As for Greg, I don't know of anyone who has just one allergy! Allergies have numerous symptoms, and manifest themselves in many ways some are not even aware of! I see people everyday who have allergies, that won't even admit that is the problem. Perhaps they just don't recognize what they are experiencing. Also you can learn to test yourself, and clear some allergies at home. I myself would only do this for very limited issues. Things like peanut allergy need to be addressed by a practitioner trained in naet. I would also like to add, I personally feel this is a gift Dr. Devi received from God, and that when you are ready to believe there is real help out there for your allergies, you will explore the possibilites naet has to offer. A year ago I would never have considered this option myself. Now I am so grateful I gained the knowledge and the courage to try an alternative to western medicine. My daughter will now have the pleasure of leading a much better life, not limited by life-threatening allergies. Good-luck to all of you. This has to be your own decision. I felt I must share our experience only to let all of you know this does work, and it does change your life for the better! Stay safe and Happy New Year to all!

On Jan 2, 2000

Hi KLee, I haven't posted lately because of all the negative comments but my son is doing wonderful. He is eating everything we are. It was so nice on the holidays to have him eating with us and not packing him something else to eat. He has been cleared for peanuts but I haven't tried them. He had milk last week and no hives!!!We still go about twice a week. I don't think we have too much longer to go. I am so glad to hear you are having the same results!!Happy New Year.

On Jan 7, 2000

Hi, I checked out the site that you recommended. I would like you to know that the procedure that you describe is listed on this site as NOT NAET by the "doctor" that developed this techinque. I also checked out the quack site recommended. It also, in great detail lists the procedures listed here as unsafe. I hope that we all find a cure for peanut alergy, I am as well picking up my hat, my son will NOT be subjected to any of these proceudres.

BTW, along with all the updates of how well everyone using this treatment is doing I have yet to see a response to the must frequently asked question, what WAS the PA persons RAST test result before treatment, and what is it NOW after treatment?

It seems more than suspicious to me that this question has been ignored by the "cured".

On Jan 7, 2000

Just to let you know we had our last treatment tonight. My son was cleared of all his food allergies. By the way, I called his allergist and he is getting the blood test again so I will inform you of the results. He is going at the end of the month.

On Jan 20, 2000

Has anyone that has gone through NAET had their allergies confirmed by an allergist prior to NAET testing, and then after NAET testing goe back to an allergist for more testing?

If so, what did the consequent tests show?

On Feb 6, 2000


Did your son go to his appointment with his allergist at the end of January? What did the test resullts show?

I am really interested in this.


On Mar 4, 2000

Hi, Jan if you are still reading this board could you let me know if you had your son re-tested? My doctor had said to wait about a year to re-test, and it has been almost that long. I wondered how things turned out for your son? My son is doing great! Even though he doesn't like nuts, it's nice to know we don't have to walk on egg shells anymore about what he eats. Our health has improved 100%. His asthma is all but gone now. I no longer have migraine headaches! NAET is the best thing to have happened to our family. It's great not to be tied down to all those allergies for the rest of our lives. By the way, the researsh foundation in California has finished some their studies and are now ready to publish the results! Maybe this will be the proof so many are looking for!

On Mar 6, 2000

Dear Jan,

I also am very interested in hearing how your child's rast test turned out. Please post and let us know your results. I would love to see my son be able to drink a glass of milk, eat a piece of bread, have a cookie, eat a chip ... all without swelling up and needing to go to the hospital. I would like to thank the author of this thread for atleast bringing NAET to our attention ... my husband and I never would have known about it otherwise. The great thing about living where we do is that we can make our own educated decisions ... to do this treatment or not. It is right for some and not right for others ... I do not feel that this author has meant any ill intent by informing us about this treatment. I can only hope that the child of the author has been treated successfully and is now enjoying those foods that I long for my son to have. Again, Jan, please post if you have any new information. Thank you. Susan

On Mar 8, 2000

Hi, I am so sorry I haven't posted. My son is doing great. He did have his blood work done. His peanut allergy has gone from a class 4 and ige levels of 700 to a class 2 and ige levels of 150. All the other nuts were a class 0. He is no longer allergic to corn, wheat and pork. His milk allergy stayed the same which is a class 5 and his egg is still a class 2 but he can eat them with no reaction. I have to bring him back to get treated again for milk. He can tolerate it in cooked foods. I have to ask the doctor about that. But I am happy with the results. He is a 100% then what he was 6 months ago. Jan

On Mar 8, 2000

Did you tell your allergist about NAET? What was his response?

On Mar 9, 2000

Hi Jan,

Thank you for posting ... my husband and I couldn't wait to hear from you! We think that your test results are awesome. Even with your son still being sensitive to the peanut he did drop down two levels to a level 2! We will be going on the 21st of this month to speak with a physician trained in NAET ... looking forward to finding out more about it. We figure it is worth it ... even if it only brings his scores down a little. Thank you again for posting and we wish you and your family the best.


On Mar 14, 2000

Just be warned - here's another message from an NAET believer!

My 4-year-old son with life threatening peanut, cashew and shellfish allergies is currently undergoing treatments.

I obtained our practitioner through word of mouth here in Colorado Springs. There are many people trained in NAET, but no one who had patients with true results. I didn't want to waste my money, nor my time. Our practitioner is also an R.N. who is trained in Dr. Devi Nambudripad's method. She warned me that she didn't want me to immediately try out peanut butter on our son after the nut treatment! She realizes that NAET helps 80% of patients, and she doesn't want to be over confident.

My suggestion: find people in your area who can give a recommendation for a practitioner. Just because a chiropractor has taken one course doesn't mean he/she can perform the treatments adequately. Your practitioner should do NAET and only NAET to keep up with the practice.

We are just doing the basics of the allergies currently. However, my 9-year-old daughter was treated for cat allergies so that she could stop wheezing and sneezing at a friend's house. A few weeks after the treatment, she spent the night at this "cat house" with no asthma problems whatsoever. Amazing!

Once we treat for nuts, I plan on going back to our allergist and have my son tested once again with the Western Medicine approach of skin prick tests. That is the prudent thing to do, I believe. Our allergist is aware we are doing these treatments, and just requested that we come back for allergy testing before giving our son a peanut.

Our NAET practitioner has had children with egg allergies go from a 4 on a skin prick test to a 0 after treatments. I'm hoping for the same for my son. Any improvement in his allergies would be wonderful, however.

I think the biggest thing that NAET has afforded us is the opportunity to not live in fear. We're not there yet, and watch everything he puts in his mouth. But just imagine if one day we wouldn't have to do that! I'll try anything safe to try to achieve that end. NAET itself sure won't hurt you or your child - and just think of the possibilities!

On Apr 4, 2000

Hi All! My daughter as well has now completed her naet treatments! The results are astounding! We have slowly introduced peanuts to her, as directed by her practitioner. She had no allergic reaction, but didn't actually care for them. Just as well, as far as I'm concerned. We will have tests done in a few months, as advised by our Dr. Before, she was a 4+. Only time will tell I guess! Also I wanted to note, I recently read that western medical doctors aren't legally allowed to offer alternative medicine as an option. I remember Sara asking why her Dr. didn't say anything about naet. There's your answer! A chemotherapy patient in California was not able to get other options from his Dr. for just that reason, and thats how I learned that they are not permitted to offer such alternatives!

On Apr 5, 2000

Hi everyone! I just read everyone's comments pertaining to this alternative cure. Let's try to remember that we all have something in common, the desire to become PA free. Although we may not all agree on the methods used to attain our goals, we need to respect each others beliefs and not attack. Although I have a lot of questions pertaining to this alternative method, I am very happy for those who have found success with the procedure. Thank you for al the information given, both the pros and cons. It has helped me to become more knowledgeable in the area of PA

On Apr 11, 2000

Hi Klee! Did you find that article in the magazine from GNC? I read the same one, I think?! It states: that in most states it is illegal for medical doctors to tell their patients about all of their treatment alternatives. It says that America's physicians are at risk of losing their licenses if they tell their patients that there are alternatives to allopathic treatments. It then goes on to say that the passage of the Access to the Medical Treatment Act would remedy this situation nationwide. It would allow safe non-FDA-approved alternative therapies to be provided by licensed practitioners in all states, if the patient was fully informed about the treatment and it was reasonable to expect improvement from such therapy. And it would pave the way for insurance companies and HMOs to cover such alternative treatments. For more detailed information about this bill, visit the American Preventive Medical Association at [url=""][/url] Again, perhaps this is the answer why noone's allergist has informed them of an alternative to the western method of treating allergies.

On Apr 13, 2000

It was interesting to read through this entire thread. This topic stirs emotions. We all love our children so much...we want them to be well, and we want to keep them safe.

My son has peanut and tree nut allergies. I have never used NEAT. I would consider trying it, but even after treatment, I would not expose my son to peanuts.

Many of you on the site are very vested in the medical community. I strongly believe in Western medicine, but also believe that we cannot always wait for western medical doctors to tell us "all the answers". Western medicine is very slow to embrace new procedures. This is done to ensure that people are kept safe...unfortunately, even at that slow pace dangerous medical treatments enter the western medical marketplace. I am invested heavily in western medicine. I work for a Fortune 500 pharmacautical company that, over the years, has had to recall several drugs due to poor safety records, and sadly, some of these drugs have killed people.

I have used both western and alternative medicine. My personal experience with muscle testing (though not NEAT) was excellent. I had chronic heartburn for years. All western medicine offered me was daily stomach medicine. Two years ago, I had muscle testing and following a 3 month program. My stomach problems disappeared an never returned.

My position on NEAT is if there are no risks (besides the dollars spent), why not try it. If I felt my child could be harmed from the actual procedure, I doubt I would take the risk.

In terms of being advocates for our children, I often think of the movie Lorenzo's Oil (fantastic movie, if you have not seen it, rent it soon). As parents of PA kids, we all know that we have to be advocates for our children.

I respect the parents who chose not to try NEAT and I understand why many parents want to try to procedure. I look forward to hearing more discussion on this site. I also hope that the level of respect for differing opinions can improved. The bottom line is that we all want to help our kids, and we may not go about it in the same way. That's okay.

On Apr 24, 2000

Klee, TJ & PJ, Jan and Nicole (and any others with NAET treated kids),

I am curious to know how your children are doing. Any reactions post treatment? Any more RAST results?

We made a decision to start our son on NAET treatments. After talking to the NAET practitioner we determined that there was NO RISK in trying. Our NAET practitioner told us our son does not have to ever touch peanuts, or other nuts. She also checked with some of her previous patients and they were willing to talk to me, and they conveyed great allergy elimination results.

Since my son is so young, she figured it would take 5-10 treatments so the overall cost is minimal...I would be willing to spend a lot more just for the chance of potentially eliminating this awful allergy.

Thanks for all the posts, and please keep us updated.


On Apr 24, 2000


I found this web site on peanut allergies. It contains lots of statistics. It's rather lengthy but contains a lot of interesting information. I did not check the back ground of the doctor to wrote it. One note he said on a study that I thought was interesting was that women who ate peanut butter more than once a week while pregnant tended to give the allergy to the baby. But it was also noted that most kids will out grow the allergy. Of course, there were other things that could also be related to the allergy... I don't know how much of this is true or that I wanted to believe but I still thought it was interesting and wanted to share it with everyone.

On May 2, 2000

Hello, I just wanted to clear up a small mis understanding. The Allerg.qc site is the Quebec Allergist site. It is a compilation of all things related to allergies. Not "one person is responsible for writing the site, rather it compiles results from studies around the world, among other things. If you take the time to read the studies authors you will see Allan Bock, Hugh Samson, Bruce Mazer , marie Noel, Zimmerman etc. They are all very good allergists involved in soleving the "problem". Great teaching site.

On May 3, 2000

Wow...I have just read every single post on this thread. I have always been a tad skeptical with alternative medicine until I tried a chiropractor as a last resort. Now although having my son adjusted has NOT cured anything, it has helped with his asthma...which shocked me. I became a true believer in chiropractic medicine when I went for my neck and ended up having premature menopause for 4 years completely reversed after 6-8 sessions, and yes I have proof through blood work and my gyno was in complete shock. I do have to continue to go though once a week to keep it in tact, but it sure beats hormonal replacement.

I heard about this NAET a while back on the parentsplace site and then again at National Jewish Center in Denver, CO (a hospital specializing in allergies and asthma). I am not ready to try NAET as I find it too scary, although for those of you who have tried it and it worked, I think it is great that it worked for you. I think if I were to try it, I would research it, do it on myself first as the guinea pig/test the waters, and if I saw results then possibly try it on my children...but then again...I think I would prefer waiting until my child was old enough to decide whether he/she wanted to try it themselves. I don't think there is one right answer to using or not using is what works best for each individual person/family. I do believe that knowledge is power with allerigies and anything else we have to deal with, with our children. So now we all know about it, and can make that decision to research it or not. As with everything, there are pros and cons to it...just as there are pros and cons to using prednisone/pediapred.

------------------ I am a mom of two anaphalactic allergy PA boys and my daughter and myself also have allergies. You may e-mail me at: [email][/email]

On May 6, 2000

Hi san103! Good luck and best wishes on your upcoming naet treatments! I hope you have the same fantastic results we did. My daughter is doing wonderfully! We have not had further rast testing done yet. The doctor suggested waiting a few months. I must tell you though, she did give me a little scare, which turned out to be nothing, thank goodness! After Easter I found a Reese's peanutbutter cup wrapper in her room and almost blew up. I have told her not to eat anything with peanuts unless I know about it first. I checked her candy bag from her aunt's house, but must have missed that piece. How careless was that? Well she never had any reaction to that peanutbutter cup, and I am very releived for having found naet! She has never attempted to try anything before this, but she had thought in her own little mind she was cured and didn't think she was doing anything wrong! I explained I still needed to know if she would like to try something, and never try anything away from home, without mommy or daddy! I will post when we return for our rast tests in the next few months!

On May 12, 2000

Hi! If anyone is interested, Dr. Nambudripad, the founder of naet will be on t.v. tonight. The broadcast is for the Los Angeles area. It will be aired between 10:30 and 11:00 pm tonight. May 12th. The station doing the broadcast is KTTW fox news. If anyone gets to see this, I would love to hear what she has to say! Also. for the inquiry as to how my son is doing, he is great! It has been almost a full year now since he was completely cleared of his peanut allergy, and he is still doing wonderful! He tries different things from time to time, but nothing has really appealed to him as of yet. We are still planning to have him take a rast test, but have been very busy moving and getting settled into a different home. When we take him I will be sure to post the results!

On May 21, 2000

I have read every last post on this thread and I must say how shocked I am at how TJ and the other Moms who've tried naet and found success, have been attacked. I can't believe how narrowminded and insensitive some people can be. Do you actually think from one recommendation we're all going to run out and blindly jump into something? Some of you seem to think that's what TJ is trying to make us do. I, too, am a natural skeptic and if I were going to do anything to help my PA daughter I would research and find out more statistics and thoroughly investigate the technique. I'm so pleased that people like TJ are willing to come out and share their success stories with us. It does give a glimmer of hope to end one very serious and life threatening allergy. The least people can do is give others respect and BE DECENT, for crying out loud. Also, for those of you that do believe in God, don't you think that God works in mysterious ways? And for those of you that don't believe in God, are you too egocentric to think that there are things out there that you just don't know about yet?

On May 21, 2000

Hi Latymom,

Here is a bit of advice you may want to try.... Lighten up and smile. Seems this is your first post and you have already called many of the people on this board: egocentric, narrowminded, and insensitive. During this scolding you have said that others should be decent and give others respect.

Now, this does not seem to be very decent of you. We all need to vent at times and we all make mistakes at times, but please lighten up as we are all here to share and try to be productive and friendly.

I'm not mad. I'm not upset, but I think you should smile and try to see the humor in your post as you scold us and judge us as quickly as you think we judged NAET.

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On May 22, 2000

Hello Sue,

Thank you for your response. I do believe in constructive critisism and your point is taken, however, as you said, at times we need to vent and I also felt the need to defend the Moms out there that were only trying to relay some positive information in a forum that isn't always very positive. It wound me up to read every single one of the posts and to see the degree of insensitivity toward TJ etc. Perhaps my very first post has got me off to a bad start but I felt compelled to give my .02. All I'm saying is, keep an open mind, and give people the respect that they deserve. We are all in this battle together, let people say their peice and if you don't agree, don't be so harsh.


On May 22, 2000

I'm sorry, I just wanted to add that I feel that all of you that spoke out against NAET have the right to your feelings. You've seen some horrific things happen to your children, as have I, and you only want to be protective of your family and the families of the others on this board. My only real "beef" is that there are ways to disagree with others without being insensitive. It looked to me like TJ and some of the other Moms have finally found a bit of peace from this terrible allergy, isn't that what we want? Can't we at least hear people out that have such success stories? I feel like if we put people down for coming forward with "strange" ideas that maybe nothing will ever be done about this. I'm open to hearing anything that might help my daughter, and I'll make the decision, after much research whether it's for me or not. Don't discourage openess and there are ways to debate without sounding mean. Thanks.

On Jun 1, 2000

Hi! I just thought I would share a little more information with all of you. I recently purchased a book from Bantam publishing called: "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom". In this book NAET is talked about in several chapters. In relation to how it can eliminate allergies, as well as helping some other ailments. I know many have asked if there is anything published about NAET. Here is one resource for you to check out! The book is written by: Dr. Christiane Northrup. Lots of other good info in it too!!!

On Jun 2, 2000

hi i haven't read all the comments but i wanted you to know you are not the only one who believes this my brother is an acupressurist. he has taken my aches and pains away before. my husband does not believe in it. when more info comes out and and my child grows up i see no reason to try it. as for now i feel i must stick with what is proven.

On Jun 27, 2000

We started NAET with our son. He has had about 10 treatments and to be honest, I have been very skeptical. Fortunately my family has the resources to do this, so we decided we would try, as long as our son was not put at risk.

Most of the early stuff cleared. It was interesting. Our son used to get a mild red rash from rice, and after rice was cleared, he did not...we remained skeptical and we did not necessarily attribute it to his treatments.

Then came the first nut treatment. We did nut group #2 first (pecans, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, and almonds). In the first treatment we did not have our son hold the nut vials (these vials do not contain nut protein). In the second he did (the vials were washed before). Our son broke out in some eczema on his arms. On his third treatment he held glass vials with the actual nuts in them (again the vials were washed before hand). His eczema flared again, and more than the last time (a few patches on his arms and legs), but it disappeared quite quickly after prolonged accupressure treatment.

At this point, we almost decided to stop treatments all together. We were quite uncomfortable. We talked to our practitioner about our worries. She wanted to finish the nut #2 treatment (she even said she would do it for free). We decided to continue, and we did another treatment without our son touching the vials (they were in close proximity to him.) The next session and much to our surprise, it showed that he was cleared for the nuts. We asked for another treatment anyway. She did the accupressure treatment again, and our son held the vials (including ones with actual nuts in them) and he DID NOT get any eczema at all.

This stuff is very different. Our NAET practitioner is very understanding. We told our Ped. about it and she said that accupressure could not hurt him, and she agreed that he should not touch the actual nuts.

We still will NOT let our son touch the actual nuts. We are starting to think there may be something to this...but skepticism remains. We plan to have RAST test done next year.

On Jun 28, 2000

Thank you so much for telling us your results. This sounds very interesting. I'm pleased you felt you were able to share this with us.

On Jun 30, 2000

Hi, I have just joined this website and feel really relieved to find I am not alone! I have a 7 year old daughter who is severely allergic to many things, peanuts being the biggest culprit! It will be great to have a chat with other parents in the same situation. I look forward to your reply.

On Jul 7, 2000

My 20 year old son has been deathly allergic to peanuts since birth. We have been in the emergency room 11 times due to accidental ingestion of peanuts or peanut products. Everytime he received the full fledged treatment for allergic reactions and 3 of those times the doctor said he did not know how he made it through. He is so allergic he gasps for breath even to smell it . We have seen every specialist that even gave a shred of hope for a cure. I understand there are many people that promise a cure but there is NO WAY I would ever let him hold, much less taste a peanut. He carries an EPI-pen in his vehicle, the school had one on hand and every friend has one at their house. His most recent episode was with Dairy Queen, he ordered a Nerd's blizzard and apparently a peanut got into the Nerd's and off to the hospital in ambulance we went. The episode before that was a "smoothie" In both instances, he had advised them specifically of his allergy to peanuts. You have to watch every sinlge thing and it is alot easier when they are smaller. I am glad it worked for this lady and her son but I would hate for someone to lose their life because they felt there was a cure. I think it is a really deadly gamble.


On Jul 10, 2000

I am so sorry to continue this thread, but I am simply aching to share some rather amusing things I've found while researching NAET. First off is the "quackwatch" website. Dr. Barrett has some rather choice things to say about this allergy treatment: [url=""][/url] With this site, I almost felt as if the writer was being unduly harsh. In fact, for a long time now I've been feeling I'd like to give NAET a try for my son's pa allergy. And seeing how close minded some medical professionals are, I thought there just may be something to it (like some kind of perverse reverse psychology).

Then, I went on the NAET website and poked around the discussion board ([url][/url]). Let me tell you, I haven't had such a good chuckle in a long time! Some of these NAET patients are allergic to the most bizarre things. Here is a list of a few that people claim to be allergic to and NAET practioners feel they can cure: Every vitamin essential to human life, every mineral essential to human life, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon (in other words, air), electricity, and my personal favorite-other humans. This one actually isn't very amusing. There are mothers out there who believe they are allergic to their husbands and children, and vice versa.

I so wanted to believe in this allergy elimination program. But how can I? I'm afraid I just don't have the faith it takes to try it out.

On Oct 24, 2000

Hi, Just thought I would bring this forward for the person who couldn't locate it! Lots of debate here!

On Dec 12, 2000

Hello, At the request of so many, I am thinking of having my son rast tested. My pediatrician sees no point in this, and refuses to do the test. My question is: will I have to research allergists in my area, or is it possible they will simply do the test for me without going into unnecessary expense, or wanting to do those painful skin tests on my son, which I remember to be painful, and understand not as accurate? Would anyone be willing to offer their thoughts on this? He hates needles, and we only decided to do this as reassurance to others that this technique does work if done as protocol is taught and followed to the letter. San, when are you having your child tested? Has anyone else had positive rast results?

On Dec 16, 2000

There's a few things about NAET I've been wondering about (some have already been brought up on this thread but not really resolved). I'm doing my best to keep an open mind but am having great difficulty.

* Most of the NAET treatments I've heard of have been on kids, who often grow out of allergies on their own. Have any adult PA sufferers tried this and managed to completely eliminate their allergy?

* All the people I've heard of who have used NAET have turned out to have dozens and dozens of allergies (all of which require multiple visits, suspiciously enough). Has anyone seen a NAET practitioner and only been diagnosed with a few allergies?

* Has anyone sued a NAET practitioner for a failed treatment that resulted in anaphylaxis? (I'm trying to get a handle on the failure rate).

* Do the treatments ever need 'topping up' or is it a once-only thing?


- A.

On Dec 16, 2000

My son was tested in August -- his peanut RAST was 0.42 (down from 4.38 in Feb.). As many of you many know less than 0.35 is not considered an allergy. Our allergist agreed to retest our son to see if his peanut score stayed low, decreased more, or returned to a higher level. The test has been ordered, but we decided to wait to draw the blood. We figured it would be more accurate if we waited longer. We still consider our son allergic.


I have heard about failed NAET treatments (no on personally has told me, but I have read about them). We still consider our son to be allergic, and many people who treat using NAET do the same.

I will post when we get the next RAST results.


On Dec 16, 2000

My son was tested in August -- his peanut RAST was 0.42 (down from 4.38 in Feb.). As many of you many know less than 0.35 is not considered an allergy. Our allergist agreed to retest our son to see if his peanut score stayed low, decreased more, or returned to a higher level. The test has been ordered, but we decided to wait to draw the blood. We figured it would be more accurate if we waited longer. We still consider our son allergic.


I have heard about failed NAET treatments (no on personally has told me, but I have read about them). We still consider our son to be allergic, and many people who treat using NAET do the same.

I will post when we get the next RAST results.


On Dec 17, 2000

Here is a discussion of NAET [url=""][/url]

On Jan 7, 2001

For those who are interested, we just had another CAP RAST done on our son. In Feb. 2000 his score was 4.68 (class 3). In August, after NAET treatments, his score was 0.42 (barely a class 1, and barely rating as an allergy). Our allergist agreed to retest to see if the low score was a fluke, or if his allergy was decreasing. We waited several months because we thought it would make it more accurate.

So now we are waiting for the new results...and if he peanut score stays low, or decreases, we are still not sure we will credit it all to NAET (maybe he is growing out of it?). I will let you all know the new results soon.


On Jan 17, 2001


We just got our son's CAP RAST test back. According to this most recent test, he is no longer allergic to peanuts. Was it from NAET? I don't know. Would I recommend NAET? Yes. Will we feed him peanuts -- NO WAY!

We are thrilled about the allergy test results. We have an appointment with our allergist next week. I will keep you updated.


On Jan 17, 2001

I find all of this talk about a "cure" highly unscientific and suspicious. I think that the real problem is that many people are misdiagnosed (with PA and other allergies or sensitivities) in the first place. All this takes trivializes the day-to-day problems that many of us and our children face and contributes to the general attitude out there that allergies are not "real," are in our heads, are outgrowable and curable. There are real differences between food sensitivities and genuine allergies. For those interested in keeping up with scientific advances, the Food Allergy Network is a good starting point.

On Jan 17, 2001

I try to be very clear that I do not know if NAET is responsible for my son's change in CAP RAST results. In my mind there are 3 possible explanations:

1. He was never allergic in the first place 2. He grew out of it naturally 3. The NAET treatment "cured" him of his allergy

My son has reacted to walnuts (severe hives), and he did have severe ezcema when I was eating peanuts and nursing (it disappeared when I removed nuts/peanuts from my diet), but we do not have a documented PA reaction. We are still waiting for his walnut CAP RAST results (the allergist forgot to put it on his last test order).

I am not a "flag waving" NAET fan. I do not know for sure if, or how it may have helped my son. I have posted all my experiences strictly for the benefit of others who were looking for information on the process. Based on what has happened with us, I would probably do the same things again (live vigilantly protecting my son from peanut exposure, seek western medical help, AND seek alternative treatments). I am a member of FAN, and I regular read all westeren medical journal articles pertaining to food allergies. My son will not be eating peanut butter!

All of us have choices in how we chose to treat our children/ourselves with respect to pa. We may not all make the same decisions.


On Jan 17, 2001

Wow! I am just a baby on these boards & have never seen such an emotional thread. Very interesting. I have a friend who TOTALLY believes in things like this "cure" & is always going to her chiropracter for illnesses (pain, allergies, menopause, mood issues, colds). On her advice, I went to see this chiropracter for my back. He did accupuncture & I couldn't stand the itchiness. I kept going but I found absolutely no results. My brother tried accupuncture & "natural" remedies for pain to no avail also. I have heard great things but never experienced them (not that they don't happen).

My main concern is that if it helps there HAS to be a logical reason that it helped. Unless it is just chance or a miracle. It seems there is GREAT debate as to the accuracy of any allergy test without a reaction to confirm it. From talking with many sources, the study of allergies & treatment is not an exact science(lots of questions), especially as to the length of time a person will have the allergy. I would really question as to whether "chance" is more at work than a "cure". I just don't see how this could logically change anything. I have had severe back pain that just "went away" with no treatment. If I had been seeing a doctor, I would have attributed it to whatever he had done at the time.

For allergies that are not life threatening , I would try it. I would not try it with allergies that could be potentially fatal, until the practitioners can come up with some better explanations.

Just my 2 cents worth [img][/img]

On Feb 13, 2001

Very interesting discussion on NAET. My wife and I have a 1 yr old son who is allergic to wheat and some types of cheese. We have been to the ER twice for the wheat allergy as we unknowingly gave him some instant noodles the first time, and pasta the next time. In between these two episodes (within 2 days of each other), our pediatrician suggested getting the RAST testing done, and she also recommended simple boiled food like pasta thinking the allergy was to some additive in the instant noodles. RAST testing showed him having very big reaction to wheat, and milder reaction to corn and oatmeal. We were told to stay off these things for a few years before testing again.

One of our friends sugested looking into NAET. On our first visit to a local NAET practitioner, the muscle test was done on my wife as a surrogate, holding our son, with a vial of the allergin held against his stomach. He was found to be allergic to wheat, cheese, iron and chlorides!!

A few things bothered me, how could someone be allergic to iron, as it is essential part of our blood? Also regarding the muscle response test, the position where pressure is applied seems to make a big difference. If it is past the elbow, towards the wrist, it is impossible to resist. If the pressure is applied above the elbow (even on it), towards the shoulder side, it is very easy to resist (anyone can try this at home).

In any case, we decided at $50 a treatment, 4 treatments is ok to try this out, to at least see if there is any difference with our sons wheat allergy. We have finished 3 treatments so far, including wheat (the first 2 were iron and chlorides, no surprise there if you want to make money!! :-)!). We will test our sons reaction to wheat in the next few days. I must say I am very sceptical, but I am going to wait for this wheat testing before passing absolute judgement!!

On Apr 12, 2001

Hi, Jan- if you are still on the peanut allergy website, could I ask who your practitioner for naet was? If you would rather e-mail me that would be great! How is your little doing? Are you still for going for treatment?

On Apr 12, 2001

I have been reading this thread with great interest. As a mother of a PA child I obviously pray every day that there will be a miracle cure, however, I try to keep it all in focus that this is something that we can live a normal life with for the most part. I first heard of NAET about a year ago when I started searching the web for allergy info. I have asked FAN for info and have also called my son's allergist, but they don't seem to want to talk about it other than to say they don't support it. If the NAET technique is so successful, why aren't allergists or FAN supporting it? I must admit that I am very skeptical about it given that it is not supported by our allergist of FAN. If they were to ever vouch for it, I would be the first in line to take my son to a person who practiced the technique.

On Apr 20, 2001

Hi, I just wanted to let anyone who might be interested in hearing Dr. Devi Nambudrpad speak, that she will be in Ottawa, Canada in May. She will be a part of the first International Environmental Illness Conference. If you would like a copy of the e-mail with the full details, feel free to drop me a line. By the way, if this is not clear to you, Dr. Devi is the founder of the naet treatment, of allergy elimination.

On Jun 1, 2001

Here Eileen, You forgot this one!

On Nov 12, 2001

TJ and PJ

Congratulations on eliminating your child of allergies. I too, like you, have sought alternative treatments for my baby who was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at 5 months. He is now 11 months old.

The allergy specialists say there is NOTHING that can be done about a peanut allergy but I believe that natural therapies can do things that western medicine cannot.

I am seeing two therapists that both know what each other are doing and use complementary techniques to build my son's immune system and detox him so enabling him to deal more efficiently with allergens (he is also allergic to dairy and eggs).

One treatment uses muscle testing to identify the allergens and aromatherapy as a gentle detox. The other therapy involves ayurvedic medicine. The combination of both has seen a dramatic improvement in the condition of Ryan's eczema. His skin is smooth and baby soft for the first time!!

When Ryan is freed of his allergies I still intend to carry around an Epipen and I also intend to keep him right away from anything do with peanuts, dairy and eggs. They are not essential to his health and wellbeing and the more I read about these products the more I believe we would ALL be better off keeping away from them. Ryan eats lots of fresh fruit and vegetable and meats for this protein. He loves rice and I am keeping him wheat free also as I believe bread and other wheat derived products are so processed they have no goodness in them.

Once he is allergy free, I will have peace of mind when he goes to school that he will be okay but I will always make sure that the school knows that he HAD an allergy and that they have an Epipen on hand - just in case!

Your child is lucky to have parents that take the time (and expense!) to investigate alternatives to better all their lives!

All the best!

On Nov 16, 2001

Very Very interesting stuff! Anyway, my twins are sick a lot. Bad Bad immune systems, worse now that there in J.K..I was talking to another Mom about how my kids are always sick and she had her kids accupunctured before school started and they haven't been sick yet...Worth looking into. Especially because of getting sick so much my daughter has to take Asthma meds now. I'll wait for the vaccine for my sons PA allergy though.

On Nov 22, 2002

(I WAS THE BIGGEST SCEPTIC EVER). When I heard through this site that there was a chance that my son could be cured of this horrible p.a. I started to investigate naet.

I have severe chemical allergies and food allergies also(including nuts). I was only able to eat 4 foods that didn't give me huge hives and vomit. My throat was always tight and I lived on puffers, steroids and asthma pills. I went down to 90lbs. I decided to be the "GINNY PIG" not only for myself, but for my son. I WAS DESPERATE.

After 4 months of naet, treating BASIC foods and chemicals (not nuts because I was to scared even though my pr. said it would be okay). I was able to stop all medications.I only get asthma when I have a cold. I can eat lots of foods now. MY IMMUNE SYSTEM IS STRONGER. I CAN EAT THINGS THAT I WAS NOT EVEN TREATED FOR. (This is what I am hoping for for my son.) Even though I am still allergic to perfumes and laundry detergents, it is 50% better.

My son is 12yrs old and developing mild asthma, and more and more food allergies every year. I don't want him to end up like I was. NOTE...I WILL NOT BE TREATING HIM FOR NUTS because I am still scared. Naet built up my IMMUNE SYSTEM. I will be thrilled just to get rid of my son's allergy to EGGS,WHEAT, SUGARS,FRUITs,BREADS (he is not anaphylactic to these items). I know naet can do that. and mayby then his p.a. won't be so severe.

I will keep you posted. .....I want to thank T.J. and P.J.

On Nov 22, 2002


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On Nov 22, 2002

Wow, NAET stuff again...

Our experiences are all on here. I would do NAET again if a situation arose.

Please everyone, let's "play nice" -- I know this topic is controversial.

On Nov 22, 2002

San103, if my post came off as sounding like I wasn't "playing nice", I sincerely apologize. Not my intent in the slightest bit. Not meant to offend anyone, including those adamantly against it. To each his own. Just meant to offer suggestions as to how we reached our decision to do it.

On Nov 23, 2002

I have to say I was extremely interested to see who had raised a NAET thread again. I think what I'd like to ask, like someone did above, is that we all "play nice". But this, I mean, please, if at all possible, we have been deluged with NAET posters in the past that were quite nasty and called us child abusers for not having our children try this\ unconventional treatment.

I don't think anyone here minds hearing about alternative therapies and even possible cures. What we do mind and what drives a lot of long standing members from the board is when we, that choose not to explore NAET, are called child abusers and other horrible names or when the Main Discussion board is flooded with 5 different threads by 5 different posters all about NAET.

I certainly respect what was posted in the last couple of days. It was done well. It was not judgemental. I'm simply asking if it could stay that way for all members on the board. [img][/img]

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]


On Nov 25, 2002


Thank for the note, but it was not necessary. My "play nice" comments were not directed at you...xsorry that you thought they were. I was referring to some past posting...this thread has some "interesting" comments from a couple of years ago.


On Nov 30, 2002

Wow! I haven't been to this site in over a year now, and I never expected to see this thread on the front page. I thought by now it would have been long gone!

Sandy, I am so happy to hear of your success.

Andrea, I think it is great you have also posted of your experience!

San, you also seem to keep in touch with things!

As I said in the very beginning, I only came here to try to share our experience, and hopefully be of some help to others.

I for one would never pass judgement on anyone. We all have to do what is right for us. As parents we would do anything to protect our children, and whatever that might be is the decision of that individual, and noone else should interfer with it!

I have always felt that until you have been in another person's shoes, you can not say what you would do, or how you would react!

As for my family's experience with naet, it has been nothing but excellent!

I will always remain cautious when it comes to peanuts though. That is a fear that will never leave, and most people will never understand the realization of allergies, or the consequences of careless indifference.

I still have epipens at home, school, and relatives, just in case.............

Take care all, and happy holidays to all! -Terri

On Dec 9, 2002

T.J. & P.J., from what I have read by visiting one of the NAET websites (I can't remember which one, it was a year or so ago and you guys know my memory [img][/img] ), NAET *could* be perceived as a *cure-all*, which begs my continuing question to anyone who does post about NAET on this board, especially since we have the Off Topic section.

Why is it that NAET has never been mentioned to any of us (or is it only me [img][/img] ? ) that are suffering from migraines, chronic sinus infections, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, menstrual difficulties, environmental allergies, fibromyalgia, etc.? Why have people only posted about their positive NAET experiences with regard to PA?

Or, is it simply because no one has explored how NAET may be able to help these other conditions (if you will).

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]


On Dec 9, 2002

Cindy, I don't consider naet to be an "off topic". I mentioned naet because it has helped people with peanut allergies. The reason why naet is not mentioned on this board about migraines, menstral difficulties etc is because that would be "off topic".

On Dec 9, 2002

Sandy, you've misunderstood me. I completely understand why NAET has been posted under Main Discussion re PA. It is an alternative therapy/treatment/cure (not clear of what wording is politically correct).

My question to T.J. & P.J. who were probably one of the first members to post about NAET on is why, after I visited a NAET website, why people who have had success with NAET with their child's PA (or their own) and have actually written in their posts how it has helped them with other health concerns, why no one that believes strongly in NAET has ever visited our Off Topic section. I'm simply trying to figure out why it is only the main part of the board (i.e., the peanut allergy related part of the board) that has been visited by NAET posters (I'm trying to think of different wording, I'm sorry [img][/img] ) and why they have never visited Off Topic to offer help, support and direction to people that are suffering from a litany of other health complaints.

Do you know what I mean?

I was not saying that you personally should not be posting about NAET experiences re PA under Main Discussion. It's just that I did do some research, at the request of Chris from into NAET, and from the website that I visited (and other members posted on), it would appear that NAET could also help people with other things health related, not solely PA. I'm just wondering why no one that believes in NAET has ventured into Off Topic into the other health concerns there. But, as I said above, perhaps no one has had NAET experience with anything other than PA and that's why. I was simply wondering and for Lord's sake, not looking for a battle on this always contentious issue. I am quite sincere in my questioning re this, not being facetious, judgemental, or anything else, just asking a very simple question.

I hope this clarified my question to you and also, again, if you read my post above, it was directed to T.J. & P.J., again probably one of the first members to post re their positive experiences with NAET re PA.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Dec 10, 2002


I understand your question directed towards TJ & PJ. It is a very valid question. I'd like to add something from my own experience if you don't mind.

I personally have had a positive experience with NAET re problems with my gall-bladder. I have a co-worker who, within the past couple of weeks, has told me she has been doing NAET for 4 months now for a severe soy allergy which is now "cured" to the point that she can eat limited amounts of soy without reactions.

Besides the fact that I don't like to talk about NAET because of the controversy it causes, why didn't I think to post it under 'off-topic'? Honestly, because it never came to mind. Because I'm not 'selling' NAET. When I have a problem, I don't go directly to a NAET practitioner. First call is to our primary MD. Mabye it is because I am combining two different schools of medicine/thought. Maybe because with PA there are currently no alternatives so sharing personal successes with our "PA family" is all we think about. I can't answer for certain. All I know is that I have had a positive personal experience which I did not post elsewhere and it had nothing to do with anything other than 'it never came to mind'.

Andrea :-)

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On Dec 10, 2002

Cindy- I understand what you are saying. Keep smiling! Sandy

On Dec 11, 2002

We are working with a natrapatic doctor and we have done a type of therapy like naet. Our 'problem' is my daughter taking the vitamins. She has a terrible time swallowing pills and has five to take three times a day. We tried crushing them but the taste!!! She needs a liver detox, allergy support, candia yeast, an alvoe support. She needs to drink so much water that she ends up with a tummy ache. I am wondering about instead of all the pills at a meal time, at each meal she would take part of them. I know that is not the best but I really don't know what to do.

Someone metioned useing aromatherapy for liver detox, how is that done?

I would like to take her back to the chiro but this time of year she is scared to leave the house, due to all the nuts in the stores.

On Dec 11, 2002

Lauren's Mom and others, thank-you for understanding what my actual question was. The thing for me, is that if someone has had a positive experience with NAET regarding something other than PA and that topic is posted about under Off Topic, I would love to hear about it as an alternative therapy for that medical condition as well. Since I started the threads on most of the medical conditions [img][/img] it's quite obvious that I need some input and maybe some guidance and direction to a different place. I would welcome that in Off Topic.

I'm glad that you understood where I was coming from.

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]


On Dec 23, 2002

Hi Cindy, Sorry, I have been without a computer for over two weeks, or I would have responded sooner!

My son and I have had other successes with naet. I had hives every day of my life for over two years. I was told by my former allergist I would have to take shots for 5 to 7 years, and Claritan for the rest of my life. This was following the scratch tests.

After about nine months of naet treatments for various allergens, at about 1 visit per week, my hives subsided, and now are completely gone! I no longer take aqny medication or shots!

It was quite expensive but well worth it. The allergist had said I had allergic overload, probably due to a compromised immune system from terrible stress following my divorce.

I don't really have the extra time to spend posting about other topics pertaining to naet, that is why I don't really offer too much to the site. Plus, I was never here to push naet, only to offer an alternative to help in conjunction with other medical treatments!

I also have terrible monthly migraines. Naet has not been able to solve that one! I am just praying for early menopause, as that is when other female family members migraines stopped!

I saw great strides in my son's attitude, behavior, grades in school, sleep patterns, and overall well being after several months of eliminating allergens. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not........ In any case, I like his behavior and personality much better now that he is not miserable from foods he eats, and can breath freely!

I hope this has helped to clarify other ways it has been beneficial.

By the way, some of the posters at, were a little nutty with what they thought naet could help them with! I would say they were grasping at straws!

-take care, Happy and safe Holidays to all! -Terri