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Posted on: Sun, 08/22/1999 - 1:32am
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Hello! I am a mother of an 8yr. old child who has been deathly allergic to peanuts since birth! We have made several trips to the hospital in the past due to being unaware of how many things contained peanuts! About a year ago I purchased a magazine at the health food store that had an article in about a cure for allergies. My son and were already taking shots every week and living on claritin and benedryl (supposedly for the rest of our lives) I contacted the website in this article and found a doctor in my area who was trained in this n.a.e.t. (allergy elimination technique) and it has been a miracle and a godsend! This technique uses muscle tasting and acupunture( acupressure for children ) to find and permanately eliminate any allergy you have. I have now been eliminated for more than 50 allergies and my son is very close to that. Just this week we finally were ready to try nuts. I was very nervous and scared! The first time my son only held a peanut in his hand, the next day he held the peanut in his mouth- NO REACTION! so the following day I let him eat a small amount of peanut butter and still NO REACTION! not even a single hive! I realize this is going to be hard to believe, but it works and I just want to help all who suffer from the problems as us. There are two websites you can go to- [url=""][/url] and [url=""][/url] These will explain how and why it works and how to find a practioner in your area. There is also a book you can puchase called Winning the war against Asthma & Allergies written by Dr. Ellen Cutler. I hope this will help everyone in the right direction, it has made our lives 100% better, but be patient you must go through the basics first (which is explained in the book ) before you start to see results. If I can answer any other questions I will be happy to help anyone I can thank-you for your time and I hope this will make as much of a change in your lives as it has ours!

Posted on: Sun, 08/22/1999 - 4:26am
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pSorry, TJ and PJ, but this sounds a little shady to me and I would caution people on trying this and other "alternative" treatments that have not been adequately studied and published in peer reviewed medical journals./p

Posted on: Sun, 08/22/1999 - 8:54am
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pHi! I would expect you to be skeptical, I was myself when I first read about n.a.e.t. Did you check out the websites? There are four books available to the public, there are patient testimonials, chat rooms to share experiences,you can e-mail the doctors in California and they do respond quickly! You can find a lisenced practioner in your area to speak with, and they can explainhow this works with Kinesiology, acupunture, and muscle reflex testing. Maybe it sounds to good to be true, but sometimes the most natural ways of healing fool the scientific world! My son's own pediatrician dismissed me when I tried to explain it to him. He had said the peanut allergy would never go away and we would always have to carry an epipen with us. Now that he has seen my child eat a nut even he is amazed and did'nt know how to respond! I only wanted to help others and would not have entered this website if Dr. Nambupripad had not suggested I do so. She conveyed to me this will be more publicly addressed when there are enough doctors trained to handle the patient numbers. Investigate this for yourself, I think you'll be happy with what you find!/p

Posted on: Mon, 08/23/1999 - 12:54am
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pI went the naet site before I found this one and believe me...I was VERY tempted (I'd been looking into alternative medicines when I was getting nowhere with mainstream/modern medicine). However, on visiting, I got one of those "gut feelings" that these NAET doctors are in it for the money. They don't post how it works, or anything of any real value...they merely tell you to buy these books which will explain everything in detail and you'll get to read about all their successes. /p
pUnfortunately, Dr Nambudripad has only reinforced that feeling by suggesting that you put his website up (for more business?)./p
pI'm still desperate to find a cure and some relief for my daughter; however, as our ped. allergist once told me...if it were just myself, she'd tell me I could/should try anything I wanted...but it is my 3 yr old daughter...would I really want to risk her life on something that has not been thoroughly tested or even really researched?/p
pI do understand, and believe, that many alternative medicines are wonderful and have their place (even though modern doctors would disagree whole-heartedly)... But after some serious thinking on the subject...ONLY for myself or my husband (if he wished) and NOT for our daughter, she's far too precious to let modern or alternative doctors experiment with. [img][/img]/p
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Posted on: Mon, 08/23/1999 - 4:36am
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pHi T.J.,/p
pYou do still carry the epi-pen, don't you? You know, there are many documented cases where the body does not always react negatively to the allergen, but the next exposure could be the big one. I would suggest that you still keep your son away from peanuts, just in case./p
pTake care, Debbie/p

Posted on: Mon, 08/23/1999 - 7:12am
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p"Muscle tasting"? Acupressure? .../p
pAnd this eliminates the complex IgE mediated anaphylactic reaction how? /p
pI had more than a gut feeling about this one. Caveat emptor!/p
pAnd why must this be posted on nearly all of the boards on this site?/p

Posted on: Mon, 08/23/1999 - 7:52am
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pI,m sorry to see such a negative reply I only wanted to share our positive experience with n.a.e.t.. In responce to Marielle, Dr. Nambudripad only suggested I use this website because I myself wanted to publicize this with the media and she suggested I only share my experience with other allergy sufferers for now until they have enough Drs. trained to handle the patient demand. Furthermore my doctor is one of the most thorough and caring professionals I have ever met! She would even come to our home if it were necessary to isolate the problem causing the allergic reaction. My child is the most precious gift god could give to me! I am not able to have any more children and would never risk losing my only one! I only want to give him a better chance at staying alive and well! In the next couple of years this will gain more public support as those who are willing to try it add their own testimonials. I do indeed still keep an epipen- thats just being responsible. Also my typing error was to be muscle testing- not tasting! I only posted this in what I considered to be four of the main areas. To try and help others with a sucessful alternative to living with a dangerous and frightening allergy. This is something very powerful and not to be taken lightly. We have learned we must follow all instructions to the letter and then the allergies are completely eliminated. Those around us were skeptical until they saw the results too!/p

Posted on: Mon, 08/23/1999 - 12:54pm
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pTJ PJ:/p
pThanks for alerting us to this alternative method in treating peanut allergies. For myself, I have had both good and bad experiences with alternative medicine. As MJ mentioned, the biggest problem with alternative medicine is that the methods and practitioners do not undergo the rigorous review process that Western Medicine must endure. /p
pI recently went to an herbalist to try and get off my asthma medication. She prescribed a number of herbs, including lobelia, which caused more disturbing side effects than the corti-steroids I had been taking. I did an Internet search on the various herbs and found that lobelia had been outlawed by the FDA because it had killed enough people to get their attention. As I relunctantly went back to my corti-steroids, I did so with the knowledge that at least Western Medicine allows me the courtesy to know just how many people it kills and why. [img][/img]/p
pBut I do not discount alternative treatments. What Chinese medicine does well, IMO, is work with strengthening the immune system so that illness is prevented. However, once a disease has progressed to a chronic condition, Western Medicine is the only way to go./p
pPlease don't be offended if others on this site are skeptical. I did visit [url="http://www.quackwatch."]http://www.quackwatch.[/url] com and came up with this article on NAET, just for balance./p
p [url=""][/url] /p
pBut I do believe in miracles, do believe that alternative medicine has its place in health and healing, do believe that healers walk among us as Christ did many years ago./p
pAs for the doubters, would you extend us the courtesy of posting your son's status one year from now? I'd be interested in what the long-term effects are from the resolution of his peanut allergy./p
pWishing you all the best,/p
pNoreen /p
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Posted on: Tue, 08/24/1999 - 1:35am
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pDear T.J. P.J./p
pI'm happy to hear of your son's recovery./p
pPlease understand that my intention isn't 'negativity.' I simply wish to warn other readers who may be so desperate for a glimmer of hope for themselves or their children that they grasp at any straw./p
pThe problem is that peanut anaphylaxis can be so very deadly in such a short time. Those who submit to unproven remedies (a testimonial or individual claim of 'cure' is simply not sufficient here) may be risking a severe allergic reaction when they expose themselves to the allergen (i.e. peanut) in a non-medical setting. /p
pMoreover, they may develop a false sense of security and suffer a very severe reaction later on if they believe themselves to be 'cured.' Some people have died by relying solely on alternative remedies. Hence my caution caveat emptor -- let the buyer beware. This is the only sensible thing to say. /p
pOn a more positive note, some alternative remedies *do* work. Those who wish to learn more about their validity (and double-blind clinical trials which can help prove the efficacy of a given remedy) can visit the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes of Health. Their URL is: /p
pTheir toll-free phone number is:/p
p1-888-644-6226 /p
pGood luck and continued good health to you and your son./p
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Posted on: Sat, 08/28/1999 - 10:24am
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pHi! Just to add a little more information about this technique you can check out the August 1998 issue of the Natural Health magazine. It contains an article that explains the food allergy cure and how to find a doctor. Also there are some books that are very educational in this topic, Winning the War Against Asthma Allergies by Dr. Ellen Cutler, Say Goodbye to Illness by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, The N.A.E.T. Guide Book also by Dr. Nambudripad and Living Pain Free with Acupressure also by the same author. I hope these ideas will be of use to anyone whos interested in this techinique! I found them to be great reading, not just for the allergy part, but for the knowledge about health and well being in general. You can gain a lot of insight on how the body works and reacts to different things./p

Posted on: Mon, 08/30/1999 - 6:15am
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pWant to know my gut reaction to the NAET website? This is one of the bigger piles of quackery s--t I have ever seen. Sorry, but my reflexes and muscles are fine, I'm healthy and fit, and I am allergic to peanuts too. I find it hard to believe that any parent of a PA child would EVER put a peanut in that child's mouth or give that child peanut butter to eat to "test" to see if some quack theory about muscle weakness has "cured" that child of PA./p


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