Peanut allergy awareness products!


I have developed some products for our kids (and us!) to help keep them safe and remind others about their peanut allergy. You can check out the products at [url=""][/url]

T-shirts, teddy bears, infant creepers, bibs, posters, buttons, bags and more!

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On Aug 17, 2004

Thanks! Great stuff!

------------------ Mommy to: Jake~ 5 yrs. old- PA Sam~ 3 yrs. old- Not PA

On May 18, 2005

SALE at peanut allergy online store! $10 off orders of $30 or more. "No Peanuts for Me!" t-shirts, buttons, bibs, bags and more. Visit [url=""][/url]

On Aug 11, 2005

Sale time again! Back to school sale: My shop now has "No Peanuts for Me!" CHILDREN'S t-shirts and sweatshirts! (along with lots of other items as well - book bags, caps, mousepads, teddy bears, buttons, and more.) $10 off purchases of $50 or more. Coupon code: B2SALE Now until Sept. 6 [url=""][/url]

On Nov 23, 2005

Wow - Postage stamps?? Very unique!!!

------------------ Jana


On Apr 3, 2006

now through April 13: $10 OFF $50 or more. code: SPRING10 [url=""][/url]

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