peanut allergy and baseball games

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does anyone have an opinion on taking someone with a PA to a baseball game? I have read both sides to the coin and am waiting on a call from my allergist, but I was wondering if anyone has successfully done this!

On Jul 16, 2008

I am taking my son who is 4 and PA to his first baseball game tonight. We are only going because it is "peanut free night" at the park. I don't know if I would be comfortable taking him when it is not peanut free night though.

On Jul 16, 2008

I took my son to a "local" professional baseball teams game. I decided that since the park was not crowded. that it would be safer. We went and had fun. I didn't see anyone eating peanuts. all they had were packaged ones that were sealed. The park was really clean and I called ahead outside of the pkg of peanuts that they sell they did not use nuts in anything.

I would not however, take him to Fenway park! ( unless we get picked to go when they have "peanut free" games. which when I called them they said they were scheduling at some point this season.