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Hello. My name is Cammie Caver. I have been reading messages on here for quite some time. I have two children, who are both allergic to peanuts. Kate is nine and Joseph is six. Kate had a reaction of hives when she was about eight months old. She had another one when she was three years old. Joseph has never had a reaction but is allergic as well. I recently had them re-tested using the RAST test and they are still very much allergic. After reading on this site, I realize we have been quite lucky to have not had more reactions. Kate is extremely allergic (as high as you can go) and Joseph is a level 3. I am glad to be able to communicate with other people that have this to deal with. Kate and Joseph are very diligent about staying away from peanuts. However, they both attend public school where peanut butter sandwiches and cookies are served periodically. They don't sit directly beside someone eating peanut products. Also, the tables are wiped down with soap and water after each class leaves. The teachers and administration are very cautious and no peanut butter products are ever in their rooms. Is there anyone who scored high on the Rast test and outgrew the allergy later on? Good Luck everybody!!

On Jan 12, 2002

Just wondering, since your kids have not had reactions, so you seem to have the take the right amount of precautions, what do you do about birthday parties? If one of your kids is invited to a birthday party where peanuts are being served, do you let them go? It seems like at birthday parties, kids are often running around with food and there is no hand washing. Just wondering how you handle this. Thanks.

On Jan 14, 2002

Most of the birthday parties that we attend are given in honor of close friends. I can only ever remember going to one that peanuts were served. The mom put them up as soon as I said that Kate could'nt have them. She felt really bad. I always remind them to ask me if they can have something before they eat it. I always stay with them during the parties. After reading about reactions children have had, I thought maybe we had outgrown it. That is the reason I have had them re-tested. I was so sad that we had not. Has anyone gone to Dr. Wesley Burks at the Arkansas Children's Hospital? Thanks for your reply. I am new to this so I was afraid no-one would write anything back to me! Cammie

On Jan 15, 2002

Hi, I went to Arkansas Children's Hospital yesterday but just to get Will's blood drawn. We see Dr Melissa Graham here in Little Rock. My 13month old was just diagnosed yesterday, and I am a complete basket case. I would love to talk to you. Do you live in Little Rock? Wendy Musteen

On Jan 15, 2002

I live in Ar and would love to talk to you. We use Dr Melissa Graham at the Little Rock Allergy Clinic. My 13month old tested positive for Peanuts and Eggs yesterday. I need to talk to someone who is going through this. Wendy Musteen

On Jan 15, 2002

Wendy, I just left you a note, but I can't find it. I don't know where I posted it so if it turns up, this will be a repition. I'm sorry about your little boy, but it will be o.k. It is just a way of life for us. I was mortified when Kate began school, but I have educated them about their allergy and what to do if a reaction occurs. I live in Booneville, MS. I heard about Arkansas Children's Hospital from a mutual friend whose children are also allergic to peanuts. I did'nt know anything about a peanut allegy until Kate was diagnosed with it. I pray daily for their safety and for my own peace of mind. I think your being upset is perfectly normal. I received an e-mail from Dr. Burks and I am going to take both children for an evaulation in his clinic. I will let you know when it is. You may have to give me directions. Educate yourself and practice common sense in every situation is the best advice I can give you. Kate has not had a reaction since she was three and had only one before then. In a report for school, she was to list something she ould change about herself. She said, " I am just a little girl, so I don't need to change anything yet.'' At this point I asked her about her peanut allergy and she said that she knew God wanted me to watch her extra careful. I had always told her that but I never knew if she understood it. Sorry this is so long. Write back soon!

On Jan 15, 2002

God has answered my prayers. I have been reading the topics in this site for some time. I have learned a lot and am thankful for everyone. My 10 year old son also goes to Dr. Melissa Graham in Little Rock, Arkansas.

On Jan 15, 2002

Cammie, My name is Lisa. As I sit here reading your story about your children, my eyes welled up with tears at your daughters response that 'God just wanted you to watch her extra careful'. I just fell upon this website tonight looking for anything that I could on PA. I have a 17 month old daughter who was recently diagnosed with peanut, egg and soy allergies. Her peanut is the most worrisome to me - she was a 5.5 on the IgE class (out of 6). So extremely high levels of antibodies. I feel depressed knowing that her childhood won't be 'normal'. I know I will feel better eventually, and that we need to educate ourselves and take this head on. But, it is so scarey - life or death. I pray to God for guidance and for the chance for her to outgrow this allergy. I have been trying to find out info regarding breast feeding and PA. I ate alot of peanut butter while breastfeeding - could this have caused her allergy? I am so glad I found this site - I'm looking forward to building a network of others going through the same thing with their children.... Lisa

On Jan 15, 2002

Lisa- I tried to breast feed with Kate and it did'nt work out. When I had Joseph, I did'nt even try. He is allergic also. I do not want you to think that I am being snobbish but Kate and Joseph are both extremley well-rounded children. They both have a great time wherever they are. They do not miss out on anything except eating peanuts and they would'nt touch one a mile away. I worried that children would not be kind about it, but it is quite the opposite. I have had parents tell me that their children would not bring any peanuts to school in their lunch boxes because it might make Kate or Joseph sick. I am so glad that I decided to post messages on here. I have already received blessings from doing so. I try to remember not to be compulsive, but to use common sense regarding this allergy. Write back soon! Cammie

On Jan 15, 2002

Neals Mom,

tell me about Dr. Graham-maybe I should go to her. I just want to go to someone who knows about peanut allergy exclusively. Thanks Cammie

On Jan 16, 2002

Dr. Graham is wonderful. I have been told she is the best! She has helped us out tremendously. She has even talked with the school principal about my son's allergies. Our school is trying its best to be peanut free, and the cafeteria will not serve any thing with nuts or peanuts because of his extreme allergy. I am so thankful for her and the school.