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peanut allergic now allergic to canned soup?

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17-year old boy allergic to peanuts is suddenly feeling the same peanut symptoms when he eats canned soup - including both Progresso and Campbells. No peanut is listed, nor do the soups come from a peanut facility. What in canned soup can he be allergic to? I noticed "modified food starch" and "corn protein - hydrolyzed" and barley flour on the label. Boy was tested about 10 years ago and no other food sensitivies were found. If it matters, his peanut allergy has never caused anaphlaxis, but on doc's orders we always carry epi pen. He usually feels tingling, sometimes lips slightly swell, and he throws up.

By cathlina on Nov 4, 2012

Sounds like he has developed more food allergies. If he has not been tested for food allergies for 10 years, he definitely needs to be retested. One of the culprits in soup is seafood contamination from using shared equipment. There have been recalls over the years for this issue.

By ciara on Nov 4, 2012

Re 17-year-old reacting to canned soups

Do the soups contain other legumes? Since peanuts are legumes, that's a reasonable place to start.

While there are the classic foods that tend to cause food allergies, I've got literally dozens of food allergies but no allergy to seafood or chocolate.

I remember when I first started reacting to legumes like green beans (I think I was three) but I was OK with peanuts for another few years. (Medical care was nonexistent when I was a child.)

I would be very careful with "testing" for specific food allergies. I went to an allergist who asked me what foods I reacted to. I told her and she told me I couldn't be allergic to onions (one of my worst allergies) because "it's impossible to avoid them." It's possible, just not easy.

Then she had her assistant skin-test me for my worst food allergies: peanuts, tree nuts, onions, peppers, eggs, and a number of other foods that cause nasty reactions. I didn't have a local reaction; I had a systemic reaction, including one of the worst asthma attacks I've ever had. She ignored the reaction because I didn't have red bumps on my arm.

Don't assume that if a soup manufacturer makes a seafood-soup that it's made on the same equipment or even in the same facility as the soups the boy is reacting to. He could be reacting to seafood, but it could be something else entirely.

I've carried EpiPens for years and have never used them, but I will not leave the house without them!

Food allergies are not to be toyed with. Vomiting is relatively minor, but the lip/tongue reaction is a sign of something potentially quite serious. It's how my really bad reactions start, from there I go to a migraine and a serious asthma attack where I fight for air for hours, sometimes days.

Good luck identifying the problem food!

By emarcus0687 on Nov 6, 2012

Hello, I'm a 20 year old with a life-threatening allergy to peanuts. I, like your son, have had reactions with canned soup (Campbell's). Although your son does not have anaphylaxis (so fortunate!), I would like to bring this to your attention because it could be "SOY PROTEIN":

Campbell's soup ingredients ----->

A study on severe food reactions in Sweden -- is soy protein an underestimated cause of food anaphylaxis? ----->;jsessionid=A7A20718839CA0AD8A27044B092EC6D2.d03t02?v=1&t=h97zg3e3&s=c75ac8e2679d45abb5c258c00efff08ec6e409fb

By jenteme on Nov 8, 2012

My daughter has just recently noticed that when she eats 'creamed' soups she feels 'funny in the throat'. She has a deadly PA, and now I'm going to have her avoid these soups as well.

By MoRich on Nov 12, 2012

Thank you. You have all been very helpful, and I appreciate it!

By MoRich on Nov 12, 2012

Thank you. You have all been very helpful, and I appreciate it!