Peanut Alert from FAN-Affecting NY, NJ & PA re:Wegmans Krinkle Cut Potato Chips

Posted on: Tue, 01/02/2001 - 10:17pm
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I just received the following Food Allergy Network Alert:

"Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is recalling Wegmans Krinkle Cut Potato Chips 13.5 oz. and Wegmans Krinkle Cut Potato Chips 5.5 oz with 'Sell by' dates of [b]JAN 0901A3 and FEB0101A5[/b]. These products may contain undeclared peanuts.

These products are sold at Wegmans Food Markets in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Consumers with questions can contact Wegmans at 1-800-WEGMANS."

Stay Safe.

Posted on: Fri, 01/05/2001 - 3:23pm
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According to Wegmans/ Recall turned out to be not needed, we were in contact with Wegmans regarding this recall. We asked them to update information on their website which was done today. We have thanked Wegmans for putting out the alert to keep us safe, when they thought it might have been a problem for our community. To read more about the recall on Wegman's site, (why they say it turned out not to be needed etc). Click here to go to Wegman's site
Also remember: We are waiting for
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Posted on: Thu, 01/11/2001 - 9:56pm
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Peanut Allergy Notice
January 11, 2001
On January 2, Wegmans contacted FAAN requesting that a notice be sent to
our Special Allergy Alert via E-mail list announcing the recall of two code
dates of Wegmans Krinkle Cut Potato Chips. The chips were suspected of
containing an undeclared peanut ingredient. Today, Wegmans has asked that
FAAN issue the following notice:
"Subsequent laboratory analysis by NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets and
Wegmans did not detect the presence of any peanut ingredient in Wegmans
Brand Potato Chips. Therefore, there is no cause for concern about this
"We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced due to this.
However, with life-threatening possibilities, we needed to act responsibly
until laboratory results were confirmed."
"If you have any questions, please call Wegmans Consumer Affairs at
Stay Safe.


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