PB and J as Hot Lunch Standard

Posted on: Thu, 08/31/2000 - 12:02am
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My kids attend a school where the principal, nurse and teachers have been nothing but helpful... thankfully. I have read some really awful stories about the schools.
But now it seems I have run into a road block. The standard alternative for hot lunch in our public schools here is PB and J. My kids have a peanut free table.. and the class rooms are peanut free, and parents dont send in peanut products all thanks to a letter that went home, But it all is defeated when the kids are being fed it from the hot lunch counter. I try to explain the residule effects of Pb to the principal, and it seems we bump heads on the issue of banning it. There has to be something other than PB and J that they can feed these kids. My oldest son has had airborn reactions in a class room where PB was earlier in a day, and at a health food store where they were in open bins. I dont want it to hapen at school. What documentation can I show the school to prove how dangerous it is to keep offering it to the rest of the school. I feel like the need for a quick, cheap alternative is more important than my childrens lives... help..

Posted on: Sat, 09/02/2000 - 12:32am
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I agree whole-heartedly! I don't seem to be able to get across the point, either. What good does it do to have a letter sent home, saying no nuts/peanuts please, if 3 out of 5 days from the caf. it is peanut butter??? We saw on the schedule for the next month pb& j, celery with pb, and pb cookies! UGH! I have a hard time convincing these people about the harm to my child when others are eating pb all around him. It would seem to me with all the info. these schools have, it would just make sense that they are not the ones dispensing the pb. I know it is not possible to eliminate it completely (kids bring it from home) but the school should not be the supplier of what I consider to be poison!!

Posted on: Fri, 09/08/2000 - 1:09pm
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Wow, we will be dealing with the same thing. Our lunches are prepared at a central location so, essentially, I have to contend with changing the menus for all the elementary schools. I find it very discouraging. My daughter doesn't start kindergarten until 2003, but I figured I better start planning a strategy now as these things take time. I will be watching with interest....


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