PA/TNA in adults becoming worse

Posted on: Fri, 09/05/2003 - 1:58am
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Hi all:

I am TNA 24-yr old -- recently dignosed. I always read about kids whose sensitivity has increased (going from ingestion, or touch to airborne), have there been many cases of that happening with adults? Has that happened to you or anyone you know?


Posted on: Fri, 09/05/2003 - 4:02am
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Anonymous (not verified)

I have adult on-set allergies to peanuts andsesame seeds. My reactions have gotten worse over time, and I have become more sensitive (I now react to trace amounts).
My sister's reactions have also gotten worse.
But not my brother's.
Welcome to the board -- and sorry my response isn't a good one.

Posted on: Fri, 09/05/2003 - 4:42am
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My soy allergy has worsened to the point of becoming anaphylatic. My PA has not. This could be because peanuts are so much easier to avoid.
I don't avoid peanut may-contains and I allow myself to have things cooked in cheap peanut oil from time to time (once a month or less). I don't react to peanuts if I touch them or handle them and I don't react to my husband if he eats them--unlike soy. He eats soy, I react. I probably need to be retested for PA, since my reactions to it may have been a cross-reaction because of soy.
I wouldn't recommend my lax attitude to anyone. Because of other life-threatening allergies (soy, natural rubber latex, papaya, penicillium, benadryl), I always have epinephrine one me (inhalers, pills, epi-pens).
Both of the legume allergies (peanut and soy) were diagnosed when I was 22 or so. I'm 27 now.

Posted on: Fri, 09/12/2003 - 11:43am
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I had one anaphylactic reaction to iodine when I was 24. 2 months before, I was eating seafood like crazy (all you can eat buffet, I kid you not). The iodine I reacted had been injected in my knees for xrays. After that I could still eat seafood. Now I can't. I'm still fine around seafood but I won't touch it. I react to the anchovies in Worcestershire sauce, which I didn't before.
I'm now. oh sh*t, way too close to 40 than comfortable. At least I'm still on the "good" side of 40.

Posted on: Sun, 09/14/2003 - 12:25am
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Hi not to add to the unhappy news but my P/A has gone from just ingestion to airborn and I now get nausa from the smell of peanuts. and I was diagnosed at 27 now almost 31.

Posted on: Mon, 09/15/2003 - 12:07am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Quote:Originally posted by darthcleo:
At least I'm still on the "good" side of 40.[/b]
Enough picking on the old people [img][/img]
How do you know what the "good" side is until you get over here? [img][/img]
Sorry bout the interruption folks - I now take you back to your regularly scheduled discussion about PA/TNA in adults becoming worse.....

Posted on: Wed, 09/17/2003 - 3:38am
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I think my PA/TNA is getting worse.
I was at work today and someone in the same room was eating a bag of mixed nuts. Before I had asked him what he was eating my face started to itch and my lips were also starting to tingle.
Super scary
How do you all handle workplace situations?

Posted on: Sat, 09/20/2003 - 10:29am
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I don't work. I have numerous disorders which make working very difficult. I'm going to attempt to work again in about six months. If it doesn't pan out, I'll file for disability.

Posted on: Sat, 09/20/2003 - 1:32pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

Townie, I also don't work outside the home, not due to health, but because I chose to be a stay-at-home mom.
However, over the last year I recall being worried that I was starting to react to odours. (For me it was actually sesame seeds, but still, I wasn't touching or eating them.) This went on for a short while, but then stopped. I [i]think[/i] it was happening because I was under a lot of stress at the time.
I'm not saying [i]you[/i] aren't reacting to odour, just offering a ray of hope. (I hope [img][/img] )

Posted on: Tue, 09/23/2003 - 4:04pm
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I have had PA all of my life. When I lived at home my parents were very careful of cross contamination but were able to eat peanut butter in the house. Over the years, the smell started bothering me. A few months ago at work there were several people eating oriental food containing peanut sauce at their desks and in the kitchen. I went into full anaphylactic shock. The allergist told me that I needed to limit the airborne exposure that I was having, and needed to let my office know that they would need to limit the peanut exposure at work. My work considered this an

Posted on: Wed, 09/24/2003 - 1:18am
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I know I am naive, but how the heck is this an unreasonable accommodation? Can you do anything about this?
I'm so sorry!


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