PA/TNA and what else???


It is just amazing most of seem to be able to rattle off ours or our childrens allergies easier than our addresses and phone numbers. I thought it would be interesting if we would make a list of what all the allergies are. Nick age 3 allergy tested at 18 months DOG 1+ ORANGE 1+ PEA 1+ PEANUT 4+++ SOYBEAN 2+ CASHEW 1+ As I had mentioned in an earlier post Nick can eat all of the things he tested positive to except peanuts. We avoid all tree nuts. Kim

On Jan 25, 2001

Cayley, age 3 1/2, tested at age 3.


Cayley had a severe milk allergy until age 2 1/2. She drinks it now with no problem, even though it still shows up, it's minor. We also have a cat, and she doesn't react unless she has her face buried in his fur for a prolonged time.

On Jan 25, 2001

Logan age 4 allergy tested just after his 3rd birthday: Bermuda grass - class III Oak tree - class III (we have 3 in our yard) Giant ragweed - class III Cat epi/dander - class V Dog epithelium - class III Dog dander - class V House dust - class IV D farinae (mold?) - class II Banana - neg (Logan says they make his throat itch) Soybean - class II (causes hives) Egg white - class III Egg yolk - class III Milk - class III Corn - class IV (causes lots of problems) Wheat - class IV (whole wheat gives him asthma) Peanut - class V (no known exposures) Pecan - class III (no known exposures) Sesame seed - not tested for but had anaphylactic reaction Pistacio - not tested for but had anaphylactic reaction ????? - had a mystery anaphylactic reaction last night.

As for myself, I don't know my numbers I just know what I react to: Peanut (anaphylactic) Hazelnut (anaphylactic) Tomato Banana Avacado Egg Soy Milk Corn Citrus - esp. orange juice Tons of animal and environmental allergies. I can tolerate most of those things in small amounts except banana and avacado. Eggs only if cooked for a long time and tomatoes seem okay if they've been processed in any way. Well, that's what I can think of off the top of my head...


On Jan 26, 2001

Matt, age 2, tested 2.5wks ago

Peanuts- not tested, but allergist confirmed allergy based on previous reactions (one anaphylactic) Brazil Nuts- 2+ Hazelnuts- 2+ Pecans- 2+ Coconut- 2 Carrot- 2 Peach- 2 Watermelon- 2 Chocolate- 2 Egg- 1 Cabbage- 1+ Strawberry- 1+ Sunflower Seed- 1+ Amoxicillin- just discovered this one too, after a bad rash head to toe Desitin- makes diaper rash worse, causes blisters

For now, the allergist has just told us to avoid the 2s and 2+s, and peanuts, of course! We've had some red spots pop up during a milk bath twice now, and have called the allergist on it since he tested neg to milk. We may end up adding milk as an allergy afterall and having to avoid it as well. He also breaks out in hives if the bath water is too warm. (I always have too...big time!)

On Jan 26, 2001

Stephen was test at 4 months... not tested for much (15 things i think)as he was little and the main reason was to try and find a cause for his eczema

Peanuts 4+ Cats 4+ Dust Mites 2+

There were several 1's, but they could have been just from aggrivating his already irritated skin or maybe signs of allergies later as that was first exposure for most of the things tested.

He did not test allergic to milk, but after taking him off a milk based formula his skin improved dramatically, breaks out (other effects varying) from apples, oatmeal (only when injested not oatmeal baths), and soy.

On Jan 26, 2001

I was so interested in this! Nicholas seems to be allergic to oranges but that is not part of his RAST test sheet he's taking next month. Was it stardard in your tests?

Also, I was interested in Desitin. Nicholas has a rash around his bottom that pops up in actual white heads and turns often into yeast. It's not gone away in his three years, we use Desitin to help. Or maybe we aren't helping... This rash is why we suspect oranges. rebekahc, I hope Logan is okay.


On Jan 26, 2001

Michelle- I've always used just straight vaseline (and nekkid for Matt. It's always cleared his diaper rashes up within a day or two. BUT, he is just now getting over a BAD diaper rash (oozing and crusting over) he's had for a week and a half. I've tried vaseline, no diaper (none for the last week..I am so tired of cleaning up messes!), anti-yeast ointment, milk baths, and now am using antibiotic and a cream the pharmacist made up with Silvadene and antifungal in it. The antibiotic has helped the most, I think. I'm hoping another day or two and he'll be cleared up.

On Jan 26, 2001

When I had the tests (I am 61) about a year ago, I tested 2+ for peanuts. Yet it has causes anaphylaxis, so the numbers don't mean a lot in my opinion. I am allergic to so many things that when I was told to cut out all foods to which I showed a reaction, I was left with plain meat and some fruits -- canned or frozen but not fresh.

Welcome to the wild world of allergies. LOL


On Jan 26, 2001

Thanks Michelle [img][/img] He seems to be fine except for some chest congestion. Rebekah

On Jan 29, 2001

MICHELLE2, I think each physican can pick and choose what they want in their allergy panel. It probably depends what serum they want to buy or what they think are some of the more common allergies. Kim.

On Jan 29, 2001

Here are the results so far. I didn't put this by class, just how many times an allergy showed up. Does this make sense?

peanuts 6 dog 2 citrus 2 cashew 1 cat 3 pea 2 pecan 2 dust mite 3 soybean 1 pistacio 1 house dust 1 soy 1 hazelnut 2 feather 1 milk 3 brazilnut 1 cabbage 1 sunflower seed 1 egg 3 seseme seed 1 corn 3 wheat 1 tomato 1 banana 1 avacado 1 coconut 1 carrot 1 peach 1 watermelon 1 chocolate 1 Hopefully I'll be able just to edit this page instead of doing this every time. I hope I counted correctly. Kim [img]/peanut/boards/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]

On Jan 30, 2001


Do you think that maybe since you can't eat fresh fruits that it has something to do with pesticides?

I'm just curious as to what your opinion is.

On Jan 30, 2001


I'm just curious but why would any doctor test a 4 month old baby? A baby at 4 months is only supposed to have breast milk or formula. When my first son was an infant he also had ezcema (mainly on his face). His pediatrician prescribed a hydrocortisone cream and ointment which cleared up his face in no time.

I'm not trying to upset you, I'm just wondering why a doctor would test a 4 month old.

On Jan 30, 2001

Corey was skin tested at 15 months:

4++ for peanuts

through observation, I know he is also allergic to:

cashews cow's milk protein soy protein

He has never had direct contact with any of these.


On Jan 30, 2001

e-mom Stephen had eczema and what seemed to be severe cradle cap. The eczema was from head to toe. (and covering him from head to toe was not an option, although on the really really bad patches they tried hydrocortisone and later a mix of hydrocortisone and nystatin creme) The reason for all of it was not because of the eczema, but the "cradle cap" which should have cleared up by 4 months of age. His pediatrician was concerned that what was on his head was related to some kind of disease so she sent him to a dermatologist to have it tested. And as soon as the dermatologist saw his skin, she was 99% sure all of the problems were allergy related so he was sent to an allergist who chose to test because it was so bad and needed to be treated in his opinion. He was still on a milk based formula at the time because his pediatrician never once suggested it was an allergy problem - eczema was normal for babies and so was cradle cap.