PA/TNA Allergy-Full Time Job

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Just throwing it out there on this rainy morning...but does anyone feel like this is a Full Time Job? I feel like I am calling manufacturers and restaurants everyday, just to add to my safe and not so safe list od people..

On Mar 19, 2008

yes, yes and yes between that the extra cooking, reading lables, research, working with schools, etc definitely a second job and more

On Mar 19, 2008

It's acutally insane. yesterday I took DD to see the Easter Bunny, and of course I was thinking "omg, what if he just ate PB crackers...or had a kid on his lap that ate PB".....i mean I know that is insane....but then I am knew to all this, and need to fine my rational comfort zone.

On Mar 19, 2008

Yes it does between the cooking, extra time to read all labels and double check, dealing with the schools, doctors, manufacturers, etc.

And, regarding your comment about the Easter Bunny, this actually happened with my child and Santa. Santa touched my child's face and caused hives, so it does happen. A learning experience to make everyone aware.

On Mar 21, 2008

YES! I feel like it is a lot of work, and even more worry and emotional stress.

When my child goes to K, I will need time to put in place safety plans, communicating with the teachers, volunteering to ensure things go as planned. Birthday parties, going out for food (!!), friends parties, play dates, holiday food, sleepovers, day camps, school camps, school trips, allergy tests etc etc etc.

My husband (like most?) doesn't do a lot to help or proactively look after our child; when things come up my work suffers. I have been trying to work full time, but am totally stressed out because of feeling like I have too much on my plate. But I keep thinking, if others can do it, why can't I?

Thank goodness I've found you guys to vent to! I no longer feel like I'm overreacting, or alone.

On Mar 24, 2008

YES! I'm ok if it is just normal day-to-day things. I think it is still a little easier now because my DS is only just over a year old so he isn't in school or anything. When we are home most days in this environment that I KNOW is safe it isn't too bad.

We went to my parents for two weeks in January and just got back from a week at the in-laws and I'm just exhausted! I was always worried that relatives would be giving him food, that their would be issues at their house, etc....I need a mental vacation for a bit so I think we are going to hang at home for a while! LOL!