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Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 1:02pm
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I don't know much about the syndrome, but the doctor said that it is the reason why, when his skin is slightly scratched, a red mark stays there for a long time. Hot showers leave him with very red skin. Spicy foods can irritate his mouth. Whatever side he has slept on is red in the morning. Whenever he and his sister are in sunlight for very long, they break out in red, raised hives on the exposed areas of their skin. The doctor told me that IgE is not involved like it is in a true allergy, but the effect is the same. I forgot to add that Matthew is extremely fair and has blonde hair. I tried to look this up in December on the Net and got quite frustrated at the lack of information available.

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 1:05pm
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I forgot to say earlier that, whenever I get a cortisone shot for tendinitis, I get really red and hot cheeks the second day, and they stay that way for about two days. When my son was on prednisone for two weeks after his last episode of anaphylaxis, he also had red cheeks. I doubt that cortisone is the culprit with the kids here, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 1:25pm
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Yonit - Cayley get red splotches from ketchup and other tomato-based foods also. I never noticed how long they took to go away, to be honest. I just knew it wasn't an allergic reaction.
Joshua's Mom - How long do the red marks last? Would giving his face a wipe with a wet washcloth help them fade? If so, then it may be tomato/citris related.

Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2001 - 4:26am
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Stephen started with the smooth red patches and red cheeks a couple of days ago. I don't know what to make of them. For Stephen I think they are they beginning of a development of an allergy of somesort. Especially since by nightfall he had hives on one of his arms. But they all went away witihin a couple of hours and never seemed to bother him unlike other reactions. He has had a teething rash for a month or so but it is bumpy and this wasn't. BTW the stephen is on Zyrtec (for allergies) and Zantac (for reflux and itching)
Anyway, I say all that to say Good luck figuring out the cause if you can.
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Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2001 - 11:17am
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Possibly the red cheeks could be caused by a slight allergy to the soap or detergent you use for washing his clothing and bed linens. Often our rinse cycles do not remove all the detergent, so traces of it are left. There are many chemicals in detergent, and I try now to buy those with the least amount of additives.
When I put my cheek on my pillow, if I have not really rinsed carefully, it causes my cheeks to get red -- one more than others because it is usually my left cheek on the pillow.
Also, dust mites get into bed clothing, and could cause the redness. And sometimes, people just react to warmth. A cheek can get pretty warm on a bed or pillow.
Try double or triple rinsing for a while and see it if helps.
As all of your children get older, you may notice some environmental allergies such as I have. I always try to keep track of new allergies to foods and environmentals when I have some sort of reaction. I think that I have just become allergic to crab -- right in the middle of crab season -- and will test it by going to just one more crab feed... By the way, I am 61, so it is never over. I am PA, TNA, with multiple food and environmental allergies, all made even worse by Rosacea. And most of the time, everything is kept under control. So your kids will get things under control, too.

Posted on: Fri, 02/09/2001 - 5:01am
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My blonde haired, green eyed boy gets this also. His ears will also turn fire engine red, and be very hot to the touch. So far I haven't figured out any pattern.

Posted on: Fri, 02/23/2001 - 7:24am
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my son gets this too. I realized the other day he had it after laying on the same pillow a friend of mine with lots of hairsray and perfume had layed on two days earlier. He also gets very red ears! I gave him a shower and it got much better.maybe the chemicals caused it.

Posted on: Mon, 02/26/2001 - 3:24pm
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I get this too on my forehead, sometimes I have been a room where nuts have been eaten by others, sometimes after I have held my guinea pigs or cleaned the cages. I know that I am allergic to them but can't bear to part with them. Other than feeling hot it doesn't bother me and has not progressed farther than that. I wonder what causes it?



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