parochial school and 504\'s

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My son starts kindergarten this fall at a catholic school. Has anyone had any experience with what, if any, rights we have in the parochial school systems like the 504 protects those in public systems? These schools do not receive federal aid. Thanks for your help...


On May 5, 2002

Timsmom- There is some info about this under Schools. My DD is starting K at a parochial school in the fall. Our principal has decided (without my asking) that our school will be peanut-free. She has been incredibly understanding and has agreed with me about other policies such as handwashing, DD's wearing her Epi-pen, etc. I hope that your principal is as wonderful as ours. To answer your question, 504s generally do not apply in Catholic schools. You will have to rely on the good will of your school's administration. Prayers help, too! Good luck.

On May 5, 2002

BS312: Thanks for your help - and the optimism - We are setting up an appt. with the principal of the school and hopefully will meet with her just as this year ends. I'm going in with all the facts and hopefully, will get the support necessary. There is a teacher with a peanut allergic son in the school now, which can help - or not. Although her comfort level is high (because she is on-site), she did not ask for any special "peanut-free lunch table" or peanut-free room, let alone the whole school. I may have to plead the seriousness of Tim's reactions to get them to change their ways, since they didn't see the need to for "one of their own's children". Know what I mean? Thanks again for your help. I'll let all know how it all comes out.