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That's interesting... Both of my parents smoked a lot (God rest their souls), I cannot believe all of the things women used to do when they were pregnant or around their children. I don't think I ever wore a seatbelt as a child nor did any of my 4 siblings... I think we were usually standind or climbing all over the station wagon LOL. I was a freak as a pregnant woman on bedrest. No caffeine, and absolutely no cigarette smoke near me. No lots of things... I did have 5 miscarriages before my wonderful twins were born. My son is PA, TNA, and has asthma. But I am very thankful that my babies were almost full term and went home with me. It is scary and hard, but I know it could be alot worse (like a crippling burth defect...thank God). Where was this study done, who did it? Just curious, wondering how the link between an allergy like this and cigarette smoke? Noone ever smoked around my child so I can't blame that for the asthma...

On Sep 15, 2007

There was recently a study done that was showing *our* parents...if they smoked then *we/women* were at greater risk of having a miscarriage. So based on what you just posted, your parents smoking *might* be to blame for your miscarriages. I've never smoked(nor my hubby) and we have 2 kids with asthma(my parents didn't smoke, well, they did pot).....HUGS

ps hopefully someone can post the link to the original study, I don't have it, sorry.

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On Sep 15, 2007

I recall reading a report/article recently which showed that grandchildren of smokers are at a higher risk for asthma. I don't know what the factors were in the study. I can't remember it that clearly.