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Posted on: Mon, 03/19/2001 - 2:15pm
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pHI, I just received my Parent's Mag. for April. There are 2 mentions of PA in this issue. One is a small mention called, "Facts on Food Allergies" which is on a page called "Kids' Health Safety." /p
pIt states;/p
pFoods like milk, eggs, and nuts can be a nutritious part of any child's diet. But if your child has food allergies, these edibles may trigger reactions ranging from a mild case of hives to anaphylaxis.../p
pI was happy to see this mentioned, especially under this all-important heading of safety. They mention a new book called "The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies" by Marianne Barber. It says it includes tips for protecting your child from food allergens at school and at parties. Anybody heard of this book? I did not see it listed among FAAN's materials. /p
pThe other mention is included under "Herbs to avoid while breastfeeding", stating some common herbal remedies pose dangers to your breast-fed infant...they state the herb "Fenugreek" can cause colic and gastrointestinal distress in babies with peanut allergies, because it is in the same plant family. WOW! Where was all this very helpful info. when I was pregnant nursing??? Anyway, I never heard of this herb and was wondering if anybody knew where/how it is used?/p
pI was going to send a thank you e-mail to Parent's Mag. for including this info. /p
pThey do have a website: [url=""][/url] - not sure if you can see the magazine there or not, but just letting all of you know this is part of the April issue./p

Posted on: Mon, 03/19/2001 - 3:03pm
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I know that fenugreek is used for hot tea. I also know that it is a common ingredient in Ethiopian food, particularly the "wat" stews, and is probably used in other African foods.
I ate Ethiopian food many times in my first pregnancy and while I was breastfeeding. My first son is pa. We don't know about our second child yet. But I will avoid eating (anymore of) it until I am done breastfeeding. Thanks for the info!

Posted on: Tue, 03/20/2001 - 12:15am
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Wow! [img][/img] My lactation consultant actually told me to take Funugreek while I was nursing. It is supposed to increase milk flow. Glad I didn't listen to her.

Posted on: Tue, 03/20/2001 - 12:37am
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I am in total shock to read that about fenugreek!!! This would be an "I told you so" moment for my husband, except I will never tell him! [img][/img] I was concerned about my milk supply a few months ago, and was all set to go out and buy fenugreek after reading such wonderful things about it on the web. My husband adamantly told me he did not want me to take it. His rationale was that I was being so careful with my diet: avoiding nuts, peanuts, shellfish, soy and dairy; it would be crazy to go out and take herbs that we didn't know much about. I thought he was being totally ridiculous, but I did not go against his wishes. I am so glad now! Also, my milk supply has been fine. I think my baby was truly ready for solid foods earlier than we expected; he was five months and the pediatrician wanted us to wait until six months.

Posted on: Tue, 03/20/2001 - 12:47am
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Becky - thanks for posting this valuable information. Fenugreek is indeed from the family "Fabaceae" whose common name is "Legume" (the pea family).
I am adding this info to the thread I started under Living with PA called "Cross-Reactive Allergens".
Fenugreek is also contraindicated for use during pregnancy, because it stimulates uterine contractions.
What I like most about this website, is that I literally learn something new everyday! [img][/img]

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