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Posted on: Tue, 05/21/2002 - 6:26am
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pFYI: I received my June/July issue of Parenting Magazine in the mail today, flipped through it quickly and found the following:/p
pPage 38, Children's Health section: "Is It A Food Allergy?" A very basic intro to PA, they mention Dr. Hugh Sampson, and also the Food Allergy Anaphylaxis network [url=""][/url] /p
pPage 171, Recipe for PBJ Cookies!?!?!? [img][/img]/p
pPage 35, "Aromatherapy, Baby Style" Playskool's First Senses Whiff 'Ems Lunch bag toy with scented food including a PBJ sandwich that "smells like the real thing" [img][/img] /p
pHow rediculous!! This toy needs to be investigated to find out if they use the real nut product for the scent ingredients. /p
pThis info is all so confusing! It frustrates me to see this PA article and a recipe for PBJ cookies in the same magazine issue!! [img][/img]/p

Posted on: Mon, 05/27/2002 - 7:38am
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Hi -
I know it upsetting to see a pb cookie recipe in the same mag as an article on the allergy. However, many children are able to safely eat peanuts, perhaps a better comment to the magazine would be to put a warning on the recipe that due to the severe allergy potential to the severe allergy of peanuts children should not be fed these cookies until they are over the age of 3 and care should be given if you are planning to give these cookies to others...or something like that.
We should be happy they are recognizing the allergy for what it is. There is always conflicting info in magazines, that is why they appeal to so many different people.
When we try to go all or none to magazines and the media, that is when we sound like the paranoid/crazy people that those who don't get it make us seem.

Posted on: Tue, 06/25/2002 - 12:14pm
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I agree with Jacks mom. I know how hard it is but the world does not revolve only around our children. I am just glad that parents of non-pa children probably read that article and gained some knowledge about how to deal with children like mine. Try to think about it like this, you might read an article on children in wheelchairs and then see pictures of children running and jumping on the next page. You probably wouldn't think anything about that. Good for Parents for trying to be well-rounded.
By the way they have published some really good recipes specifically for children that have dairy and nut allergies.
Jaime =)

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