Parental Stress in Children with Food Allergies

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I am writing my thesis on the above topic. I am doing so not only for completion of my master's degree, but also due to my own experience with my son who has food allergies. Anyone interested in completing a survey, please email me. Thanx. Robin Langmaid, RN

------------------ Robin L. Langmaid, RN, BSN, SUNY Brockport FNP/MSN Student

On Nov 1, 2000

I have a son with peanut allergy, too and would be happy to complete your survey. How old is your son? What is your master's degree in? My son is 13 and has intense fears associated with his condition. I am seeking professional therapy for him and considering starting a support group in our area - for parents and kids. Anyway, let me know what you need. KatWink

On Nov 1, 2000

Hi, I tried to email you however it came up stating undeliverable address. I'd be glad to answer your questionaire. Are you asking questions about # of food allergies, and if child has other characteristics of the apotic child.(eczema, asthma, enviromental allergies) My son is down to 7 food allergies, 5 are greater than they can measure on traditional CAP RAST testing,3 are not among the top 10 commen food allergies so it's difficult to find out about cross contamination from sesame seed, peaches or strawberies. I'm thankful that he has outgrown white potato, soy, chicken, and oranges. Just wish the level of allergy hasn't increased so high in the ones he's kept.. I quess you realize that an book about dealing with emotional stress etc was printed in USA within the past year by a mother of just peanut/ tree nut allergies. It was good and I posted comment about it under media, I believe.

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On Nov 1, 2000

I would be happy to answer a survey, just how do I get your e-mail address? Colleen