Parent complains about peanut butter ban/article

Posted on: Wed, 09/08/1999 - 5:24am
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Parent complains about peanut butter ban (this is not the same Franklin School which our daughter goes to, it is in another town)


click on this link [url=""]

Stay Safe


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Posted on: Wed, 09/08/1999 - 5:29am
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pParent complains about peanut butter banbr /
letter to editor/p
pClick on this link to view letter/p
p [url=""][/url] /p
p------------------br /
Stay Safe/p
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Posted on: Wed, 09/08/1999 - 7:51am
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pIsn't it amazing how this parent in the article thinks OUR children need to wash up and practice good hygiene. [b]THEY ARE NOT THE ONES WITH THE PEANUT BUTTER ON THEIR HANDS AND FACE[/b]. I can't believe this parent is even griping about personal hygiene. ALL children should wash up after eating...for some, school is the only place where good hygiene IS practiced--sad to say! /p
pI also find it amazing this parent is quoting FAN's infamous statement regarding a "false sense of security." She goes on to say in the article we should teach our children to stay away from peanut butter. Our children could stay away from it a lot easier at school if it were kept at home. We DO educate our children regarding their peanut allergy. They know they can't eat peanut butter products. It is the peanut butter [b]left on hands and faces and tables[/b] that scare us half to death. /p
pI find it amazing how a life is less important than a child having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because "they just won't eat anything else." BULL!! I have a non-allergic child who has learned to eat other foods because we do not have peanut butter in our house. It's called eat this instead or go hungry! It's amazing how quickly their taste buds can change./p
pMaybe some of these parents should accompany us on an ambulance ride to the ER room one time and see our children hooked up to heart machines, pumped full of steroids and epinephrine and monitored for 4-5 hours before being released, that is if all goes well!/p
pMy son's school has taken PBJ off the school menu but it is not banned from coming in from home. Luckily, I have that option to be with my son each day at lunch time to keep him safe. Some do not have this option and I know that feeling when your phone rings and you're wondering if this is *the* call. (Been there, done that 3 times when my son was in daycare)./p
pOne of the mother's in my son's class came up to me the other day and advised her son would not eat anything BUT peanut butter and since he heard about my son, he will not let her pack him a PBJ sandwich because he doesn't want to hurt my son or the little girl in his class who is also allergic. I find it interesting how these "little people" fight for our children. Their parents should follow in their footsteps. /p
pStay safe./p
pP.S. Chris, I saw the article on Erica after my venting on this subject. Is this lady in an uproar in regards to the letter sent out for Erica having a peanut free classroom?/p
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Posted on: Wed, 09/08/1999 - 8:57am
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pNo Connie,/p
pThe two threads with these articles are about different schools which happen to have the same name. They are in different towns./p
pI was wondering if it would be confusing when I posted both of them. Actually I wondered how confusing it would be, not if it might be confusing. I have gone back to my original post and noted "(this is not the same Franklin School which our daughter goes to, it is in another town)/p
p------------------br /
Stay Safe/p
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Posted on: Wed, 09/08/1999 - 9:26am
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pI think it is absolutely hilarious that this woman has bought into the party line that peanut butter is a good source of protein. Yep, it supplies protein; however, it is full of so much sugar that it really should be classified as a dessert. I have never (even before PA) considered PBJ to be a "healthy" lunch. Yes, it's better than a big, fat greasy hamburger or hot dog, but all that sugar is unhealthy. I liked Noreen's cheese vs. peanut butter post a few days ago. Maybe if we took a different approach with these schools, from a nutritional standpoint....(ah, wishful thinking I know). But I just had to say that I crack up when I read these vents from parents defending the nutritional value of it. I swear they all work for the peanut industry--and what I a bill of goods they have sold us!br /

Posted on: Thu, 09/09/1999 - 5:22am
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pOnce again, FAN's statements are used against the pn-allergic child. I feel I'm in the twilight /
At my son's preschool, pn and pn products are banned in his classroom but not the entire school. I am very happy with the support I am getting from the administration. One parent repeatedly forgot and his child (a delightful little girl whom my son loves) had pn butter in her lunch box. Finally one day, the parent yelled at the principal that my son "had no right to be in the school and that his child should be able to eat pn butter". He admitted to deliberately sending in pn butter because he objected to the ban. This is a corporate day care and we have not been told which parent was involved (it was not difficult to work out who it was), however, my husband has to work with this guy while and maintain a professional /
With regard to Ms Keating, I would like to hear how her sister feels about this position. If Ms Keating cares so little for her own family she is not going to care for other families./p

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