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I wanted to treat my DD to a "Girls Night" of Christmas videos and pizza (a real treat as usually I make our pizza. In fact, she's only eaten in 3 restaurants in her life and all were at Disney). I called the local Papa John's to verify what the website says - no peanut products of any kind. The manager would not speak with me about the issue. She referred me to their 800 number and said they are unable to discuss it since it is "so important." Choke, choke. I asked her if there were any nuts on premises - do you put them on pizza, anything? She said she really didn't know...she's not allowed to talk about it. It is a corporate owned store, so there is no local owner to even complain to.

Of course, I gave her my new "this doesn't absolve you from responsibility" speech.

I called the 800 number and spoke with James in Customer Service. Oh, I'm sorry - this was after being on hold for 17 minutes and transferred twice because my local manager actually gave me her computer support line. James basically said that he is unable to discuss it as well - but he'd be happy to email me the list of ingredients for each and every product they make.

He did. I waded through the whole thing. Of course, it is full of "natural flavoring," "spices," "vegetable oil," etc.

Papa Johns LOOKED to be proactive with food allergies - I was impressed with the info provided on the website. But god help you if you actually ask a question. They are very much a CYA business.

Do I think the pizza is safe? Probably. But the deplorable lack of communication when asked a direct question is NOT acceptable. And shoving off the responsibility to a 800 number is tragic. I even asked James - can you guarantee me that my local Papa John's uses nothing but what is on your ingredient list? He said they should. BUT DO THEY!?! How the hell is a 800 number supposed to know what a store 1/2 mile away is doing?

Personally, I think most US companies are getting worse and worse. THEY MAKE THE PRODUCT - THEY SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO KNOW AND *DISCLOSE* WHAT IS IN IT!!!


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On Dec 15, 2004

I agree that a manager and a customer service rep should have very clear information on this matter. It seems very irresponsible not to. I trusted what I read on their website since it seemed very clear and direct. I eat Papa John's at least once a week or every two weeks (I know, that is a lot of pizza). I have had just about every kind of pizza they offer, their chicken fingers, chicken wings and pretty much everything else on their menu. I feel very safe and comfortable with Papa John's. Again, a manager should be knowledgable and able to discuss your concerns. That is actually scary that they refused to. Regardless, I trusted the website and have been eating there for years.