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Posted on: Mon, 02/19/2007 - 9:17am
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We are travelling to Florida and need a few restaurants. I see from Papa John's website they appear to be peanut and nut free, is this everone's experience?

I have been reading everyone's threads and have me totally paranoid about eating out. In Canada I totally trust our 2 sub shops, Mr Sub and Subway, but you all have me nervous about Subway down there. And even your McDonalds don't seem all that safe! Where as once again I feel very comfortable there.

Please recommend some food chains, esp. in Florida you have had good experiences with and then I will take it from there.
Thanks a bunch!

Posted on: Mon, 02/19/2007 - 9:19am
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We've eaten Papa John's twice with no problems. At least no problems in regards to peanuts/tree nuts. The service we've gotten leaves a lot to be desired. They fixed the wrong pizza for us and made us wait another 20 min for the correct one, then didn't offer any compensation and no apology of any sort. I emailed papa john's and got a canned reply with a promise of more contact but so far nothing. It's been about a week. We haven't been back since but I guess if we want pizza we'll have to deal with the poor service.

Posted on: Mon, 02/19/2007 - 11:18am
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To me Papa Johns is a safe pizza choice.
From their website under FAQs - Allergens:
Does your pizza contain peanuts or peanut oils?
NO. Peanut and/or peanut oil is not used in the manufacture of any of our products.
Does your pizza contain tree nuts?
NO. Tree nuts are not used in the manufacture of any of our products.
30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

Posted on: Mon, 02/19/2007 - 12:45pm
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We trust them; (especially NOW with the Pizza Hut mess going on)...we have them every other week or so for a Friday night treat. I called the franchise here several years ago and was assured they were completely nut free; and DH asked them again a few weeks ago since the PH stuff came up and they still state they are totally nut free.
As a safety factor tho, I would still ask EVERY place I stop at along the way to be *sure* ...(not just pizza places--EVERY place!) ..b/c 'namebrand' doesn't mean 'equal'in all areas! [img][/img]
Have a fun trip and stay safe!
edit to add: our Subway sandwich shops around here DO use peanut oil! (I'm in Alabama) be sure to use caution in any Subway..
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Posted on: Wed, 02/21/2007 - 12:26am
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I have never heard that any Subway uses peanut oil. There website doesn't indicate that either: [url=""][/url] What is it in?
We eat at Subway. I ask the food server to change their gloves and prepare the food on a clean paper (which they should do anyway, but I make sure I watch this). Just make sure that the sandwhich paper isn't right under the cookies.... I actually prefer Quizno's over Subway because their treats are pre-packaged so easier to avoid cross-contamination. I have talked in depth with our local Quizno's owner and feel very comfortable with them.
We also eat at McDonald's, Burger King (stay away from their treats - they are not safe now) and Papa Murphy's (you bake pizza).

Posted on: Wed, 02/21/2007 - 11:23am
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Don't they make their cookies in the same ovens where they bake the bread at Subway? I go to Quiznos because of that reason.

Posted on: Wed, 02/21/2007 - 11:42am
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We have ordered Papa johns since PH is no longer safe. It was actually pretty good. I like their website about no peanuts or peanut oil.
The Subway here doesn't fry anything in the store but they do have little bags of potato chips made with peanut oil. We don't go there with my son anyways b/c of the cookies. Maybe once he is older we will try it.

Posted on: Wed, 02/21/2007 - 1:00pm
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To answer amartin's question about Subway:
The manager at one of the local stores told us that they use peanut oil off-and-on in the dressing (oil-vinegar)for the sandwiches; and also to 'baste' (or whatever you call it) the baking bread (brushing the tops) ...this was a few years ago but she also told us that she *knew* other local stores used peanut oil 'off and on' and not to trust them!
I don't know about *other* Subway practices; but based on MY experience, I would definitely check, check, and double check again before I'd ever trust them.
Edit to add: this particular Subway shop shares space with a Taco Bell; that may make a difference [img][/img] ( maybe sharing supplies?) but for whatever reason, the manager was frank and open about the fact it was on site.
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Posted on: Fri, 02/23/2007 - 9:49am
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I have had the experience (NC,USA) of a particular franchise of Subway baking the PB cookies on the same trays as the bread. When I called HQ after being told of this practice, I was told that the franchises are supposed to use silicone liners for the pans if they don't use special bread pans. They said they would look into it-
Their allergen info is good on the web, but the local practices when I last checked left me concerned such that we do not go there anymore.
On sub places in general, it is wise to note the following story-
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Posted on: Mon, 02/26/2007 - 10:54am
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Quote:Originally posted by alliedhealth:
[b]I have had the experience (NC,USA) of a particular franchise of Subway baking the PB cookies on the same trays as the bread. When I called HQ after being told of this practice, I was told that the franchises are supposed to use silicone liners for the pans if they don't use special bread pans. They said they would look into it-
We have been told of cross-contamination due to PB cookies being baked on same cookie sheets &/or the sil-pat liners at multiple SUBWAY restaurants in MANY states over past 5 years:
North Carolina
South Carolina
and so on . . .
I personally would NEVER feed my PA child anything from a Subway.

Posted on: Tue, 02/27/2007 - 12:32am
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Meant to also add (on topic [img][/img] ) that we HAVE been successful in getting PA-safe meals at Papa John's in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and out west.
We ALWAYS first ask the manager at each Papa John's because they are franchised (each one with different owner) so there might be chance of oddball cookies or other unsafe items in one. Plus, you want to be sure you don't have restaurant employees snacking on unsafe items & then preparing your pizza. (ick.)


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