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palm oil and coconut allergies

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I am a long time suffer of coconut allergy and now have started to develop palm oil and some carnuba waxes. For anyone who is wondering I have found a soap that is amazing it is made by the Kiss my Face Company and it is Olive Oil Soap I have not had a single breakout since starting to use it. I am still looking for a shampoo the one I have found that doesn't cause hives for me is Dove brands. I have also found some granola bars most of the Nature valley bars are safe to eat, as far as coconut allergies go but not so safe for peanut allergy victims. I suggest you avoid generically made candies more and more of these companies are beginning to add coconut derivatives to their products because they are cheap. The best lotions I have found are at Bath and Body Works stores they really know their products and can tell you which ones to avoid that may have a coconut or palm oil derivative in it. Hope this helps anyone out there.