Just got back from a visit to Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park. I am still shaking from the whole thing. We went to the restaurant to get something for the kids to eat. They had ordered hamburgers and chicken nuggets both with french fries. I asked what the french fried were fried in peanut oil, vegetable the guy went to ask. He came back and the french fries are fried in PEANUT OIL, along with the chicken nuggets. So we changed to hambugers and they offered free of charge bags of lays potato chips for the kids instead of french fries. I felt very uncomfortable at the restaurant after finding out about the peanut oil. This would be why I don't like to go out. Just too much stress. Also, forgot to add that when they brought out the food, the kids who got the chips since they fried the foods in peanut oil. Their food was on the bottom of the other 4 baskets which had french fries...ugh.

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On Jul 11, 2004

I am not being critical, only wondering why you didn't leave the restaurant? I think that i would have left even if it would have been an inconvenience. too much stress, especially when you're trying to have a fun day with the kids. i try to query the manager about peanuts/peanut oil before we actually sit down and order so that if we do have to leave, it isn't as much trouble as if we were all situated.