PA vaccine in a year? Is this true?


I saw this thread on another board: [url=""][/url]

and about fell over. I thought that we were years away from any treatment.

I know some of you know Dr. Sampson, so I thought this would be the board to ask.

On Sep 12, 2000

I admit, I'm totally confused! Is it that the approval for the drug that will reduce the reaction is that close to approval yet the actual cure is years away?

On Sep 12, 2000

I believe they are referring to the news report that was on last Friday on NBC with Tom Brokaw. There is a thread already started under MEDIA. For anyone who missed the report and wants to watch it--CindyC posted the link on the other thread. [url=""][/url] It's only about 2 minutes long but well worth it! Deanna

On Sep 12, 2000

If you look under the topic "Research" you will find lots of information about this drug. Unfortunately, they are having trouble finding participants for the clinical trials and that could delay approval.