PA + TNA - Reactions?


I had been thinking about this ? and then I was just reading another thread and it popped into my head again.

We got the TNA diagnosis a couple of months ago. Previous to that, I believe we were dealing with PA only and would have to say, that because I didn't know about the TNA, all reactions that my guy had were PA (I know that doesn't make sense - there was a period of 6 years between testing so the reactions could have been TNA but I'll just leave things be because I don't know when the TNA developed KWIM?).

At any rate.....

If you have a PA/TNA child or are PA/TNA yourself, could you tell me about your reactions? I just mean - were they PA reactions or TNA reactions; and what kind of reactions were they - i.e., anaphylactic or not?

What I'm trying to figure out, and nothing scientifically or statistically is whether or not most people have a tendency to have anaphylaxis MORE to PA than TNA - just in our experience here - no big deal kinda thing, just our experience here.

So, having said that, and again, not knowing when my guy developed TNA (again, 5 years between testing), I'm going to say that all of my guy's reactions were PA, including the anaphylactic ones. He has only had three reactions (only?) in the "between testing" years - one anaphylactic; two hive only. One, two, or three of them *could* have been TNA, but, as I say, I don't know and actually never considered it at the time it was happening so I'm not going to re-hash that now.

Oh, and I guess if a TNA reaction - to what type of tree nut?

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]

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On Jul 25, 2007

I have been pa/tna since birth. Yes there are different reactions. here are my reactions

1. peanuts ingestion -hives, irritated gums and throat, and what feels like hives in my throat, breathing difficulty Exposure -touching would cause massive hives, and swelling, Inhalation - hives, and breathing difficulty

2. pecans ingestion - my whole esophogus would be on fire, my stomach and esophogus would feel hard as a rock exposure - swelling and hives inhalation - no problems

3. walnuts ingestion - swelling and breathing problems exposure - in the shell nothing out of the shell swelling and hives inhalation - no problems

4. pine nuts ingestion - hospital

With me, the reactions can vary. I believe there are times that I am more sensitive to nuts than other times

On Jul 25, 2007

DD is PA/TNA- ana to peanuts- one known exposure (candy bar- peanuts/PB/noughat)- ana reaction

Had "mystery hives" covering large portion of stomach and one arm about 5 mths before- found out cookie she ate that day was a may contains for Peanut and treenuts (guess on my part- probably tree nuts and caused hives- but just guess- could have been first "real" peanut exposure (not counting all the may contains before diagnosis- Oh and me picking the peanuts out of chex mix and letting her have the rest! - I didn't know any better at that time!)

I saw this article within the last week- don't think it was on this site but if it was I apologize: [url=""][/url] Talks about Cashews can cause stronger reactions than peanuts

Also the lady who cuts my hair has a niece that had an ana reaction to walnuts (not sure if she's PA also).

There was also a teenager I heard speak at an allergy conference who was ana to treenuts- but had only had mild reactions from peanuts

Guess it varies like everything else!

On Jul 25, 2007

My daughter is TNA only. Her first reaction was to cashews at age four. Within just a minute or two of eating a couple of them, she was crying and saying her throat felt weird. One eye got puffy, but the other did not. Several minutes later she vomited twice. Cried that her throat felt worse, but it did not progress to breathing difficulty.

After about 20 minutes, the reaction subsided on its own, thank goodness, as we had no idea what was going on at the time. But we were suspicious and took to see her doctor the next day, and he sent us on to an allergist.

Blood work Class V to cashews and pistachios, Class II to pecans. No PA. No reactions since the first one.

On Jul 25, 2007

DD has been TNA (almonds, hazelnuts) since she was 7 or 8. Her reactions were/have been an itchy throat.

PA came at 18. Itchy throat. Possibly some nasal troubles.

Her worst reaction to date was to macadamia nuts, after the PA dx. That was itchy throat, skin flush, lightheaded, splotches(but not itchy hives). Although, this reaction could have been caused by cross-contamination to another nut.

We were told any nut she had not tested positive to was okay to eat. Now she has tested + to all tree nuts.

I just found out that the smell of peanuts makes her throat itch too.

On Jul 25, 2007

DS has never knowingly ingested peanut - his reactions have been from touch and smell. However, he has had some wicked reactions to various tree nuts - the worst being pistachio. He started screaming that his mouth hurt, was salivating profusely (and I mean that - he needed a bucket to catch it all), erupted in hives all over, swollen face - the works. Makes me shudder 11 years later.

I think the reactions can be equally virulent.


On Jul 25, 2007

My dd is pa and tna.

Her numbers to tree nuts are much higher than to peanuts.

She has had one reaction and it was to walnuts.

She had an Ana reaction, re'qd Epi, ER the whole shebang.

When she was between 2-4 yrs old she used to eat Jiffy PB no problem. She had never had any tn at that time.

We found out about all her nut allergies from skin testing to try to figure out why she was having Asthma.

I still don't know if she could eat PB, they were going to skin test and oral challenge with PB but allergist got nervous with her skin test so he said No.

We avoid ALL nuts and sesame- as well as all seeds!

On Jul 25, 2007

Our daughter's ana reaction was to walnuts. She is tna and pa, but we discovered the allergies due to walnuts in a dessert. Her reaction included hives, facial swelling, vomiting, loss of control of bowels, drop in blood pressure and she stopped breathing while we were waiting for an ambulance. My husband revived her. With peanuts, we've had no ingestions, but her skin reacts with angry hives even to just incidental contact.

On Jul 25, 2007

We found out about peanut allergy via skin testing shortly before DS was a year old. He had peanut flour twice after that (we're not at that preschool anymore) with no reaction and one potential small reaction to peanut butter. He was given Benadryl right away and was fine. His RAST is very high though, so I do believe in his allergy, just that the flour probably didn't contain all the allergic proteins. At that time, he was negative to tree nuts. A couple years later, he reacted to a cashew. It didn't require the epi pen, but came close. After that, he tested positive to all tree nuts (including coconut) except walnuts. Those RAST numbers are not as high in comparison, but even if some went away, we would continue to avoid nuts.

On Jul 26, 2007

Me: Peanuts: Allergic to peanuts at age 26 Feels like I'm choking on sand. I can breathe in between though. Like spasms in my throat.

Tree Nuts: Became allergic to tree nuts somewhere in my 30's. I didn't know I found out from skin and blood testing. Allergic to peacans, cashews and a couple of others. I avoid all tree nuts. Peacan reaction the last time my throat swelled from traces and I didn't realize it was a reaction (because of cross contamination).

My son: Allergic to peanuts at 2 sometime after that tested positive to tree nuts sometime after that tested positive to sesame, poppy & later we found out about sunflower. Severely allergic to all but in order from high rast #'s first: Peanuts/Seeds/Tree Nuts. Peanuts: reacts from contact with hives on area or more than where he was touched. Ingestion reaction from cross contam/traces, full body hives and lip swelling. Seeds: I believe he is contact sensistive also people kissed him after eating cookies with sesame and some kind of nuts. Had I known they would not have gone anywhere near him. 1/2 of his face and neck turned completely red. Another time someone ate a roll with poppy seeds and then had their hands all over his body. He broke out with flat hives. He wasn't scratching so I wasn't sure if this was a contact reaction. Tree nuts: I'm not sure if his 2nd ingestion reaction was cross contam on safe loosely wrapped candy given to him by someone after other hands touching the bag where safe candy came from. He had full body hives (not spreading as fast as the peanut reaction - where he was sitting on a chair someone ate peanutbutter on and touching it and then touching his mouth or face). And his lips were swelling after giving him Benadryl. He was still breaking out it took a while for the hives to stop and he even woke up with a huge hive on his face the next day. I didn't understand at that time a reaction can keep on going. This could have been cross contam. from peanuts or walnuts as they were both around the person who gave him the candy.

Sunflower oil: This is how we found out about sunflower oil. He was about to eat a tortilla chip and as soon as he put it to his mouth he quickly pulled it away. This was the 2nd time this happened. We read the ingrediants no nuts the only thing sunflower oil. I called the allergist and he said it's the sunflower oil.

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