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Posted on: Thu, 01/02/2003 - 4:00pm
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I feel that I need some input from those of you who have more experience then I do with PA.

Last fall I was diagnosed by skin prick with TNA-hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds. I would have gastro intestinal reactions to peanuts and peanut butter, but I had to consume an entire pb sandwhich before I'd have the reaction.

The doc said that I was likely not allergic to peanuts. He encouraged me continue to eat peanut butter, as long as it was the natural kind, and said there was no reason for me to avoid peanut products. I didn't.

Then on Halloween, I ate a butterfingers type chocolate bar (pb in the middle). In 5 minutes I had a headache, and felt short of breath. I took a Benedryl and it went away. A few weeks later, without thinking, I popped a tiny treat sized O Henry bar in my mouth, and ended up with the same gastro intenstinal symptoms that previously I had to injest a whole lot more peanuts to get.
I went to the doc and this was his response.

He said that the Cap Rast testing was not very accurate, and could say that I was NOT allergic to peanut, even if I was ( I believe he said a 15% margin for error). He said it was expensive, and if I had a true peanut allergy, I would've ended up in the hospital the first time. He then just stressed that the chocolate bar that I ate and ended up having trouble with breathing was likely contaminated with the tree nuts that I am allergic to, and that really I should just avoid all nuts period. But in his opinion, I am a very low risk for anaphylaxis. He recommended the epi pen because there isn't entirely NO risk.

This frustrates me. All I read about says how serious nut allergies are. I have become very vigilant, and now he's sounding like it's all in my head. How do you deal with that, and what's your opinion? IS there such a thing as a very mild allergy to nuts?

Posted on: Thu, 01/02/2003 - 11:13pm
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Yes, there is something as a very mild allergy to nuts and peanuts. I know people who, when exposed, will get a small headache, that's it. However, and this is where it gets tricky, your reactions are unpredictable. You can have mild reactions for years, and then bang! you're anaphylactic. That's what's tricky with peanuts and nuts (and all food ) allergies. They're unpredictable.
Our doctor treats as food allergies as if the patient is anaphylactic, even when it's not the case, unless it's too restrictive. Our son rated really low on soya, so we're "allowed" products with soya traces, but since the peanuts allergy is high, we can't even get those. Nuts and peanuts are often treated together, so if you have one allergy, you're often told to avoid BOTH foods. So no nuts traces for us either.

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 5:45am
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I think you should just avoid peanuts. Your body is talking to you about them and is giving you a message. If something makes you feel sick, don't eat it.
Reactions are unpredictable. Some people have a history of reacting worse with each succesive exposure, or when they have seasonal allergies. You could have reacted to trace contamination in the candy bar or it could actually have been the peanuts. You can't tell from your experience exactly what it was right now.

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 3:06pm
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Thanks for your input. [img][/img]
I should've mentioned that I do have Oral Allergy Syndrome, and that is what has caused my nut allergies. I suppose I'm confused as to whethere there is much difference in severity from one that's caused by OAS, or one that's been there since childhood. I have quit eating all nuts, by the way, just to be safe.

Posted on: Sun, 01/05/2003 - 3:30pm
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Can you ask your own doctor (not the one who did the allergy testing) for a referral to another allergist who can look into these allergies specifically.
I'm not sure if your current allergist has all the answers you need and you might find them from another respected allergist.
Your peanut reactions seem to be increasing in nature and that is such a danger sign.
I hope you can get in to see a good allergist.
Warmest regards,

Posted on: Sun, 01/05/2003 - 3:34pm
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Okay, maybe I missed something, but I believe you were the one who posted about Oral Allergy Syndrome. Anyway, I'm very interested in this since I seem to have this to more and more things. What do you mean when you say OAS caused your nut allergies?

Posted on: Wed, 01/08/2003 - 3:22pm
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KarenH -- I've seen you posted elsewhere, so I'm assuming you've seen my question and maybe thought something ill of it. I was serious. I have Oral Allergy Syndrome with many fruits, and would like to know what you mean when you say it caused your nut allergy? I've never heard of this, but, like all things, that does not mean it does not exist. Others here have developed peanut allergy. Being I have a PA child I figure it could be likely.
Thanks in advance if you could help.

Posted on: Thu, 01/09/2003 - 3:29pm
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Hi [img][/img]
Yes, I did post about OAS in another spot...I realized that my first topic was not to the point, and I'm still getting the hang of all of this. I wish that I could've just deleted the thread in the beginning, but I can't. I'm not trying to clog up the boards :P
Sorry Doreen for not replying right away, I've been away from the computer for a few days...I work at an elementary school and now that school's back in session things have been busy [img][/img]I'm not easily offended or upset, so don't worry that I'll think "ill" of something you posted. It was a good question.
Yes, I do believe that my OAS caused my nut allergy. I never had an allergy in my life up until I had my son, and then I developed a severe pollen allergy. After that I developed Oral Allergy Syndrome. From the reading I have done on various websites, the very nuts that I am allergic too are included in the lists of fruit/veggies/nuts that one can develop reactions to from Oral Allergy syndrome. If you want the lists, I can find the websites for you.
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Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 12:43pm
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Sorry I guess I was getting a little too anxious for an answer because I don't always get the opportunity to get here as often as I want -- I'm messing up everywhere.
Please give me the websites you were referring to at your leisure [img][/img] -- I have been MUCH worse since I've had my children. I think it might just be age though, what do you think. Thanks.

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 1:46pm
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I didn't have any allergies until I had my son.
It's all so confusing...I talked to my allergist about peanuts and he said that it's likely not plain peanuts that I'm allergic to, but that they are contaminated with the nuts I AM allergic to. He says that I should be fine to eat just straight peanuts. I am NOT eating peanuts again.
I won't be able to get those websites for you right away, hubby has me typing university papers all week...UGGG...but if you go to [url=""][/url] and plug in Oral Allergy Syndrome, you will find a lot of stuff. [img][/img]
So I did an oral challenge at home. I had some straight peanuts. No reaction.
The next night I had twice as many. OMG. Okay, it's mild compared to what they talk about here, but almost immediately my tongue hurt, my throat hurt, my sinuses swelled up and it felt like I had a cold (all of this was fairly mildly, mind you, but noticeable). I felt dizzy, etc. I took an antihistimine and was very careful...but I felt that way (even hard to a bad cold) until this morning.
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Posted on: Sat, 02/01/2003 - 12:57pm
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Thanks, that was helpful, although I haven't had time to check it out fully yet. Makes me wonder about how my allergies are going to go though.


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