PA Only, But Avoiding Tree Nuts, Do You Avoid Other Legumes as Well?

Posted on: Fri, 06/04/2004 - 1:25pm
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So, we know that a peanut is a legume. A lot of us choose to avoid tree nuts as well (which aren't legumes) because of cross-contamination issues and other reasons.

My PA son has never had any difficulties with any other legumes. The reason this question even popped into my head tonight (and there is always a reason [img][/img] ) is because of the blue dye discussion. I didn't know that blue dye was derived from a legume. But since Jess doesn't have any difficulties with other legumes at this point (touch wood), I'm not going to start worrying about blue dye derived from legumes, but just for us personally.

It is now catalogued, thanks to it being posted here on (that's what's so terrific about this site) in the back of my brain should he ever have difficulties with say, blue Smarties.

But I was curious to know if there are other PA parents/people who are PA only that do avoid all other legumes "just in case"?

This would be very similar to my question about soy a few months ago. Because our PA children have a greater chance of developing a soy allergy (as confirmed to me by Anaphylaxis Canada), I had wondered how many PA parents avoided soy even though their child had had no difficulties with it.

So, just Curious Cindy again wondering if anyone avoids legumes "just in case" or if your child is fairly wee (young) if you're avoiding the introduction of legumes into their diet?

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]


Posted on: Sat, 06/05/2004 - 1:46am
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Hey Cindy,
I use to feed Austin Honey Nut Cheerios(2 yrs. ago now)thinking well he isn't allergic to almonds so why ban things he isn't allergic to ?
Now, because of the cross-contamination issue, I won't let him eat anything with "May contains" or "May have come in contact with" or "Made in a facility where they process peanuts or other tree-nuts".
I draw the line though at that because he isn't allergic to Red Kidney beans(he loves them in chili)but it's not like we eat Chili everyday either so he doesn't eat a lot of them [img][/img]
He doesn't like peas but at one time ate them and I didn't worry about him eating so many of them he may become allergic.
I think everything in moderation is fine if they haven't shown any reaction to the legume before and they're not eating it in massive quanities why not give it to them.
My son doesn't eat a lot of smarties but he does eat a lot of Fruit Loops / Lucky Charms so I am going to look into the dye factor on those cereals(re: WilliamsMummy's post)
I pretty well let him eat what he likes because he is picky(and skinny) and something is better than nothing plus I believe in listening to food allergic kids when they tell you they don't like a food. You never know that may be a red flag towards that particular food?
Anyway, I hate peas and we don't eat a lot of them here(only once in a while I'll make a bow tie pasta with ham and frozen baby peas)
We don't eat chick peas(don't like them)or any other legume except soy.
He doesn't like the Soynut butter(hates it)
but if I make a dessert around Christmas and use it in the recipe(choc.soynut butter balls ) he will eat them but he isn't eating that in excess either
(actually I worry about myself developing an allergy to soy since I eat soynut butter a lot! [img][/img] )
Pretty long post for me huh, I got to go take a nap now [img][/img]
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Posted on: Sat, 06/05/2004 - 11:29am
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My son is only PA. We also avoid tree nuts; however, we do [b]not[/b]avoid other legumes. Basically for one reason. My son loves: green beans, peas, etc. etc. He eats them all the time.
My son was young when he developed his allergy so he was not exposed to all the "goodies" that "may contains" peanut.
For example, he has NEVER had M&Ms. If he were to have had them and didn't have any type of reaction, I would still give him the M&Ms. But this is my comfort level.
PA Only--YES
Avoid Tree Nuts--YES
Avoid Other Legumes--NO
Hope this helps. [img][/img]

Posted on: Sat, 06/05/2004 - 7:25pm
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If you read my earlier post you know that I am severly PA. I think that it would be wise to use a little disgression. Unfortunately I grew up when PA wasn't as well know (or at least in VT) so my Parents didn't know peanuts were Legumes. So one supper they got tired of me not eating my Veggies and made me eat my green beans...I reacted. Moral is listen to your kids, be careful and as it was said before, every thing in moderation.

Posted on: Sun, 06/06/2004 - 1:48am
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William is allergic to peanuts and all beans, but can eat some foods from the legume food froup, frozen peas, green beans.

Posted on: Sun, 06/06/2004 - 3:13am
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I only ignore some legumes since I don't like the taste. I have always hated the taste of peas since I was a child so I never eat peas. I do eat kidney beans in chili, so I guess I don't ignore all legumes.

Posted on: Sun, 06/06/2004 - 9:44am
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Anonymous (not verified)

(Now remembering it was mesquite that momma2boys and I were doing a search on that night months ago..... )
Thank-you everyone for your responses. I really appreciated them.
ArchAngel, I really do hear both of my children (one PA, one non-PA) when it comes to foods that they don't like. My non-PA daughter is a terrific eater and it's very rare that she will say that she doesn't like something. With her, it's like, okay, you don't like that.
With my PA son, of course, there is the thing in the back of my head that says, okay, is there a reason WHY he doesn't like it? Is it more than his pickiness.
smack, like your son, Jesse is an extremely picky eater and I will let him eat pretty well anything not junky to get something into him.
I know when he was younger (say 3) we used to eat Fiesta Vegetable Soup and another soup by Campbell's on a regular basis and the one had a variety of different beans in it, including kidney and other ones I don't know the names of. Jesse loved it. A couple of years later, no way, no how. And I hear that.
He does like peas and snow peas.
I guess it's just in the back of my head, something to look at should he have a mystery reaction.
And although I'll probably be keeping my eyes open to see if I can find any food labeled with dye colour numbers (I had a hard time when I was discussing it with Scruffy here re Smarties), I won't worry about avoiding blue dye again, unless I have to.
Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 06/13/2004 - 12:12pm
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I just brought this back up because I was just thinking about this very subject tonight. My son tested positive on the RAST to soy and egg and has had reactions to peanut and milk. I took him off all soy and egg a couple of weeks ago (he was already off milk and peanut) to see what would happen even though I had my doubts and thought the tests might be false positives. The difference I have noticed is that is eczema is completely gone. From pretty severe to all gone. Then a few weeks ago we had mixed veggies and he touched a pea to his lips and spit it back. A few minutes later he had some hives on his face. (He has never eaten peas). Then a few nights ago I gave him some chocolate rice milk and he was up all night. Should I avoid legumes in general.
James 2yrs NKA
Ben 17 months PA,MA,possible EA, and SA

Posted on: Sun, 06/13/2004 - 2:25pm
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This is my personal opinion. My son is allergic to atleast four legumes. My doctor says to just avoid all in the pea family because you usually do not see a child allergic to three or more and when you do, you avoid them. You also can do just what you did, food elimination. If he reacts, avoid, if he does not, then let him eat them. He may be able to have beans, but not peas.
Renee athma/EA
Quinton: PA/TNA/Soy/EA/Severe Asthma/whole egg/onion/cocoa bean/chicken/turkey/string beans/potato
Mykiaja: EA/asthma
Taylor: EA/asthma

Posted on: Mon, 06/14/2004 - 12:40am
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I have two kids that are PA. They both avoid tree nuts also. The good thing is, they both hate them cause they have tried them. Youngest PA is also allergic to soy, which is a legume. He dranked some soy milk and immediately had a reaction with his throat feeling scratching and he started to breath differently. (He also has asthma).
Kim [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 06/14/2004 - 8:21am
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My 18 mo old is PA and according to CAP RAST negative for a list of other legumes and tree nuts. I do give him legumes, although he hasn't had much more than peas and green beans but I am treating him as TNA. Do any of you who are PA but not TNA have tree nuts or may contains? It seems easier to deal with knowing that he is not allergic to tree nuts.

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