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Hi. I am totally lost and would love a helping hand before I begin the MD route. My daughter seems to have a peanut allergy. She recently broke out in hives after she had crunchy peanut butter. Looking back this now explains some toddler episodes with hives. I've now restricted all peanut products. But, she has eaten creamy peanut butter with no reaction. Has this ever happened to anyone? Does anyone know the first steps to take in terms of testing? Any responses would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks in advance!

On Nov 11, 2000

Hi and welcome to the board. It does sound as though you may be dealing with a peanut allergy. I don't understand why she hasn't reacted to the creamy peanut butter. I would suggest going to an allergist rather than a pedicatrician. Many people on the board have not had very good experiences with their regular pediatrician. You are right to avoid all peanut products. You will need to start reading labels and consider the possibility of cross contamination. Reactions can vary so don't take any chances! Most people on the board have epipens of epinpen jrs. for their children. The best thing you can do is to read here at the board. This is the place to be for information. Good luck and keep us updated.

On Nov 11, 2000

Hi and welcome! About the creamy peanut butter; I once knew a fellow with multiple severe food allergies BUT he could always eat creamy peanut butter. He couldn't eat chunky PB, or eat peanuts in any other form, and I remember reading somewhere that the structure of the peanut protein in creamy PB may be slightly altered, allowing some peanut allergic individuals to tolerate it.

MOST PA individuals cannot eat PB in any form, however, so it would be best to avoid all kinds of PB, in your daughter's case. It would be kind of a gamble, and you never know, she might suddenly react to it. Good luck with the testing - I hope you find an allergist you can see quickly, in order to get an EpiPen (if needed, it is almost always needed, but sometimes not) and find some answers to your questions.

Use the search function for any particular concern you might have - it is a great way to find info. without labouriously reading all the threads. Glad you found the board, and we all hope we can be of some help and support! [img][/img] Carolyn

On Nov 13, 2000

First step the allergist! Thanks so much to Cayley's Mom and PattyR for your advice. I am bypassing the pediatrician and heading to the allergist and I'll know soon if Iam dealing with a peanut allergy. You both have no idea how your quick responses have made me feel. Thanks for your e-mails.

On Nov 14, 2000

AnnTherese, welcome! Please let us know how you make out with the allergist! Best wishes! [img][/img]