PA nightmares?

Posted on: Fri, 02/28/2003 - 3:38am
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Have any of you had actual nightmares about your childs pa? Last night I dreamt that I was at a party and was letting other family members hold my 8 mth old son and that they were offering my son peanut butter on a spoon. Am I going crazy? My husband laughed at me and said it's from reading this board too much. (lol, i am lurking here all the time), but it really freaked me out. I just need reassurance that other parents experience the same anxieties. Thanks.


Posted on: Fri, 02/28/2003 - 3:53am
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StephR, I don't know if there is anyone on these boards who cannot claim to have had a nightmare around the peanut allergy.
All parents---and especially us moms, have nightmares about our children regardless. Some parents dream about children drowning, or being lost, or being kidnapped. It's only natural that peanut allergy would surface in these kinds of dreams when it plays a daily threatening role in our real lives.

Posted on: Fri, 02/28/2003 - 4:25am
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Yup, I've had similar nightmares.
As for reading the board too much ... When I first found out about Andy's allergy, I found this site (and since then, btw, it's been my primary source of self-education), and I read and read and read. I found myself completely freaked out about everything and had to back off for months. I don't think I came back for almost a year. Andy was only 2, and I figured I didn't "need to know" until he was school age. Once I came back, I had (obviously) processed things more, and I was able to handle everything I was reading (except I still avoid the reaction stories ... can't go there yet [img][/img])
So who knows, depending on where you're at with it, it CAN be overwhelming.
But yes, I agree, what parent DOESN'T have nightmares??

Posted on: Fri, 02/28/2003 - 6:01am
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I have had dreams where DD is eating peanuts or pb and I am watching her and waiting, but she never has a reaction - I guess these are wishful dreams rather than nightmares!

Posted on: Sat, 03/01/2003 - 3:04pm
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I actually have them depending upon what is going on with school/inlaws, different things trigger them. My latest nightmare was related to my daughter going to her friends house. They live only 5 houses away, and do know and have a good understanding of the allergy. However they allowed my daughter to go with their daughter to the other neighbors house, which is closer to me, but I do not know them. Which means I have not talked to them about the allergy. So my nightmare was that my daughters friend ran home told her mom something was wrong with my daughter, she grabbed her, ran to my house, I looked at her, grabbed an epi pen, called 911 and told them(remember this is my nightmare) we needed life support for anaphalatic(sp) reaction. Then my older daughter got another neighbor here to watch my other three kids and the ambulance was here in less than two minutes, live really close to them. I told them to put in a breathing tube before they wouldn't be able to...they did, and only because of that she lived.... now I have not allowed her to leave me since this nightmare. I cried for hours. I am so scared again, like normal, but increased since she is wanting to do more. Now hubby for some reason has no nightmares or worries about any of this. I have them for other reasons for the other kids, but this felt so real. So don't think you are alone, feel free to email me if you want to talk. I am not on the board to often, I just get so worked up right now. See my post on manufacturing under keebler.

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 8:41am
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I think your husband has something there. My husband reacted the same way when he first came on the discussion board about six years ago. He stopped on his own. Thank goodness for that....he thrashed around in bed for weeks! It occurred to me that it was due to not being emotionally prepared to be introduced to "scary things" that could happen.
I never got on the discussion board till this past December. I, sometimes, read over his shoulder or listened to him tell me what he had read, but I never got on myself because I chose FAAN & the links. I just happen to be different that way. Anyway, I filed the discussion board under "resource" till a time when I thought I might need it.
Some topics can be like opening "Pandora's Box" so you may want to take a break or get to know your limits so that you can close it. Its best not to create or add new fears for your subconscious to wrestle with.
You'll sleep a whole lot better!

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 9:51am
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I had a nightmare just the other night!
After reading a thread here - that involved some one being allergic to red dye, I dreamt that everytime my son came in contact with blue dye, he would have a peanut type of reaction. It was awful! I was running around like a crazy person pushing all the people that had blue clothing on out of the way as I tried to shop for groceries - I woke up tired.
So yes we all have crazy dreams - I've also had the ones where people kidnapped him and I was on the TV trying to tell the kidnappers not to feed him any candy [img][/img]
Mom to 3 year old twins Ben & Mike - one PA & the other not.
Stay Informed And Peanut Free!

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 10:19am
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I have had two nightmares of my son having a reaction. After the first nightmare I actually went and bought more epi-pens the next day, got home and my son had an anaphylaxic reaction that night at dinner. The next time I had a dream he had a slight reaction the next day. I really don't want to have anymore dreams since it is really freaking me out how he has a reaction after I have a dream!

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 11:37am
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Hi Robinlp,
That sounds like Mother's Intuition! Maybe that's not it all, but it could be. I do know that there have been times that I've done things just because I felt a need to.
For everyone else, I've never had a dream or a nightmare about PA. Now I'm puzzled as to why I haven't....maybe subconsciously I've allowed my husband to take over that response. That's another thing for my "whatever" list!

Posted on: Wed, 06/01/2005 - 6:23pm
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Hi, I know this is quite an old thread, but I just wanted to re raise it because I had a really horrible dream last night that I was in my Student's Union Club and that I kissed this boy, and within seconds my throat was closing and I went into full anaphylactic shock. It was horrible because everyone assumed I'd been drinking, and my friends had been drinking and didn't react quickly enough. It must have been as horrible as I remembered this morning because my housemate in the next door room came and woke me up because she could hear me crying loudly and thought I was wheezing or something. It might sound overly dramatic, but my throat even still felt "tight" this morning.
I do feel a bit silly for this kind of dream, I don't know why, but it bothers me that my housemates know. Just because it's a bit embarrassing I suppose. I do sometimes take sleeping tablets, and I did last night - I don't know whether that could have caused the nightmare - I never usually dream, either that or I don't know what I dream about.
Just wanted to get this off my chest really.
Take care
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Posted on: Wed, 06/01/2005 - 9:36pm
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Rach, hope you've shaken the nightmare by now. I recently re-raised another thread under Living with PA re nightmares/night-time anxiety.
Funny thing, I almost posted in it last night. I had had a dream that Jesse had a reaction although even the details when I got up after the dream were all quite sketchy. It just happened.
Anyway, I hope you're okay. [img][/img]
Best wishes! [img][/img]


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