PA in Germany


Has anyone any experience with travel in Germany with a PA? We will be in Southern Germany and Austria for two weeks in May and June. We have successfully travelled in the U.S., England, Turkey and Greece but naturally each new place is scary. I know peanuts are not as common there but I don't know about their packaging laws, etc. Help anyone??

On Mar 14, 2000

Please consider calling the German Consulate office nearest you. I do know that they use reworked chocolate and that in Canada several cookies and chocolate bars have been recalled from distribution because of inaccutare labelling. They contained peanuts not marked on the label and peanuts were used in place of or with filberts as a cost saving technique. As always, avoid desserts and be very leary of baked goods over there. They use alot of nuts there.I have a couple of pals who live there, maybe I coukld get them to dosome research for you. Let me know if I could be of assistance.