PA friendly baseball games?


I have done a search trying to find a baseball game that was peanut free or sections were reserved for PA fans, but apparently we have missed all the games posted. Does anyone know of any more games coming up?

We are specifically looking at the Texas Rangers (we enjoy visiting the Dallas area), but are open to just about anything.

Drew is just finishing his first AllStar post-season (Proud Mommy Moment! [img][/img] ) and would LOVE to attend a major league game.

On Jul 11, 2006

This is short notice but the Durham Bulls will have a peanut free section on July 16. Here is a link to the other thread. They aren't major league but they have a great stadium and the games are fun!


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On Jul 11, 2006

StartingOver - thanks for the info. Unfortunately that long of a trip (we are in SW Missouri) would take more planning than a few days. [img][/img] (And we are *hoping* Drew's team will be playing in the championship game this weekend! Keeping our fingers crossed!)

Sounds like fun! Hopefully there will be more pn-free games!