P.A. Cure?


I put a message under "Chinese Herbal Remedy". I wonder if people might skip over it because of the title. After thinking about it, I realize that I probably would have. If you did, you might want to know that the research is being done with John Hopkins and Mt.Sinai (New York). Dr. Li, who made the discovery works under Dr. Hugh Sampson. I am so excited about this, I can hardly stand it. I just didn't want people to skip over this hope for us all by thinking it is another alternative medicine far reach. I did say 15 herbs in my comment, but looking again at the news articles, it was 11 herbs involved. The most exciting thing about FA-1 was that it "reversed" the IgE peanut antibodies. If it works in humans, I feel that prayers are being answered. I trust Dr. Sampson and his team.

On Jul 17, 2001

Do you think that the herbal remedy will be safe for children. I don't know that much about it yet, but would love to get my hopes up about it. I am also looking into accupuncture (lacer with no needles) for my son.

Jackson' mom

On Jul 21, 2001

Jackson's Mom, I don't know if I feel that the herbal remedy will be safe. I would personally feel safer using it than some of the other treatments they are working on. Please look under my post "Chinese Herbal Remedy" and replies and websites for more info. I know that Dr. Li tested FA-1 for toxicity in mice and it was safe. I also know that they will only use a supply of pure herbs from China. I feel safer if Mt. Sinai is behind it than just an alternative web site. Dr. Sampson advised me that results look promising, but that it will be at least a year before human trials will begin. I know this is to assure as much as possible of its safety, but I wish it could be faster. Ramona