PA child\'s non-allergic reaction


This is truly a great support site, but sometimes certain threads may increase our fear level even greater than it already is. I thought this story was kinda cute:

My 4 year old PA daughter lost her medic-alert bracelet a couple of weeks ago. When she came home from school, I noticed it was missing and when I asked her what happened to it, she replied with a great big smile "I don't know where it is Mommy, but now I can eat peanuts and share with all my friends."

The humour in this lasted for about 30 seconds and then I sat down with my daughter and explained that it's not the bracelet that controls her allergy.

I'd like to hear some of your stories. Best wishes.

On Nov 17, 2000

Caterina, that is such a cute story. I had started a thread "The Things Kids Say" under Living with PA last month after my PA guy said something "unusual".

I can tell you, the day the link broke on his MedicAlert bracelet, I was not a very pleased Mommy. We're searching frantically for the thing, which we have yet to find. I didn't want to even send him to school without it, but I ended up having to. My husband got a link from something else and fixed it for him. But, I was not pleased at all.

Last year, when he started school, I had bought some allergy alert buttons to put on his clothes, especially his winter coat, but he very quickly made it clear that he didn't want to wear them anymore. I'm not sure why.

It is very interesting what goes on in their mind's though and I also think it's very interesting how we, as parents, seem to handle their statements and questioning, with just the right answers. Do you know what I mean? You made it very clear to your daughter and very quickly that she was still PA. I've had similar discussions with my son and I must say, from what I've read on this site and from what I've heard come out of my own mouth, I'm quite pleased at the clarity of it and how it does get through to our kids.

I'm sorry, I'm not adding a cute story here. I'll have to go back to the other thread I started last month to see if it was a cute story or not. LOL! Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Nov 17, 2000

Caterina, I checked. It wasn't a cute story, it was more like a goofy I'm not allergic to peanuts and don't understand what that means at all story (from a child who is very aware of his allergy). I think it's a My body is missing it's Claritin story! Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Nov 18, 2000

I think a thread similar to this was started awhile ago and many people posted their 'cute' stories. However the other day I was talking to my four year old son about children's church. They are very allergy aware and try to stear clear of peanuts even before my started attending there because of the high percentage of kids being PA. I asked him what he would do if they gave him something that they thought was 100% safe but he felt a reaction starting anyway. He put his hand to his throat and in a very deep scratchy voice said, "I would tell're wrong." I couldn't help but laugh even though it was not the answer I wanted to hear I had to laugh.

On Nov 18, 2000

Those are cute stories! I have a story, also, but it has absolutely nothing to do with peanut allergy. I just thought it was cute.

We were in the car this morning and my 3 yr old pa son wanted to ask me a question about Florida. (We flew to Florida last spring for vacation so he often talks about that trip.) Anyway, he wanted to know if Florida was still Florida. I asked him what he meant by that. He said that he thought that George W. Bush went down to Florida and then he heard that Florida was taken away from George W. Bush!

Someone has been following our presidential election a little closer than we thought! My husband and I thought that was really cute.

On Nov 18, 2000

DMB- My two sons (four and two) have been so into the election it is almost nerve wracking. My four year old son has now been obsessed with doing our puzzle of the USA. He says, "I'll do the Bush states and you (to his brother) can do the Gore states." [img][/img]

On Nov 18, 2000

Ok i have a cute story but it relates to the election not PA. My daughter sat watching the news the other day and was very absorbed by it. She then turned to me and said Mom you're not a Republican you're a DemaCRAP right? I told her well yes i am a democrat but I think the Republicans would like your name better.

On Nov 19, 2000

We should entitle this thread the election thread. My 6 year old son was in front of the whole congregation at church last week for the children's sermon. The pastor was holding up a Busch/Cheney sign and asking about what has happened with the election. My son raised his hand, and we prepared to climb under the pew as usual whenever he is going to answer. He said nice and loud that "the problem with the election was that to many people voted for Gore and now we don't know who is going to be president." I guess everyone at church now knows we are Republicans.

On Nov 19, 2000

Just reading all of our stories relating to the election made me realize something. It is amazing how much our kids absorb from us. There are so many times my daughter says things that sound so much like me it is scary. i think this is a good illustration about if we properly role model "good" allergy behavior our kids will absorb this too. By "good" allergy behavior I mean checking labels, asking questions in restaurants, always carrying the epi-pen. Show our kids or other family members how seriously we take this but that we don't let it dictate our lives. If we do this our kids will also spout out "good" stuff and not just the stuff we rather they would not repeat in public!

I love all the cute funny stories!


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