pa causing dental problems!!

Posted on: Fri, 09/17/2004 - 6:34am
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Ever since my daughter was diagnosed with TNA,PA and Sesame allergy at age 11 months I have felt bad for her missing out on all the "sweet treats" my other kids get like cookies and cakes and chocolate.So to compensate, I let her have a lot of lollypops and sucker type candy as well as Betty Crocker fruit roll ups and fruit chews.

Well, now she is 7 and she just had her first set of dental xrays and guess what??
She has two cavities in her baby teeth.

She was upset by this, but I would say it is mostly my fault. I always feel like she has so many restrictions on her food already. Now, I guess I need to put some more restrictions on her.

The dentist told her to make sure she flosses every day. Anyone have a similar experience?


Posted on: Fri, 09/17/2004 - 7:00am
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Some people/kids get cavities very easily. Brushing 3 times a day is a good preventive.
Helping her brush her teeth at bedtime is a good idea,too. Kids do not brush very well...

Posted on: Fri, 09/17/2004 - 7:31am
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My dd needed 2 fillings upon her frist dental visit when she turned 3. They actually praised our brushing(they can tell by the degre of any buildup of plaque they need to clean). They explained the anatomy of tte teeth and said sometimes there are deep crevices and such that contribute to cavities. We were not given any cautions about our habits or brushing. At the time, I severely limited sweets, anyway. Since she has entered preschool, and all the parties there and at others homes, we have not had any more cavities. So, the added two years of increased sugar has not caused anymore cavities.
Well, I will let you know next Friday, after her dental check-up. [img][/img] Don't neccesarily blame yourself, unless you know she has not had good brushing after sweets on a regula basis. becca

Posted on: Fri, 09/17/2004 - 8:13am
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I don't think it's your fault, and I dont think it's because of PA, either. Sometimes even within the same family, where everyone has the same eating and brushing habits, there are huge variations in tooth decay. Some people are lucky and have strong teeth, and others don't. And two cavities isn't so bad!
If you think she isn't brushing well enough, you can step in and do it for her. I just recently started letting my 8 yr old brush his own teeth, and I still get in there and do it for him several times a week. He has weak tooth enamel due to cleft palate, so I've always done his and he still has no cavities. Kids really aren't very thorough at brushing.
Don't feel bad. At least she is brushing regularly and going to see the dentist--so you're doing much better than the average parent.

Posted on: Fri, 09/17/2004 - 12:47pm
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Don't beat yourself up about this. I've "been there, done that". I have 7 and 9 DDs that both have had to have stainless steel caps on their teeth ("same" teeth in both girls) around 5 yrs old.
With the oldest one, I just "knew" it was all our fault mainly for not making sure DH made the girls brush their teeth while I was working (at the time, I worked rotating day/night shifts so I wasnt home every night at bedtime).
I was sooooooooooooooooooo upset over what we were having to put her through. She had to have 4 stainless steel caps, kinda the equal to a root canal on an adult. She did great though. So, 2 yrs later, her sister had to have the same thing done.
I knew we had done better about them brushing their teeth, so couldnt really understand how it had happened to her too.
But...the dentist said that some people are just prone to getting cavaties, and just about nothing you can do will stop them. *And* then she asked me if I had been sick while I was pregnant with her or if she had been sick early on, and that basically one of us had to have been sick while she was developing her teeth, and that's basically what had "caused" the cavaties, and nothing would have stopped them except *maybe* sealants on her teeth and that really wasnt gauranteed.
So I "kinda" stopped beating myself up over the whole death and blamed it on genetic predisposition. Then I really got over my hang up when I realized that *I* have fillings in the same teeth that both my girls had problems with.
The dentist the oldest one saw was a "pediatric specialist" who swore that the reason she didnt want to go ahead and pull the baby teeth was b/c she wouldnt lose them until at least 12 yrs old, so she'd need to keep them until them. She's lost all but 1 of them...and still has 3 years before she should have started losing them.
So dont beat yourself up over this, it's not your fault.

Posted on: Sun, 09/19/2004 - 2:25am
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DEFINITELY do NOT beat yourself up over this!
In our family, three out of my four kids have nice teeth with no cavities whatsoever.
I have never had anything other than a filling and haven't had one of those in, maybe, 20 years.
My youngest child turned 5 in May. That's when he went for his checkup and the dentist discovered several cavities. (I take my kids every 6 months too!) He referred my son to a pediatric dentist because he didn't feel comfortable working on my son if the cavities were deep.
I took him to the pediatric dentist a few weeks later, she took an X-ray and discovered SEVEN cavities, four requiring caps! I'm thinking, "What the heck! My son needs caps??? No one has caps in my family. None of my other kids have ever had a cavity. What happened???!!!"
I've identified raisins as the culprit and turning over brushing responsibilities to him at his 4 1/2 year checkup six months before. In addition he has different teeth and the food collects sight unseen between his teeth below the contact point. Raisins, as well as fruit rollups, gusher, etc., are the absolute worst things for teeth.
So, by the time my son reached his third visit for completing dental work, he needed 5 caps because the one got too deep, and two fillings.
Absolutely unreal. However his front teeth (top and bottom) to his eye teeth are absolutely beautiful--nice, white, and no cavities.
This whole situation bothered me immensely because we are a very tooth and gum conscious family. I have since taken over one of his daily brushings (nighttime) and I floss his teeth every night and have started using the Sonic Care electronic toothbrush.
BTW, he doesn't eat raisins or any type of gummy stuff like fruit rollups anymore. And the only gum I let him eat now is sugar-free.

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