PA and Giftedness

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 3:41am
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It appears to me over the years of reading posts that a lot of children with PA are also intellectually gifted.

I have never read any studies of a correlation between the two but am wondering just how many of our PA kids ARE gifted. And has anyone heard of a propensity in PA kids to be gifted?

My PA son 7, hasn't been formally tested but is doing 8th grade math and reading at the level of a 12 year old. He's also an avid and very good chess player.


Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 4:29am
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I don't know that I've ever heard of a connection, but my son is highly gifted and PA. He has been IQ tested.
I'm thankful that he is as intelligent as he is - I think it really helps him handle his PA.
It would be nice to share things about his giftedness with others, but it always seems to come across all wrong. KWIM? It's a shame, really. To have such wonderful things to share, things that are gifts from God, not things anyone can really brag about in themselves, you know, and people don't want to hear it. At least that's what I've gotten from people - family, even. I consider it an honor to even know someone with an IQ like his. But people are different.

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 5:01am
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My three year old PA son has all the moms in his playgroup a little unsettled because his language skills are so far beyond the others. Some even doubted his age because he is tall as well. Yes, I think he is gifted.
Did any of your kids used to whack their heads as babies? I don't mean the rythmic crib think -- just bopping away ? I was terribly worried about this, my pediatrician reassured me it was normal. Then my friend told me that her brothers child used to do that and she thought he was very very disturbed. Turns out he is now working on his PHd and is a math genius. I read then that it is associated with high IQ. Maybe that and the PA are related.

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 5:29am
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My kids are very bright but I don't think they are technically "gifted" - they both seem appropriately challenged by their classes.
I suspect if there is a correlation, it is more likely between and giftedness, not PA and giftedness. (i.e. gifted kids are likely to have smart parents, who are more likely to find and appreciate

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 7:22am
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I agree with Greenlady. I think the correlation is that the members of are more likely to have gifted children. I think inteligence is a combination of genes and early childhood interaction. Those who are here are likely to be smart themselves, and are definitely very involved in the care of their children (all aspects, not just their diets). So I think they are more likely to be gifted, or at least pretty darn smart.
That said, PA DS has an IQ of 130, but also has a l;earning disability. Non-PA DD hasn't been tested, but is a straight A student, and on a standardized reading test at the beginning of 5th grade showed her reading is at an adult level.

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 8:03am
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When Drew had allergy testing last year, his allergist asked if Drew was a good student. When we said that he was, the allergist said that slightly higher intelligence is one of the "perks" of having allergies. Has any one else been told this?
Edited to add: I don't know that I believe that to be true in all cases. And would tend to lean more toward the " and giftedness" link instead of the "PA and giftedness". Just my opinion.
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Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 8:51am
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I agree with Drew's mom about I have not heard about IQ level and PA. Although I feel that while nature gives her PA, DD also comes equipped with brain to deal with it (at least I think that's one very important tool). It's not so unfair after all.

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 10:03am
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Hmmmmm.... I have known a LOT of gifted people in my life (both as a TAG student, later as a college/grad student in the sciences, and as a prof) and I can honestly say that I have [i]never[/i] met one who wasn't atopic. I never really thought about it, though, so my recollections may be biased.
I do think that bright people tend to seek mates with the same characteristics, though... so I have occasionally wondered if there are other things genetically packaged along with IQ potential that would therefore become that much more common or recessive traits that would surface as a result of that sort of selection. I have especially wondered if sensory processing disorders aren't in this category. I mean, these are not traits which are either "on" or "off", by any means.... more like a continuum, in which each generation gains additional expression of the trait. So genetic shift CAN occur as a result of a subgroup's preference for similar mates over several generations. (It does happen in nature.) And really, why wouldn't you seek out a life partner who relates to you in ways that most people don't, KWIM? Whether what makes you different is IQ or asthma or OCD or autistic behaviors. Or some combination. Ooo-ooo-- I know! Let's make our own TRIBE. [img][/img]
But I digress. Overall I tend to agree with the correlation of and gifted kids.
We tend to be the kind of parents who are able to give our kids the kinds of advantages and attention that creates classic high achievement.
That and so many of us have multiple "issues" that make us desperate enough to go to the internet to find solace. LOL! [img][/img] I mean, wouldn't it be awesome to [i]only[/i] have PA to worry about? [i]sigh.... I think this sometimes, but don't really mean it...[/i]

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 10:27am
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Yes, I've heard there is a statistically significant link between _allergy_ and high IQ before. I have 1 moderately gifted PA/TNA/MFA and 1 bright, adorable but not at all gifted PA/TNA.

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 11:31am
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Oh, we might as well claim it. Our kids may not be able to eat peanut butter, but damn they are smart., my foot.
Maybe PB and aflatoxin is bad for the brain.

Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2006 - 11:54am
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LAM - I know exactly what you mean. Nobody wants to hear about my child's giftedness either except my mother. I so long to boast about his accomplishments (why shouldn't they be celebrated?) but have long since quelled any such desire as I'm usual met with mumbles. He recently one the province junior chess tournament (under 8s) and I was so proud of him but couldn't really share it with many people. As I'm only made to feel like I'm just bragging. And yet, if any of my friends' children accomplish anything, I am very effusive. I haven't gotten my 7 year old tested as I have to pay for it privately here and it's about 300 euro (and well out of my monthly budget). I have thought about saving up so I can use a formal assessment to induce the school to make accomodations for him. Yet at the same time don't want to push too hard because they are already bending over backwards on PA (they even hired a special needs assistant to keep an eye on him, administer meds as necessary, etc.)
hopechapel - I'm not sure what you mean by the head banging thing?
I think Greenlady makes an interesting point. But I'm wondering if IRL there are a lot of atopic gifted kids and there is any research to show this.
Corvallis mom - I think you make an interesting point about genetics. Have you read anything on this?


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