Posted on: Wed, 07/18/2001 - 9:45pm
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Posted on: Thu, 07/19/2001 - 1:26am
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I don't know if these airlines are possibilities for your flight, but maybe try British Midlands or Aer Lingus (sp?). I think one or both of these are in the "Star Alliance" with United Airlines and -- JUST MAYBE -- they might be more PA friendly? I have no sure info on this, but thought this might be a direction for you to go in your search. Have you been directly informed by any airline in particular that you will be denied boarding? If so, please post detailed info here &/or on "Airline" topic & maybe that will help to put pressure on those airlines as well as inform all PA air travelers.
Hope this helps in some way. Good Luck.

Posted on: Thu, 07/19/2001 - 1:38pm
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Hi Adam's Mom!
We went to Disney in Florida this past spring and BE VERY CAREFUL. Since the state of Georgia is so close (peanut capital of the U.S.) peanut oil is very cheap and it's used in a lot more food than you can imagine. We brought all of our own food into Disney because cross contamination is incredibly probable (also, the food is excessively expensive eg. 3 hot dogs and three drinks cost my friend US$30). I am not sure if you know this already, but there is a hospital in Orlando which might set your heart at ease!
P.S. Do not trust all of the McDonald's restaurants!!! Many of them use peanut oil for the french fries and other fried foods. The world's biggest McDonald's in Orlando was fine when we went in March, but you better ask anyway.

Posted on: Sun, 07/22/2001 - 1:30pm
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wow, we had exactly the opposite experience of the last poster when we went to disney last march. we had a WONDERFUL time, felt very safe, had a lot of assurances from the staff in the hotels and restaurants, had chefs come to our table to discuss ingredients, etc.
as for airlines, try a few different servers. perhaps you will need to change flights?

Posted on: Mon, 07/23/2001 - 6:20am
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We just returned yesterday from Disney in Orlando and had a completely SAFE trip. (thanks to God for answering my prayers) We flew NorthWest Airlines. They have a toll free number you call and enter your flight number and the passengers name with the peanut allergy. It automatically notifies the caterers not to board any peanuts. They called and said they would fax me a letter to carry and hand to the NorthWest gate agents and the flight crew. Every one was great...they all knew we were coming and prepared with the proper announcements. They let me pre board and clean my daughters seat. Of the four flights, three instructed other passengers not to eat their own food and the fourth instructed them to dispose of any peanut products they had before boarding...and I saw people actually throwing stuff out!!! ...on the other hand two people sitting next to my husband (they didn't know he was the dad of the PA passenger) made faces, said 'who cares..if I had peanuts I'd eat them'. We may have inconvienced a few people...but the airline personnel were very supportive.
So were the Disney people! as reported on these boards before, the chefs visited our table and assured us they would prepare the food carefully and directed us to safe choices. The only close call was at Universal Studios theme park...the NASCAR Cafe uses peanut oil for everything.

Peanut Free Store

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